Our Monthly Meeting Notes at Cheras

Summary of Jas Group Meeting Thursday 9-Aug-07 11:00am


  1. Arif
  2. Jas
  3. Shima
  4. Farah
  5. Yanty
  6. Jehan
  7. Khairil
  8. Mai
  9. Hakim 

1. TRAINING in Aug/Sept – emphasize on basic product and more on skill

    Dates : 18 aug & 8 sept

    Venue : Cheras office (9am – 1pm)

(to replace earlier dates of 11 aug and 25 aug)

(leaders, volunteers as facilitator ?)

2. BOOTH scheme – GERAK USAHAWAN confirmed

    Dates : 25 & 26 aug 

    Venue : PWTC (full day)

(consultants, please recommend future promo booth location to Jas)

3. Leaders (respective uplines) to provide deeper understanding on product (one on one basis)

4.  Consultants (expecting) to be promoted, soon, please recheck your training (credit points) requirements based on NEW MUTUAL ACE book, apart from sales volume & recruitment requirements.

5. CONGRATS ! to Shima, Farah, Arif, Baila and Azizah for passing their Module 1 (CFP) exam. Hope more consultants will follow similar path…

6. Discussed on ongoing sales promotion and current market issues.

(get articles/ handouts from respective uplines)

till the nest time, selamat beradu…



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