Where to Start?

If you are at least 21 years of age, possess a degree or at least SPM qualification and have a strong business contacts.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details. I am willing to help.

To speed up the application, kindly prepare the following documents:

  1. Two copies of your IC.
  2. Six copies of your passport-size colour photo.
  3. A copy of your relevant certificate of examination e.g. your degree, diploma or SPM.
  4. A copy of your bank statement or front page of your savings passbook (we accept only Public Bank)
  5. Bank-in RM250 at any Public Bank (ATM machine or counter) for Public Mutual account no 3-1466169-06. This is the registration fees which is refundable if you achieve RM50k sales within 6 months and thus it is actually FREE.

Take note that the earliest examination date for becoming a consultant normally is one and a half month from the date we submit the application. Thus, act now!

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Be your own boss! Be a Unit Trust Consultant.

You will enjoy the top 10 benefits as a Unit Trust Consultant as follows:

  1. Unlimited income
  2. One of the best commision structures in the industry
  3. Passive income and flexible working hours
  4. Overseas trips, public recognitions and awards
  5. Sales contests, incentives and campaign
  6. Professional sales and advanced IT tools support
  7. Integrated training and coaching series
  8. Be your own boss and lead your own sales agency opportunity
  9. Incentives and subsidies for agency building and for Chartered Financial Planning (CFP) Exam
  10. Fast track career promotions, bonuses, insurance coverage and much more

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

New Unit Trust Consultant Campaign 2011 (Jan to Dec 2011)

Join us today and enjoy the great benefits we can offer you. Full and part-time positions available.

Incentive 1: Joining Incentive Refund
Achieve RM50,000 in total personal sales within six month from the date of joining and we will refund your Computerised Unit Trust Exam (CUTE) and Joining Fees.
So, basically your investment is zero.

Incentive 2: Incentive Trip
Achieve a minimum total personal sales of RM650,000, you will book yourself a seat to Seoul! As compared to the standard National Sales Convention (NSC) Incentive Trip qualification requirement of RM850,000, a low RM650,000 qualification to the NSC is our wonderful way of saying welcome to all our new UTCs.

Don’t miss the boat! Join us today and enjoy these amazing benefits.
So, to grab this offer,

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why Would You Want To Be A Unit Trust Consultant?

Because you deserve to have a well-paid and fullfilling career in an industry that is enjoying explosive growth in Malaysia.

Join a profession that offers you personal and financial freedom.

A multi-billion ringgit industry. Yet vast untapped potential in Malaysia compared to UK as shown in unit trusts equity penetration rate below.

Grab the opportunity now. Don’t procrastinate.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why No.1 Malaysian Unit Trust Company?

If you are married and have a son or daughter in school. You may not say to your kid, son, go to school and get no. 6, 7 or 10 etc in class. You will say study smart and hard and get no. 1 in class. Thus, why choose no. 2, 3, 4 etc when the no.1 is waiting and open for you.

Consistent performance and proven track record are there. If you want to buy durian, don’t choose the bad one. Choose the good one and you won’t regret. So don’t buy fund that are not performing*.

On top of that, we’ll support you with a suite of financial planning and sales tools as well as best-in-class training. The company will also subsidise you for pursuing Chartered Financial Planning (CFP) programme, if you meet certain sales target.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Bright Future

Your success as a unit trust consultant depends upon your desire to excel.
Fast track consultant can achieve the highest rank of an agent as Mutual Fund Group Agency Manager (MFGAM) in one year and three months. It took many years to become a General Manager or a CEO of a company.

I knew many companies out there, that many if not all of their management staff struggle to become a CEO of the company, but unfortunately the CEO would normally will be picked up from outside of the company. Very true right! Here you don’t have to worry on that.

If you work smart enough, you will be the MFGAM. No one from nowhere will come and become your boss. For those who hate traffic jam, you can even have your office right in front of your house if you want. Other CEOs don’t have this privilege.

Furthermore, besides your sales commission, your staff (downline) performance will also contribute to your income directly. You will also get indirect commissions that consist of 5 levels i.e.

  1. Year-end bonus
  2. Breakway bonus
  3. Equalisation bonus
  4. Career benefits
  5. Profit sharing.

So far, I knew only 2 levels of extra benefits that you will get if you work for company (in general) i.e. yearly bonus and Employee Share Option Scheme if any. So, don’t wait for too long.

There are more to come. You can fly to Los Angeles or Tokyo for FREE vacation if your sales is greater than RM2.875m or RM850k (RM650k for new agent) respectively by the end of Dec 2011.

So hurry up. The faster you become a consultant, the easier and longer period for you to achieve the sales target.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Why Would I Join my UnitTRUST Consultants?

Professionalism, Innovation & Education
We are different from others! How is it true? Our key differences are:

  1. We help new consultant even without any background on finance and unit trust to pass the exam. Beside training that are provided by the company, we also arrange a weekend class to help those who are part-timers and still working with their existing company during weekdays.
  2. We structure the basic training module in such a way that it will save time and effort of new consultant. I know people are very busy now. What they want is simply training that will give them a jump start but can give great results.
  3. We have our weekly meeting that covers on the performance of each consultant, brief news from the company, motivation as well as some aspect of selling skills.
  4. We provide FREE homepage* and FREE email* for our new consultants that help them do sales even during their sleep, expose themself to the internet world, thus open to a huge market. * Only to the first 20 new consultants. First come first serve.
  5. We provide newsletters to our consultants (you can change the author name to yours) that can be forwarded to your clients or prospects. Look like a pro with minimal effort. Save your time. Great isn’t it?
  6. We help prepare FREE monthly unit trust tracking performance with charts for clients of our new consultants. Again time and effort savings. Due to overwhelming response, we limit this support for three months only. We will teach the new consultant to prepare servicing the clients where he/she can continue doing it on his/her own.
  7. We also have a big database of contacts. We do provide contacts (leads) to new consultants to help them start the ball rolling if necessary.
  8. Each person has his/her own unique style. We have our own strategy to make more money in less time with less stress. We apply the concept of HIGH TRUST SELLING, from the book that is written by Todd Duncan.
  9. We have a unique approach towards marketing unit trusts. We put emphasis on process instead of just products to help our new consultant and their clients achieve their financial goals. We already developed a system that consists of templates of emails, reports and newsletter that can be used repeatedly to service your clients. This special service is accessible within this website via our Agent Domain only.
  10. We encourage our consultant to build their businesses like a franchise model. You are the franchisor that have many franchisees.
  11. Besides Professional Sales and Analytical Tools that the company provides (Mutual CAMS, ADePT, FP Advisor etc), we also have a third party software that can monitor all unit trust funds performance in Malaysia and a simulation tool to estimate the amount of EPF money that can be withdrawn for unit trust investment.
    So, that’s it folks,

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details. My target is to have 49 first-tier consultants. So far 25 have responded.
Hurry up, before the first-tier consultants been filled-up.

Advantages of Doing Business of Your Own?

