Our Monthly Seminar Unit Trust Consultants at Menara TM is back

Hi young graduates and professional whether you are looking for jobs or already working with companies. Take a deep breath and think “How long will I want to work for people”. Why not I venture into business at a very young age rather than waiting until I retire? Am I underpaid or overpaid. What will happen to me 3 years from now? Do I have a roadmap to become my own boss? How to start a business? Where to find the capital? Who do I know to get contract? Where I want to send my kids for their tertiary education? Why SPM leavers do better than university graduates? Why Richard Branson do better than the Prof at university that teach Branson management style? How ….

So if you have these concerns, we are glad to invite you to our FREE Seminar on Why and How You Could Build Business in Unit Trust Industry. I was part of working professionals just like you 3 years ago. I’ve seen people (2nd Top Man) being asked to leave the company, being offered the scheme to retire early when they think they want to work with their company until 55. Believe me, there are no SECURITY in working with people. You don’t know where you will be in 3 years. Have you heard someone being transferred to a place they don’t like. And even if you have plan in 3 years you want to become a Manager, General Manager or CEO of the company, what is the percentage that it likely to happen. How many people or friend you have to pijak if you want to go up the corporate ladder? So, whether you like it or not, that is the culture of job hierarchy. Leave the rat-eat-rat mentality and come to our seminar for some ideas.

I recommend you all to listen to our seminar and you can take the ideas and think whether you are suitable with the business. Hurry up! There are 93 people have shown their interest to attend our seminar this Saturday 5 April 08 at Level 50 Menara TM Jalan Pantai Baru KL. Click here for the map & registration www.myunittrust.com/seminar or just call/sms Ms Azah 013-3640043

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