Post-Mortem 2009 Sales – going from point A to point B

I just downloaded our CAMS system where we as a Public Mutual agents have access to a software that capable of monitoring our clients’ investment performance as well as agents performance online and always up-to-date.

From the CAMS, I can see my last year 2009 performance. It was the best results so far for me since I joint Public Mutual. My Personal Sales stood at RM3.7 mill while my Group Sales at RM15.7 mill. Thanks to my team, The Caliph Consultants that have really help me to produce that kind of a group sales. As a result, I was promoted to a Group Agency Manager on 1 Jan 2010. And the best experience is taking the award in front of thousands of people during the Branch Annual Dinner at One World Hotel last week. Now, that is history. I think the experience of having the award have given me an additional drive to do more this year.

Moving forward, as a team we have pledge that those who are:

  1. Unit Trust Consultant – Agency Supervisor to produce RM400,000 a month which is RM100,000 a week or RM25,000 a day sales
  2. New Unit Trust Consultant to produce RM100,000 a month which is RM25,000 a week or RM5,000 a day sales
  3. Group Agency Manager like me, I set my goal to produce RM2,000,000 personal sales a month by 1-Aug-2010.  From now to 1-Aug-2010, the sales will gradually improve from RM200k sale a week for April, then RM300k sales a week for May to RM400k sales a week for June. Some people sees this as impossible. I take it as a challenge

If I don’t achieve it, mesti malu punya. I’ve told my clients, they must help me and they will ask me on 1-Aug-2010 how much is my Personal Sales. I also will ask my client on their goal that they have set by 1-Aug-2010.

p.s. Arif Ismail is conducting a FREE seminar on how to become a successful unit trust consultant every Saturday 12pm to 1pm at Public Mutual Cheras Training Centre 2nd Floor. Those who are tired of makan gaji and willing to take a different path on becoming an entrepreneur are encourage to attend. Click for details

5 thoughts on “Post-Mortem 2009 Sales – going from point A to point B

  • Well…. officially joined Public Mutual
    First Submission on 25 Mar 2010

    RM 100,000.00 a week !

  • Zarif, the first step is to find your family and friends. If you are not the type that can easily approach your family and friends, then there is no other way is to find the stranger. The formula is simple. See more people – whether you know them or you don’t. You must identify where your strength are.

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