1. No retrenchment worries
2. No forced retirement
3. No hindrance to promotion
4. No income ceiling (no floor as well)
5. Grow at your own pace

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Unit Trust Business

1. Low capital. Low risk.
2. Sunrise industry. Huge potential to grow. Total EPF money is RM260 bill. Imagine that you get only 1% of the EPF money.
3. The potential to earn unlimited income
4. Attractive passive income and flexible working hours
5. Free holidays, recognition and awards
6. Sales incentives and campaigns to support sales effort
7. Helping people to maximise return of their money.
8. Helping people to start their own business at minimal cost.

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Unit Trust Business with PM

1. No. 1 private Unit Trust Managemnet Company (UTMC) in Malaysia.
2. The biggest branch support with 25 branches nationwide
3. Strongly supported by the vast resources of a reputable bank. 215 bank branches all over Malaysia can accept the mutual fund application.
4. Over 20 years of experience managing funds.
5. The most awarded private unit trust fund manager.
6. The largest recipient of EPF Members Investment Scheme (> RM2bill).
7. The most productive UTMC consultant
8. One of the best agent’s commission structure in the industry.
9. The longest time for incentive trip
10. Refundable joining fee
11. Priority services to high networth customers
12. Access to professional sales tools
13. Professional courses and training programmes will be provided

Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details

Advantages of Building Unit Trust Business with my UnitTRUST Consultants

  1. Under the no. 1 UTMC in Malaysia – (Source: The Edge-Lipper, 20 Mar 2006)
  2. Implementing an e-approach on servicing clients and consultants. Time savings.
  3. Important notes and minutes of weekly meeting available online at myunittrust.com. Good for new consultants and part timers that have no opportunity to meet during weekdays. May be the first one to implement it.
  4. FREE individual website* that worth RM980 – The first consultant that give away the web design and hosting for his new agent.
  5. FREE email* with @myunittrust.com – Upgrade your standard from using free email from yahoo or google to the one that directly associated with you. Be different from others. Again, the first.
  6. FREE newsletter that can be used for servicing your clients.
  7. FREE 3-month unit trust tracking performance (the software is worth RM650)
  8. Weekend classes.
  9. Under the no. 1 Top Bumi Producer Agency for year 2006 – Azizah Saad (the great motivator) and Jaslinah Abd Rahman (the great technical analyst).

So, that’s it folks, there are many great advantages.
Call/sms Arif at 013-3640043 or register online at http://seminar.myunittrust.com for details.

333 Comments to "Be An Agent"

  • li lian said:

    Hey, your ideas sound a bit interesting. How many years of experience that you have earned for this business.

  • Arif said:

    Almost 2 years Lilian. How about you?

  • Vincent said:

    Arif, is the examination tough? Preparation for exam only need a month?????

  • Arif said:

    For those who are familiar with multiple choice (objective) question, it will be easy. May be the short-cut way is to answer all the 300 sample questions then if you don’t know the subject then refer to the manual or your upline.

  • Stella said:

    Man’s material obsession is nowhere more reflected
    than in his pursuit of wealth. But advice from wealth
    advisors at best only make guesses based on temporal
    models. When things fail, lack of ‘luck’ becomes
    a favorite excuse.

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    Nowhere is this more real than the needs of serious business consultants
    in serving quality and excellence to their demanding clients! No other
    tool has gained a more priori position in the pursuit of a superior model
    for business coaches and wealth builders. This is reflected by the words
    of the tycoon J.P. Morgan when asked how it was that a millionaire like
    him would believe in the use of astrology in his business decisions and
    he tersely replied, “…millionaires don’t! Only billionaires do!”
    If you are a consultant responsible for the financial success of your
    client, then you should want to give him the analysis and advise that your
    competitor simply cannot!
    If you want to have that secret tool to assure better decisions for your
    quality living, then you should want to have the time-proven technology
    that will take you beyond and above every new model that at best is just
    an intelligent guess and fad. Whereas, astrology has always been there.

    For serious wealth builders, go to http://www.astrologyuniversitymalaysia.com or contact Stella at sueboey@yahoo.com for mre information.

  • Syahir said:

    unit trust business seemed to be a promising business.. im interested to join this multibillion ringgit industry

  • Arif said:

    Come to our seminar tonight 5 Sep 07 8:00pm to 9:30pm at myunitTrust Consultants Cheras office.

  • Teoh said:

    i am interested to join the public bank mutual fund agent. could you email me details on how to become an agent? thanks.

  • Mag said:

    En. Arif, saya berhasrat untuk berhenti bekerja kerana menjaga 4 orang anak yang masih kecil. Oleh itu, saya bercadang untuk terus menjana pendapatan walaupun sedang bekerja di rumah dengan cara menjadi ejen PM secara part time. Dimanakah saya nak dapatkan khidmat nasihat dan seterusnya menjadi ejen Public Mutual part time di tempat saya ini, di Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang. TQ

  • Nadlique said:


    Saya ingat ingat nak jadi UT consultant jugak. Tapi sekarang ni saya kat luar negara tgh study. Cuti akhir tahun ni saya balik. Nak tanya, boleh ke saya enrol jadi UT consultant sedangkan dalam setahun tu, most of the time saya ada kat luar negara. Satu lagi, dari point registration kepada jadi fully-fledged UT consultant, berapa lama ye?

  • Arif said:

    Sorry for the late reply as I was away on leave for 40 days in Indonesia. You can contact Wan Hamdan 013-4222234.

  • mohd yuzmizan bin mohd asmor said:

    apa syarat ingin joint… sekarang i kat jb

  • alan said:

    how to become the public mutual agent?

  • Arif said:

    Come to one of our seminar. You click http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar to register for FREE or some of the info is available in “Be an Agent” section that you can click at the top of this page.

  • fared said:

    google membawa saya ke sini melalui perkataan ‘unit trust agent tools’ kerana saya nak tahu tools yg digunakan bagi menyakinkan client dan membantu saya mencapai target client apabila saya dah jadi agen UT nanti. ternyata web dan group en. arif ini, memenuhi hasrat saya itu bahkan lebih dari itu. Semoga pertemuan ini berpanjangan, insya-Allah.

  • meen said:

    i think by joining UT, it’s the best way to generate personal income..i’m only 20 but i’m interested to join UT n learn from the very beginning on how to be a good UT agent…is it possible for me to join??

  • Arif said:

    Meen, yes you can come to listen to our seminar at Level 50, Menara TM on this Sat 26 Jan 08. Admission is free. Register at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

    See you there.

  • Yow Chuan said:

    Sounds like a good place to start learning about unit trust investment. Is this seminar open to public?


  • Arif said:

    Yes it is. Come join us this Sat 26 Jan at Level 50 Menara TM 10am to 12tgh.

  • haidi said:

    kawan – kawan boleh join conference free ker?

  • Arif said:

    Kawan memang lah boleh join.

  • sara said:

    sory,blh sy tanya,wajibkah saya berumur 21 thun untuk menyertai unit amanah ini,ini kerana sy mash berumur 19 thun,dan bidang ini amat mmenarik perhatian saya sbg sorg studnt.

