Nak Jadi Unit Trust Consultant?

To those yg teragak2 nak buat full time ke part time!!!

Agreed that the decision is BIG. Very2 BIGGGGGG

In many of my personal coaching. Yes, I mention about the basic skills required to succeed and the positive mental attitude that u must have.

Plus the Money Making Activities that we must do daily during weekdays.


Ada satu lagi that I strongly believe.

We must hv the connection, the rapport, the longing with the ONE who create us. The ONE who give us rezeki.

This thing very seldom people talk about because people think other people knew it.

In 2005. A drastic DECISION that no one force me. I love my job. Meeting overseas and big hotels. Entertain like king. At the airport no need to queue. Special lane. Terus masuk kereta with driver. (Itu kat negara ke 3 la ha ha ha. Kalau kat US or Australia beratur jugak)

Then what make me decided to quit, to take vss?


  1. With business. You are the MASTER of your own TIME. It means flexible.

U can enjoy morning tranquility. Finish ur amal, quran, zikir, dhuha without rushing to the ofis.

U can join NGO or Persatuan or Surau/Masjid to give benefits to society. Visit neighbour/sedara mara yg sakit etc at ur own peace time.

U can take long continuos leave such as 40 days every year. 3 days every month. 2.5 hours every day.


  1. Ur PRODUCTIVITY (INCOME) is directly related to ur EFFORT.

Unlike in corporate, there are many other factors that u boss has to consider to pay u more, that include politics, social, allocation of budget, department level of importance to the eyes of CEO etc.

U can PLAN ur income. If u want ur income higher, then see more people.

If u want to enjoy holiday, see more people in a week. Then have a rest 3 weeks.

If it is because money alone, it is quite tough for me to make the DECISION.

It is the FLEXIBILITY of TIME that has PUSHED me. PUSHED me until people say I am crazy. My mom cry. One of my brother get angry. Ramai lagi.

I need to contribute to my Deen. I need to transform from malas2 nak amalkan amalan agama to rajin2 sikit. From malu2 nak ada janggut. Mcm2 lagi..

Bila lagi I can take a very long leave 4 months.

To spend not building the business. But to spend in the path of Allah.

To not only learn. But practice daily.

Every 5 fardhu solah with takbiratul ula. For 4 months.


This is my BIG WHYYY

And I know every one of us in Caliph & NZM.

U have ur own BIG WHY.

U must find it

U must siram baja to it.

Always visualise. Don’t keep ur WHY only in ur dream.



Come back to the other factor besides basic skills. PMA – positive mental attitiude. MMA – money making activities.

The rapport towards Allah.

Saya risau bila dah berhenti TM. Apa nak buat.

So during my first 40 days in 2005. I remember in New Delhi. Markaz Nizamudin. While people take a nap after breakfast. I go to the bookshop nearby. Searching and researching about the topic of REZEKI. There are plenty of amal that can help us.

But today, I only want to share with u the amal that I believe will be very beneficial for all Caliph & NZM.



The story behind it:

A man came to Rasulullah saw and said

O Rasulullah. Dunia has gone from me

Then Rasul said. Have u know about the zikir of malaikat. With that Allah give REZEKI to them

The man said. Tell me ya Rasulullah.

Rasul said. Recite

Subhanallahi wa bihamdih

Subhanallahil ‘azimi wa buhamdih


100 times at the sun rise.

(Ulama says in between azan and iqamah Subuh). In Malaysia, tak sempat. So do it in between lps solat subuh till syuruk.

After some time. The man came back and see Rasulullah and said.

Dulu dunia telah lari dari aku. Sekarang dunia telah dtg kepada aku sehingga tidak cukup lagi bekas utk aku simpan.

So. My caliph and NZM team. Amalkan ini.

InsyaAllah dunia akan datang sehingga tak cukup satu bank nak tampung duit anda.