What to do when your notebook kong

unit-trust-agent-pc.jpgIanya bermula when my HP Pavillion TX (the tablet notebook) cannot detect the WIFI. After a couple of day, terus kong. Tak boleh start.

I hantar HP notebook for repair at Low Yatt. RM300 for replacing the motherboard. Warranty expired. It is a 1 year and 3 months notebook. In the HP forum, they said that is normal for HP tablet notebook (AMD processor). So those users of HP tablet notebook must be very careful.

Itulah notebook yang paling sekejap saya guna. As the notebook kat kedai repair, saya beli Acer Aspire one D250 (1kg notebook as shown above) sebab dah tak larat nak bawa notebook berat setiap hari.

I advise you all if you want to buy a small notebook, buy ACER Aspire D250 bukan D150 as the price difference is only RM80. You will get a slimmer version. Orang2 yang dah beli tu tak pe la sebab dulu belum keluar lagi D250.

So, problemnya adalah nak install all relevant software for my business as unit trust consultant. The notebook come with no CD drive. What I did is I copied all software programsinto external drive and start installing them into my new notebook.

I ask my brother Aideel to help. Saya dah installkan the following software:

  1. MS Office 2003. Why not 2007. Because the MS Outlook cannot read my old contact database (*.pab). If anyone knows how to read .pab in Outlook 2007, please let me know
  2. Mozilla Firefox. The best browser especially for blogger like me.
  3. Adobe Photoshop CS4. To edit the picture. I am learning this software from Aideel. Very important tool for blogger so that the picture that you put in your blog look professional and the size is reasonably small for fast downloading
  4. d-Solution. A software to track all unit trust funds in Malaysia. Unit Trust Consultant yang tak de software ni, you cannot track other companies fund performance. If you show your clients the fund comparison produced by this software, InsyaAllah they sign with you. FREE promo.
  5. CAMS. A tool for all Public Mutual Agents to monitor their clients and their agency’s donwline
  6. fpAdvisor. A tool to create a detail financial plan for your client. Other than Public Mutual company, I think tak ade kot.
  7. AdePT. A presentation slide based on MS Internet Explorer.

Problems during installation:

  1. Photoshop – kena install 2 kali baru OK
  2. fpAdvisor – pop-menu keluar saying that file cannot be deleted. You choose ignore
  3. Firefox – file corrupt if you run from their server. So you save it to your hard drive the install it again

Lesson learned:

  1. You must keep or know who have the installer in external disk as my acer don’t have the CD drive.
  2. Changing notebook, banyak masa untuk install dan copy old data
  3. Banyak data yang duplicate merata-rata. Susah nak tau which one is the latest


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