  • sara said:

    bleh sy thu sbab sy perlu ckup umur dan knp kalu xckup???

  • Arif said:

    Memang polisi Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia supaya konsultan unit amanah berumur 21 tahun ke atas. Apa yangSara boleh buat adalah belajar tentang unit trust ini, belajar tentang human skills. Bila dah dekat2 21 tahun bolehlah join kita.

  • Johar said:

    Tertarik dgn ape yang ditulis…..namun ada kemusykilan disini…

    u kata u r from No.1 Unit Trust Company in Malaysia???

    thats mean ramai kata Public Mutual la….tapi bile i teliti balik semua ads Public Mutual yg mengatakan they are no.1*…….ada denote (*) n baca note balik just in term of size…is that mean u are performing well n really no.1????

    I dont think so….just bcoz of size dana u r no.1:(

    Becoz from my research….expecially islamic fund…equity category….source from lipper (n if u guys dont believ it…go n get Personal Money magazine or do ur own research) ranking untuk dua bln berturut2 dari disember n jan baru2 ni adalah seperti berikut:

    1) dana from CMS Unit Trust Mgt
    2) dana from ING
    3) dana from CIMB
    4) dana from CIMB
    5) dana from CIMB
    6) dana from CIMB
    ……..where are u guys PUBLIC NO.1*????


    wat do u say??????


  • Anuar Johan said:

    salam saudara Johar……sy adalah ssalah seorang investor dlm dalam this company.Selama ini sy hanya mendapat segala information hanya dari agent sy.Agent sy selalu menyebut tentang mereka no 1.
    so bila sy membaca komen saudara , sy pun buat researh di internet.Sy research di web site the lipper.Award winner utk tahun 2007.separuh daripada award tersebut dimenangi oleh mereka.Malah untuk islamic fund dari 6 ketogeri mereka memenangi 3 daripadanya termasuklah public iktikal yg selama 3 thn ini telah memberi sy pulangan melebihi 40%.mungkin apa yg saudara baca tu hanya untuk bulanan ranking. award utk tahun 2008 akan diumumkan pada 26 feb iaitu esok hari.So sy tak faham kenapa saudara merasa tertipu.

    salam dari saya.
    Anuar Johan

  • Ismail (pak mail) said:

    Minta maaflah mencelah, saya ni seorang pelabur, orang kampung pelabur kecil-kecilan…
    saya sebenarnya tak tahu pun apa unit trust sebelum ini (ASB saya tahulah…), saya ni peniaga kedai kopi, banyak orang singgah kedai saya. nak jadi cerita dalam banyak-banyak orang yang datang kedai saya ni…ada juga macam-macam ejen unit trust ni datang dari berbagai syarikat….semua kata depa no. 1, mula saya tak kisah…
    tetapi bila macam-macam syarikat kata depa syarikat no. 1, saya mula naik pening…betul ka?
    jadi nak mudah cerita saya kata tunjuk bukti yang kata syarikat ni no. 1….jadi banyaklah benda yang mereka bawa keluar tunjuk kat saya…saya pun tak apa benda…cuma yang paling saya percaya, ejen dari public mutual…dia tunjuka surat khabar…tak kan surat tipu kut?
    saya memang baca dia ada tanda (*) di no. 1 tu… iaitu dari segi saiz yang diuruskan oleh syarikat-syarikat unit amanah swasta…. hebat tu…
    sebab apa, dalam fikiran saya, kalau orang tak percaya dan tak berikan kepercayaan kat syarikat ini, tak kan orang ramai sanggup melabur sampai banyak tu…kalau tak silap dekat-dekat RM30 bilion tu…banyak tu…
    saya pun fikir lagi…kalau dia bagi pulangan tak baguih…tak kan orang berduyun-duyun masuk melabur….betoi dak?
    saya tak reti nak tengok jadual liper…tapi dah 5 tahun lebih saya melabur dalam dana ittikal tu….untung pun dah 100 persen lebih….saya kira pakai akai saya yang cetek ni saja…kira ok tu…

  • Arif said:

    Thanks Pak Mail, En Anuar dan En Johar. I baru balik bercuti ni. Good comment from En Johar yang merasa tertipu. And very very good comments from Pak Mail dan En Anuar, investors yang experience sendiri investment mereka in the No 1 company.

    May be En Johar refers to a very short term results which unit trust objective is for mid-to-long term. It is up to En Johar to invest in any company. It is his money and his preference. Perhaps, En Johar could look into 3 to 5 years return and do the comparison. May be En Johar is a new investor or a new agent that do not know the industry very well. Thanks again Pak Mail and En Johar for great explanation.

    If you want to send your kids to a school that only perform two months, go ahead. I would rather send my kids to a school that has long track record. What do you think En Johar? Does it make sense?

    Buy a good durian D24 or I tak tau yang durian terbaik yang mana or just buy durian yang baru 2 atau 3 bulan orang kata baguih pastu tak ramai orang beli. You can use your 6 sense right? Which one do you prefer?

    Overall I thanks to En Johar that has raise his concern. If not, we cannot expalin further.

  • Anuar Johan said:

    Salam En. Arif,

    Sy amat menrasa amat2 terharu apabila en arif menhargai komen sy.Sy baru saja terjumpa website saudara dlam 2 minggu lepas.banyak yg sy belajar tentang unit trust disini.Sy bekerja disalah sebuah syarikat international insurans iaitu AIA anak syarikat AIG-salah sebuah syarikat insurans terbesar didunia.Antara sebab sy memberi komen diatas adalah berdasarkan pengalaman sy dlm bidang insurans.Terdapat banyak agen2 insurans yg melanggar kod etika sebagai agen terutama agen2 baru.Apabila mereka tidak boleh bersaing dgn sihat…mereka mula menggunakan teknik2 kotor, asalkan mereka dpt sale.ini amat2 mendukacitakan sy.
    Inilah yg terjadi kepada sy apabila sy pergi ke KWSPShah alam 2 minggu lepas utk mengeluarkan duit dari akuan 2 utk membeli rumah..Sy didatangi oleh seorng agen dari slh sebuah syarikat lain(bukan Public Bank).
    Hampir 20 minit yg mendengar penerangan dari agent tersebut tanpa dia tahu yg sy telah melabur dgn public Mutual.Apabila sy tanya apa kelebihan mereka jika dibandingkan company No 1 ini-agent tersebut telah mengeluarkan tool yg sama seperti En Johar tunjukkan diatas.Penerangan yg sama seperti diatas.Dipendekan cerita …byk penerangan agen tersebut meburuk2kan company lain.Inilah yg mengdukacitakan sy.
    Sy percaya unit trust industri terdapat kod etika yg perlu dipatuhi oleh agen seperti mana dikeluarakan oleh Bank Negara(sy kurang pasti sapa yg monitar this industri-kalau bukan BN-hrp maaf).So harapan sy ..bersainglah secara sihat dan beretika..
    Kepada En Arif ..teruskan usaha murni anda ini…latih dan ajarlah lebih ramai agent drpd golongan bumiputera supaya kita boleh berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dgn bangsa lain.Sy berminat nak join…tapi faktor umur sy yg dah lanjut nie..sy tak berani nak ambil risiko-tapi sy akan tambah lagi perlaburan sy-itu sudah pasti.
    Salam dari sy.
    Anuar Johan

  • Arif said:

    En Johar,

    Terima kasih memberi nasihat yang membina.

