Looking for 20 New Unit Trust Consultants

I am long enough in the unit trust business. And experience enough new consultant that come and go. I have seen consultant that produce top personal sales in their first year and then in the second year – no more.

Thus, I am now looking for a more long term unit trust agent that wish to make the personal financeindustrytheir business.

I plan tobuildthese new 20 new unit trust agents to at least can produce RM200k sales a month. Which will translate into RM4000 a month income for them.

When their client base grow, their sales will grow from RM200k to RM400k then RM600k. Thus their income will go from RM4k to RM8k to RM12k. This doesn’t include theiroverridingcommission.

The best about building your unit trust business is that, all these can be achieved in less than 3 years. Imagine how long you will get an income of RM12k if you work with your company. I am talking about the fresh graduate.

Imagine also if you build a business that need a physical office, staff etc. How much money and energy you need to put before the business become profitable.

So if you have a dream, a BIG dream, come attend our unit trust seminar at Public Mutual Training Centre, Cheras Commercial Centre this Saturday. Call Adam 017-6996073 for seat reservation or click http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar for details.

9 thoughts on “Looking for 20 New Unit Trust Consultants

  • salam,
    mybe rezeki Allah telah tetapkan..mmg stiap insan kena berusaha utk mencari rezeki. ada yg berjaya dgn unit trust,ada yg berjaya dlm main share market,cpo,forex etc.. berkenaan UTC yg produce top sales in first year only..suppose their group kena la bg motivasi skit..hehe.. sbb jd UTC ni kena maintain ada motivasi..sbb kena bekerja n cari client bru dpt income…

  • Good comment helmi. For things to change, I must change first. So I take ALL the responsibility on those who are not active anymore.

  • Good topic highlighted by Abg Arif. I strongly believe there is no short cut way to success. Suddenly i remember how I started this business as a full timer a year plus ago. When I asked Abg Arif when can quit and start doing unit trust on full time basis. He answered “u need to have 30 clients before u quit”. Guess what? I quit my old job when I have 50 clients. Even though I achieved more than what Abg Arif have targeted, I believed I’ve quited not just because of the number but because of determination that I have. That time I really really really want to do this business. And until now I believe determination is the one that make me stay strong in this business. If u would like to try out this business, give yourself 6 month to one year trial period. It’s like your probation period and if u still not moving anywhere by this period of time, by all means please accept that this business might not be suitable for you.

  • salam utk kawan-kawan UTC.. utk makluman en arif,sy disini ada kemuskilan.. saya pernah membaca berkaitan MLM dan disini sy nk membandingkan sedikit dgn bisnes UT yg kira buat ni.. pd pandgn peribadi saya ia seperti sama mcm MLM. sbb bila org bawah kita buat sales,kita pun dpt kan.. sy ada pernah membaca berkaitan MLM dlm laman web seorg ustaz iaitu zaharuddin di http://www.zaharuddin.net. bila satu bnda or or sumber pndptn yg kita xtau ia nya boleh jatuh syubhah iakni diragui.. so bilanya kita da ke lavel AS,AM or GAM.. mybe smpi satu tahap kita xkenal or xda pun usaha utk membimbing mereka2 dibawah kita tu.. tp bila utc bawah tu buat sales.. kita dpt sales.. apakah sumber pndaptn yg kita dpt tu diragui? sehingga kini saya masih belum merungkai lg.. sesiapa yg boleh menjawab dgn ilmiah disilakan.. :).

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