  • zue said:

    hi arif,
    you under group Elly ke?

  • Arif said:

    Zue, we were under the same group in 2005 and 2006 which we are all under Azizah. Anytyhing that I could help you Zue?

  • zue said:

    ooo..u mean azizah tu lagi atas dari Elly?
    I ‘cucu’ Elly. Baru join.
    Nice to know you.
    Update pasal training date and time ada kat website ni kan?

  • Arif said:

    Zue, training schedule tu ada tp utk my agents je. It has a pwd.

  • zue said:


  • Arif said:

    Zue, bukan tak mau bagi. tapi dalam tu ada banyak info pasal Company. We as agent cannot use the company logo, name without their permission. That’s why I open it to my dl only.

  • Johar said:

    I am responding back to:

    Arif said:
    On 02/26/2008 at 12:42 am ****(Pls refer to previous comment)

    Saya ni actually adalah investor di PM…saya kerap didatangi oleh agent2 unit trust…xtau la kenapa….saya bukan nye pelabur baru yang xmatang seperti yg anda jangkakan….malah saya sendiri adalah datang dari latar belakang kewangan…i play with figures everyday!!

    Sebenarnye dah lama saya perhatikan dan buat perbandingan dana2 di Malaysia ni…bukannye berdasarkan short-term….cukup la kalu saya amik 3 tahun punye time frame…ape yg diwar-warkan PM consultant adalah ‘Lebih Indah Kabar Dari Rupa’….Jika anda pandai berkata2…pilih la durian yang elok….tapi nampaknya durian anda sendiri dah busuk (suatu ketika dulu mungkin la elok)…..buat ape lg nak makan durian yang busuk….anda sendiri patut kaji sedalam2 nye….dana islamic terutamanya…

    X PERCAYA? lihat sendiri..open image dibawah…update sehingga ari ini 10 MAC 2008!

    (klik di gambar untuk lebih jelas)

    Details Paper Trade (as in the pic)

    Dana –> 7 dana (PM, ING, CMS, CIMB) –to compare
    Investment –> RM10000 setiap dana
    Date Invested –> 10 March 2005 (sama bagi setiap dana)
    Source –> Private company monitoring unit trust fund in Malaysia (update 24hours)


    Ini Bukannya reka2…edit2..ini yang keluar automatically dari sistem yang sentiasa updated!!!

    Lihat dan teliti sendiri….lipper award is nothing coz setiap investor melabur pada hari yang berbeza dengan unit price yang berbeza….jadi jgn la terlalu bergantung kepada sumber seperti itu sahaja….dan jgn la dengar hanya sebelah pihak sahaja….

    dalam dunia ni marketing n sales force adalah segalanye walau apepun produk yang dijual….jadi jgnlah mudah terpengaruh (saya sendiri sudah terpengaruh)…kaji selidik dari semua sudut….ini apabila org kata yg itu bagus maka kite pun kata la bagus…..itula yang PM sedang lakukan…

    sekian terima kasih….semua org menang!

  • Observer said:

    Tak pe lah Johar. If you think you figure is correct. Carry on. Kita pun investor PM, SBB dsb yang dah lama dah. Dah season. Sape yang nak follow Johar advise proceed. Tiada halangan. Silakan. Thanks for your constructive advise.

  • Johar said:


    tiada siapa suruh ikut kata saya….saya cuma bercakap apa yang benar….saya sendiri adalah pelabur PM…..Dana Ittikal pun dah season malah lebih season….

    Cakap jangan cakap kosong….nanti diri sendiri yang terkena…..

    Isu yang saya utara adalah…PM is the best….but seems not right:)


  • sseven said:

    Dear En Johar,

    im now agent under En.Arif. I sign last month and last monday i reveiced my agent code.Now im agent for this No 1* company.
    My backgroung…..5 years with BBMB and 2 years with CCM(Hong Leong Bank).I have financial background same like u.Before i join , i buat my own analisis…..same before i join insurance line…i check with company are strong….their capacity…stability…track record…and then i join NO 1 international company from USA.B’coz why….i yg kena sales..i yg kena buat after sales services if my client – accident.Some like this unit trsut line….
    my analisis show that there are No 1* unit trust company in Malaysia.Dengan kebenaran Suruhanjaya Sekuriti.Bukan Sendiri2 perasaan.My best freind working with SC.I dah confirm dgn dia.
    I dont understand ..En Arif only invite people who want to join this business……..The reason why En Arif use title No 1* company b,coz….he cannot use The Name of this Company without kebenaran( Mutual for Public in this blog).
    So En.johar no need you argue about this title….cukuplah…..and at same time…pls check who are the biggest winner 2008 lipper award last February.
    Bye…happy investing to all….

  • sseven said:

    After i resign form HLB..i do insurans….beside general insurans….i sell invesment link produk(international insurance company)….investment link and unit trust not much diferrent….both under open-ended fund for 8 years.Since last 8 years i Know which company..which fund…. are perform good…not good…and lastly ….the most important ……CONSISTENT……remember unit trust and invesment link are mid term and long term invesment.OK…all…my researh are not 1 day reseach…is it 8 years reseach………thank you alll

    Bye…happy investing to all………

  • sseven said:

    Dear En Johar,

    Lastly….this blog En Arif create for recuite, train and develop New Unit Trust Consultants especially from Bumiputera.It is not to promote unit trust fund or others. So please…..do not discuss about this matter again.pls go to other website or forum if u want discuss futher.U can go to nogold forum…. lot unit trust consultant there from diferrent of company who are promote/sell unit trust scheme online….hope u understand…peace…


  • Arif said:

    Thanks SSeven,
    We did not say we are the best. Other people say it. So what to do. Say what … Alhamdulillah. If they all have problem with the awards given by the third party like Edge-Lipper and Star-Standard & Poor, just complain directly to them and see if they can change the award given to somebody else. Then publish in the newspaper, Personal Money etc and on the billboard along all highways and main road.

    And SSeven is correct, here is not the place to promote or sell unit trust or kutuk unit trust mana yang the best atau yang the worst. Here is the place where I promote how to build a unit trust empire. How we, can together build our business from zero to hero tanpa kutuk mengutuk. This agency is growing from 1 to more than 70 consultants in a very short time. Imagine how much money you need to grow this size of business. If I were to pay only RM1k/month to one people I need to have RM70k at least a month just for overhead costs.Tu tak termasuk nak sewa ofis/sationeries lagi. But in unit trust your cost is very minimal and can be ZERO.

    So those yang tak suka kutuk mengutuk and interested to build their own business, I invite you all to attend our Free Seminar at Level 50, Menara TM Jalan Pantai Baru 50672 Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 5 Apr 08 9:30am. To register click http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

    I want my new business partner to grow faster than me. How their agency can grow from 1 to 50 in a year. To do that I am giving away new business partners to my existing group who are very active and full-timers so that they can build their empire bigger and faster with less hassle.

    Why I limit to 50, so register http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar to attend our seminar.

    Salam Johar, you are superb, brilliant and very good man.

  • sseven said:

    To all….
    Just to share my opinion.If you want to do your own analysis…pls be aware that there are 3 types of mutual fund in Malaysian market:- aggressive,moderate and conservative fund.So pls compare “Apple with Apple”.Do not comfare “Apple with Rambutan”- of couse rambutan loose.
    And again pls notice, although risk profile is same eg: Aggresive Fund- there have different of kind/type objective such as to achive steady,high,stream capital grow or seek for high dividend or balance on both side.All this fund was design for different investor profile , depend on how individuals tolerate againts risk. So many thing you have to check before do the comparision.
    That why FMUTM appoint third party who are expert to do analysis and give ranking.In Malaysia FMUTM was appointed Edge-Lipper and The Star/Standard & Poor to rank all fund in Malaysia.They will analyzed all factor and give ranking based on total return,consistent and prevision.The give ranking not only in Malaysia but for other 130 country.Like Lipper, they are Reuters company, global leader in supplying mutual fund information, analytical tool and commentary. They provide accurate, insighttful and timely mutual fund data and analysis.
    So if u want to use any anylytical tools, pls make sure it comes from Bank Negara , SC or FMUTM.if you ask “penoreh getah” of couse you will get wrong information.

    OK bye.

  • sseven said:


    Thats why , so many people mis understood about investment or insurance. Financial expert say there are 4 reason why:
    1-They dont know anything about investment or insurance.
    2-Lot of people know but they know the wrong things
    3-Lot of people know but they dont share with others.
    4 – B’coz of 3 reason above.
    where are you..think about that?
    But if you join Arif…he will share everything with you-the correct thing about mutual fund.And the must important he will share with u ..have to build up your own business with very minimum cost.In order to achive financial freedom.
    So hurry…register in this website….the next seminar will be at Menara Telekom 5th April.
    Bye…see you there…

  • psst said:

    en. arif,
    saya baru je join sbg agent PM ni last month. and recently, i dah ambil exam fmutm. mggu lepas. alhamdulillah, i passed. ok, skrg saya nak tahu, apa yang perlu saya buat lepas dah pass exam cute? bila saya boleh mula promote kat orang?

  • psst said:

    lg satu, sy dgr borang utk skim pelaburan kwsp dah tukar baru. betul ke? abang sy xsesabor nk masuk ni, lg2 dia tahu sy dah pass exam. mcm mana ye?

  • Arif said:

    Borang baru belum boleh guna lagi until further notice as the implementation of forward pricing of EPF scheme is deferred. So guna saja borang lama.

  • Arif said:

    You will get your agent code within this week by calling the Agent Service or your upline. Next Step? Attend training like Quick Start officially or with your upline. 3-hour training is enough for your to start promoting. Learning by doing.

  • apidah said:

    mcm mana kalau saya melabur terus? mcmana cara nya ? apa perlu saya buat ? kena buka accaunt ke? di perlis dgn siapa perlu saya hubungi?

  • psst said:

    thanks for the info, en. arif.

  • Arif said:

    I belum ada agen kat Perlis lagi. So kalau ada I jumpa esok kat Seminar di Tropicana, I’ll let you know.

  • secret said:

    If i this year 18 years old, can i join? But i really interested.

  • Arif said:

    Hi secret,
    You can join the business when you are 21 y.o. In the mean time, study the communication skills. This one factor will break or make your life.

  • secret said:

    But can u send more detail to me for the informations only. Thanks for your reply. But i’m chinese. If i ask u be an insurance agent or unit trust agent, which is much better? I’ll learn from communication skills.

  • Arif said:

    Both are good. It depends where your passion are. Some people do it both. But focus is more important. I didn’t see so far the top of either the tw fields do it both. They are all focus to what they do. In my humble opinion, doing unit trust business are a lot easier for you to make sales and faster to generate income.

    Information are available through this blog. You go to http://www.publicmutual.com.my for detail. Do come to our seminar this Saturday 5-Apr-08 at Level 50 Menara TM 9:30am where you can learn detail on the opportunity fo doing the unit trust business and its potential.

    See you there. Click http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar to register.

  • secret said:

    Sorry, i late to see your reply. I’ll appreciate it what were you saying… Thanks,

  • secret said:

    How does the commision calculate? Let say, if i sell 100k a month how much would i earn and second month 50k… Thanks.

  • purpletulip said:


    i dah lama surf about unit trust..actually at first for my own investment but then, i think it oso can be my 2nd money.. pls email me ur seminar schedule ok? looking fwd..salam

  • Faez said:

    En. Arif, i want to know whether i can join this unit or not..,i am 21st year old now & i’m studying at uitm now..how can i join diz unit?what must i do?i hope u can reply me a.s.a.p…

  • Arif said:

    Faez, YES you can join as unit trust consultant as you are already 21 y.o. SMS me your hp no at 013-3640043 or you can come to our weekly Unit Trust Business Opportunity Preview on every Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras Level 3 from 11am to 1245pm or you set your time to meet me at Public Mutual Bangsar from Tue to Fri.

    You can also register at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar so that you will be updated on the seminar & training schedule. Congrat for having business thinking as young as 21. Bravos.

  • Arif said:

    We hold our Unit Trust Buisness Opportunity Seminar every Saturday 11am to 1245pm at Public Mutual Cheras. Do come to the seminar. SMS your hp no to 013-3640043 so that we will notify you if there is any changes.

  • Hairil said:

    Salam semua…

    Boleh sesiapa beritahu saya, di manakah saya boleh dapatkan contoh²
    soalan exam ATAUpun lebih baik lagi, salinan soalan² tahun² lepas?

    Terima kasin & wassalam.

  • Arif said:

    You can get it from agent domain if you are an agent of Public Mutual. If you are my agent, you can get it from Login of http://www.myunittrust.com where it requires a password. Else you attend CUTE Tutorial where they will give you 4 sets of sample questions.

    Arif – we are giving FREE Seminar on how to move from makan gaji quadrant to businessman quadrant every Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras Level 3 from 11am to 1245pm. Register at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • al aiman said:

    Just to add on what’s being mention by En Johar and the discussion re No 1. Baru baca which is a good discussion for everybody , investor or consultant!

    Actually I tend to agree with Johar on the performance bcos he got the data! BUT not totally!And I think the performance of unit trust for the past 3 years in all good! Semuanya bagus! Tak ada yg rugi! Itu yg penting!
    Basically tak ada durian yg busuk, cuma ada durian lebih baik ada yg runtuh dgn tak berapa runtuh! All equity fund for the past 3 years give positive returns, in fact better than ASB div. That’s the benchmark la! But I don’t agree if you market the product by saying you are the best fund bcos sometimes the best fund changes every year.
    But kalau nak tengok yg terbaik and invest in them and we compare short term performance to mid term , we will get different fund every year, so quite difficult to select which fund yg nak invest for a long term. And to cahnge the Company will cost money, initial fee. Unit Trust Investment not for short term investment.
    BAsically, the better way, is to look at the consistency of the performance, NO POINT kalau you got fund yg perform macam hedge fund, up 60, down 30, up 50, down 60, up 30, down 15 etc. Very volatile, certain year best fund, next year, worst fund. Look at Amittikal, 1998 among the Best Performer, but terkubur till now! Just example, not condemning Am!
    But if you have fund, this year 15%, next 20%, then 15%. then 20%, this is good fund bcos capital preservation is there, consistency is there! And always outperformed the index OK la! So investors can sleep well at night. Otherwise dia sakit jantung when fund down by 30%! Basically Warren Buffett, the world richest person, greatest investor, performance dia biasa saja! Average return about 25% per annum, but he maintained that consistently for 40 years, never fail! Always outperformed he index. USD 100,000 become USD 40 Billion. All his investor orang biasa eg nurse, schoolteacher semua jadi millionaires.
    So, you guys, PM consultant, should market the product based on consistency of returns and please try to learn about rebalancing as well bcos that is where u can add value to your clients and justify your commission. If u notice that if u did not do anything, for 1 year, most fund give a negative return right! BUT if you rebalance, you could have locked some returns already. Warren Buffet has 2 rules, No 1-Never lose your money, No 2-always remember the first rule. So, happy consulting, not selling, we are Consultant! vI am one of you, slightly different!

  • Arif said:

    Wow Al Aiman,
    What a good comment. Back off one step and see the issues from the back stage and go forward one step ahead. That’s remind me to the one of the advertisement on Federal Highway KL: “Winning is to think one step ahead”. Bravos.

    And then to change Happy Selling to Happy Consulting is a good words.

  • al_abuya said:

    en. arif
    saya berminat untuk menjadi utc secara sambilan. saya bertugas di kota kinabalu. ada agen di kk?

  • Arif said:

    Kita belum ada agen di KK. Kalau u berminat untuk jadi tunggak agen di KK, sila sms saya 013-3640043. What u will get? You will have many potential downline kat sana.

  • sarzi said:

    Assalaamualaikum En Arif,
    I’m in Ipoh, who should contact to join u guys…..oo. 40 hari indonesia? (bercuti/berdakwah ?)

  • Arif said:

    Ipoh pun belum ada. If you like, you can become our main agent kat sana. 40 days Indonesia – khuruj fi sabilillah.

  • rez said:

    hello. nak jadi agent. how ? me in kl

  • miran said:

    hi arif,im kinda interested with this business. but im only 20 years old. am i qualify enough to be an agent?

  • Arif said:

    sms me you hp no. Kita jumpa di Public Mutual Cheras 11pagi every Saturday. If you want to see me earlier, just let me know. I will be around Bangsar on Tuesday to Friday.

  • Arif said:

    I understand many of those yang belum 21 y.o would like to be a unit trust consultant. However, the rules say that we can only be an agent when you are 21 years old. SMS me your hp no so that when you are 1 month to 21yo we can help you register for the exam.

  • MyGlobalink said:

    Salam untuk En. Arif,
    Saya sekarang bekerja makan gaji dgn kerajaan di Putrajaya, bolehkah saya jadi UTC ni secara Part time. Adakah nanti saya akan dikenakan syarat untuk mendapatkan jumlah pelaburan tertentu jika menjadi UTC sebagaimana agen life insurance. Kat mana saya nak daftar untuk exam CUTE dan adakah saya terikat dengan apa-apa perjanjian jika jadi UTC bawah En. Arif. TQ

  • Arif said:

    Waalaikumsalam Mr Globalink,
    Kita boleh buat bisnes ni part time ataupun full time. Memang ada syarat supaya kita menjadi agen yang aktif. Minima setahun = RM30,000. InsyaAllah RM30,000 adalah mudah untuk dicapai.

    Daftar untuk CUTE exam kat Public Mutual Cheras. UTC mesti akur kepada etika kerja yang ditetapkan.

    Tuan Globalink boleh jumpa saya untuk keterangan lebih lanjut di Tinkgkat 2 Public Mutual Cheras setiap hari Sabtu 11pagi. Kita buat Seminar bagaimana untuk menjadi UTC yang berjaya. sms saya hp tuan atau daftar di http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • Malaysian Unit TRUST Consultants » Blog Archive » How to be a Unit Trust Agent said:

    [...] Be An Agent [...]

  • Zamsh said:

    Arif promotion sikit. Jika ada org2 Kuching nak jadi agent, boleh email saya zamsh08@gmail.com. Kamek akan berada di Kuching awal bulan Julai.

  • rahman saad said:

    pertama sekali saya rasa bangga kerana sekarang sudah ramai orang (terutamanya berbangsa melayu) sudah tahu dan sedar tentang benefit dalam pelaburan unit trust..
    dalam senario marketingnya pula, saya lihat bermula dari Feb 2008, seolah-olah fenomena tsunami unit amanah telah melanda banyak tempat di malaysia… sana sini pasti ada agen dan jumlah pelabur yang melabur dalam unit trust semakin ramai… di tempat kerja saya sahaja pun ada ramai agen dari public mutual, cimb, maakl dan dua tiga bank lagi… saya ada mendengar keluhan agen-agen baru yang mengeluh kerana banyak prospek yang dicarinya sudah pun melabur dalam unit amanah (samada kwsp atau cash)dengan agen lain.. semakin hari semakin ramai yang jadi agen dan pelabur jugak makin meningkat naik… pendek kata dalam senario sekarang dan akan datang, agen semua perlu berlumba dan sipa cepat dia dapat..!! dalam masa 3 atau 4 tahun yang mendatang… jika keadaan ini terus meningkat, mungkin jumlah pelabur yang melabur dalam unit amanah swasta ni akan menyamai jumlah pelabur ASB (purata setiap melayu atau bumiputera pasti ada akaun ASB… bermakna lagi 3 atau 4 tahun, agen baru pasti lagi sukar mencari prospek….

    ini adalah pandangan saya… boleh agen2 yang berpengalaman beri komen….

  • rahman saad said:

    pertama sekali saya rasa bangga kerana sekarang sudah ramai orang (terutamanya berbangsa melayu) sudah tahu dan sedar tentang benefit dalam pelaburan unit trust..
    dalam senario marketingnya pula, saya lihat bermula dari Feb 2008, seolah-olah fenomena tsunami unit amanah telah melanda banyak tempat di malaysia… sana sini pasti ada agen dan jumlah pelabur yang melabur dalam unit trust semakin ramai… di tempat kerja saya sahaja pun ada ramai agen dari public mutual, cimb, maakl dan dua tiga bank lagi… saya ada mendengar keluhan agen-agen baru yang mengeluh kerana banyak prospek yang dicarinya sudah pun melabur dalam unit amanah (samada kwsp atau cash)dengan agen lain.. semakin hari semakin ramai yang jadi agen dan pelabur jugak makin meningkat naik… pendek kata dalam senario sekarang dan akan datang, agen semua perlu berlumba dan siapa cepat dia dapat..!! dalam masa 3 atau 4 tahun yang mendatang… jika keadaan ini terus meningkat, mungkin jumlah pelabur yang melabur dalam unit amanah swasta ni akan menyamai jumlah pelabur ASB (purata setiap melayu atau bumiputera pasti ada akaun ASB… bermakna lagi 3 atau 4 tahun, agen baru pasti lagi sukar mencari prospek….

    ini adalah pandangan saya… boleh agen2 yang berpengalaman beri komen….

  • Zamsh said:

    Bagi saya yang pengelaman tak seberapa ini, mmg persaingan amat tinggi di dalam bidang ini. Kalau biasa buat roadshow, selalu kita dpt respon:

    1. Kwn saya pun agent, saya labur ngan kawan saya.
    2. Kwn saya tak lama lagi ambik exam, saya nak invest ngan dia.
    3. Saya pun agent he he :-)
    4. Selain dari Kwn, sedara mara, adik, ipar duai, dll pun agent.

    So ada peluang lagi kah bagi kita? InsyaAllah, peluang itu masih terbuka. Org yang dah invest tu kita boleh dpt juga. Kadang2 yang invest tu lagi senang kita dapat, sebab dia org dah tau, senang nak convince dia org. Kadang2 agent tak jaga, dia org cari agent lain. Siapa yang bagi service bagus dia lah yang dapat. Persaingan yang tinggi baik untuk investors. Agent-agent kena bagi the best service utk investors.

    Ini hanyalah pandangan saya yang kurang berpengelaman dalam bidang ini. Sdr Arif mungkin boleh bagi pandangan.

  • nurin said:

    Dear Arif,
    I used to be a UT consultant 10 years ago. Sad to say i wasnt successful. I have then joined back the job market. I am considering rejoining back the UT market maybe as part time first. Is my FMUTM membership still valid.what must i do to rereguster? FYI i was a KL Mutual agent..sekarang PM kot. Plse advise.

  • Arif said:

    AbRahman Saad and Zamsh,
    Terima kasih kerana soalan dari tn Rahman dan jawapan dari tn Zamsh. Betul lah pandangan tuan-tuan tu.

    Pandangan saya:
    Semua bisnes bagus, dan setiap bidang bisnes ada yang berjaya dan ada yang gagal. Selalu kita dengar orang yang berjaya akan menceritakan kegetiran pengalaman perniagaan mereka ketika di awal perniagaan. Maka sememangnya setiap perniagaan ada cabarannya.

    Kalau hendak mudah, kerja makan gaji lah yang mudah. Setiap hujung bulan cucuk mesin keluar duit. Tapi pun masa mula2 kerja banyak yang kita tak tahu dan perlu study atau learn from others walupun kita grad dari university yang ternama.

    So whether working for people or working for your ownself, both you have got to struggle at the early stage. So it is up to an individual where their desire is. But you must think in the long term. Do you think you would like to work for people until your retirement age or you would like to have your own legacy. If you would like to have your own business some where in the future, I recommend you to start with the unit trust business NOW. You will learn many business skills hands-on and you will leran from others as well.

    Market saturation. I dah invest! My friends pun a public mutual agent. And so many responses. Semua bisnes macam tu. Dulu DELL nak buat PC macam tu. Bill Gate macam tu. Tony Fernandes pun macam tu. Semua bisnes dah pernah orang buat. So if they all think business semua sudah saturated, no one will start and you won’t know even their names now. What they did when the rests of the world say they can’t. That is FOCUS and DON”T GIVE UP. Kenapa orang tak kata kerja makan gaji dah ramai berjuta orang, macam mana nak berjaya. Tapi ramai yang terus makan gaji walaupun hanya satu orang je boleh jadi CEO in one company. Tapi why people do it. Because it is easy right… One thing you must remember, rezeki is coming ONLY from Allah whether your are in business or makan gaji.

    Banyak lagi nak cerita, datang jumpa sayalah every Saturday 11am at Cheras or register at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

    Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G.Allen …

  • Arif said:

    For Nurin,
    Your licence is still valid provided you renew when you re-register. Join us this Saturday 11:00 am at Cheras office.

  • nora said:

    Askum…just nak tanya…once become unit trust agent dgn mana2 agensi ataupun bank..(

  • nora said:

    sori…sambung balik…kalu dah jd UT agent for agensi or bank,,,(public mutual or cimb wealth advisor) sy still blh buat my own business or not? just afraid sy akan terikat…contohnya…tak boleh buat kerja lain or tak boleh buat overdraft, pinjaman pniagaan…ect….. sbb sy interested nak jd agent but at the same time ada plan nak buka business pulak. TQ.

  • Zamsh said:

    Anda boleh buat business seperti biasa. Tak perlu risau anda akan terikat.

  • mawarli said:

    macam mana nak jadi agen dan melabur guna kwsp kat parit raja johor

  • kim said:

    i am 20 yo this year. I am interested in becoming an agent. However, if i am an agent must i invest as well? How do i start? Can i just drop by any public bank and ask the customer service attendent?

  • Ahmad Najib said:

    Hi Mawarli, boleh hantar email ke Encik Arif. Rumah mentua saya juga di Parit Raja, saya boleh terangkan bagaimana nak jadi agen dan melabur. Sungguh mudah dan pelaburannya adalah sah di sisi undang-undang dan halal.

  • Arif said:

    Kim, You must wait until you are 21 y.o to become a unit trust agent in Malaysia. Agent does not necessary to invest. But we have a privillege scheme where agents can invest without charges.

  • daiwa30 said:


    To en Arif… saya mmg berminat sgt nak jadi agen. Dah jumpa upline kat penang ni. Tapi alahai…exam fee rm250. lambat la skit…saya ni gaji kecik. nak spend byk tu pas tu burn plak…

  • Arif said:

    RM250 tu akan dapat balik bila your sales achieve certain taget within 6 months. So basically your capital is zero. Tak de lagi bisnes modal yg macam tu. So cepat lah ambik exam tu.

  • daiwa30 said:

    Salam en arif,

    Ok saya mmg tgu nak amik exam jer nih. Tapi nak tanya gak ler, dlm situasi ekonomi tertekan dgn pasaran saham yg nampak menurun hari ke hari ni, bleh lagi ke agen2 unit trust nak cari mkn? bagi investor yg tak amik tau pasal saham turun naik (exe yg invest guna EPF) mmg diorang tak amik kisah sgt, tapi saya penah jumpa satu client yg gila main saham ni. Amoi ni keja sekali dgn saya, dia siap bukak the star utk seminggu punya and tunjuk kat saya bagaimana kedudukan pasaran saham sekarang ni. Mmg nampak kejatuhan yg ketara. saya pun ada buat study sikit tru The Star, dlm seminggu dua ni mmg nampak jatuh. Baik fund CIMB or Pblic Mutual. Saya pun bukan pandai sgt bab2 saham ni tapi basicly kita bleh nampak turun naiknya pasaran saham.

    Amoi ni pun ada invest gak kat Public Mutual. Tapi dia invest guna cash, tak silap kalu ittikal fund and ada lagi la fund2 lain yg dia sumbat masuk. So far dia kata byk yg jatuh. Cuma belum ke tahap merugikan.

    Sya cuma buat study case utk 2 minggu shja tru The Star, kalau nak ikut mmg kena tgok performnace utk setahun. So, saya nak mintak pandangan en arif dlm hal ni. Jika terdapat fakta saya yg tidak benar saya minta maaf dan tolong betulkan. Dlm soal memilih produk utk pengguna ni mmg saya fussy sikit, saya akan check dan tanya sana sini. sebab saya dah penah kena masa buat insurans dulu. Agency manager ajar mcm lain, saya tgok dlm policy mcm lain. At last saya yg kena bamboo dgn client. Siap nak buat report lagi.

    By the way, saya mmg nak jadi agent full time. leader saya kat penang ni saudara Gazman, maybe en arif kenal dia. Tahun ni dgr cerita nak ke Hokaido plak eh.. best best..

  • rosman said:

    en.arif, saya seorang bekas pekerja pembinaan,pemegang degree tahun 1997.Seorang yang TIDAK FAHAM tentang unit trust dan pergerakan ekonomi dan pasaran saham.
    Saya percaya dan yakin, hanya perniagaan sahaja yang membenarkan seseorang mencapai keselesaan kewangan.Bolehkan orang sebodoh saya berjaya dalam bidang yang memerlukan KEPERCAYAAN pelanggan seperti ini.
    terima kasih

  • Arif said:

    Ups and downs of stock market, unit trust, property and many others are the features of the investment vehicles. Imagine there is no up no down. Who on earth want to invest their money in. You put RM1mill 10 years ago, you get RM1mill now. Plus the inflation, the tax and etc the value of RM1mill now is far lesser than the RM1mil 10 years ago. So what does this mean to you? It means opportunity to make money if you know what to buy and when to sell. Agree…

    Always go back to basic of unit trust. There are only 3. 1. Medium-to-long-term 2. Dollar Cost Averaging or Value Cost Averaging and 3. Take action either Hold, Sell, Buy or Switch with strategies not with emotion.

    Do you remember in 1998 when majority of people shy away from investing stocks. If you put your money at that time in stock (just take the selected blue chip) your money would have grown 300%. So the history is about to repeat. InsyaAllah. When majority of people shy away from investing, we must study and position ourself to keep investing. Its true also for our investors and our prospect investors. This is the opportunity. Do you know why many people invest their money at the end of last year? You give me the answer.

  • Arif said:

    You are a good man, Ulama’ says the moment we think we are already good, that is actually the starting point of our keburukan.

    We’ve been in the business for more than 2 years. We’ve seen many people form different backgound. Macam2 ada. Takde degree, SPM pun boleh. You know TS Syed Bukhary, Allahyarham TS Nasimudin, Bill Gate, Dell, Richard Branson. They all don’t have degree and they didn’t have money as well. But why?

    Success is:
    1. taking action
    2. dream
    3. determination
    4. focus

    So En Rosman, I personally invite you to our seminar this Sat 21-Jun-08 9:30am at Menara TM, Jalan Pantai Baru KL. Call/sms Bella 019-226 0335 or Azah 013-397 0588 or register yourself at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • razaleigh said:

    saya kat kedah berminat untuk mencebur diri bidang ni sebagai agen,
    ada sesiapa boleh tolong ek

  • daiwa30 said:


    T,kasih atas detail yg panjang lebar. Sedikit sebanyak saya paham la jugak. Ada lagi satu soalan. Kalau nak proposed customer, bagi customer yg tak paham langsung tentang unit trust ni, apa yg pertama sekali saya nak explain kat diorang. solan2 lazim seperti di bawah:

    1. Apa itu unit trust?

    2 Berapa tahun nak invest?

    3. Keuntungan berapa?

    4. Boleh ke nak withdraw bila2 masa?

    Masalah saya skrg ni, saya tak boleh lagi nak korbankan rm250 utk exam. saya tau lepas pass exam leader akan ajar saya bab2 nih. Sekarang leader pun xmau nak tunjuk lagi sbb saya belum attend exam.

    FYI, saya ni mmg dah tadak keja. Company dah bungkus 2 3 bulan lalu. Sekarang dok buat project pertanian kecil kecilan. jadi paham2 lerr… RM250 tu sama byk dgn duit sewa umah saya…. InsyaAllah bulan depan ada rezeki saya nak sign up jugak. nak buat full time.

  • Arif said:

    Bang, soalan you ni I boleh jawab hari Sabtu kat Menara TM Tkt 50 9:30pagi.

  • ain said:


    I baru join jadi agent PM… for almost 4 months.

    Is your saturday seminar open for PM agent from other agency ?

  • Arif said:

    Case by case basis. Call me if you want to bring your people. I think 2 to3 people shud be no problem

  • Zamsh said:

    Ain, which agency are you from?

  • Faez said:

    En Arif,

    I’ve zero knowledge in UT and interested to explore more on this business world. Do you have session/seminar on UT for new entry like myself. What are qualifications required to be an agent? Can I be an agent on part -time basis?

  • abd rahman said:

    Kepada sesiapa yang tinggal di kawasan Penang, Kulim, Perak Utara (atau yg berhampiran dgnnya) yang berminat untuk tahu / ingin menjadi unit trust consultant (full time or part time) kami di Butterworth branch mengadakan taklimat percuma pada setiap malam Isnin jam 8 mlm (1 jam).

  • Zamsh said:

    You can come to our weekly presentation at Cheras. InsyaAllah you can meet En Arif there.
    Minimum qualification requirement is SPM and you can do it on a part time basis. You can call Arif”s assistant, Bella at 019-226 0335

  • abd rahman said:

    Kepada sesiapa yang tinggal di kawasan Penang, Kulim, Perak Utara (atau yg berhampiran dgnnya) yang berminat untuk tahu / ingin menjadi unit trust consultant (full time or part time) kami di Butterworth branch mengadakan taklimat percuma pada setiap malam Isnin jam 8 mlm (1 jam).

    012 4660 485

  • Alex said:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  • hafiz said:


  • venny said:

    i m taking the CUTE, but there is a lot of information i need 2 read, is there anybody can help me ?????

  • zamsh said:

    Hi Venny, How can we help u?

  • Hishamudin said:

    Saya berminat hendak jadi UTC. Saya ada call En Arif tadi, tapi dia tgh ada meeting. Boleh sesiapa membantu? email saya ok

  • Hishamudin said:

    sorry tak detail, info saya. Saya dah pun register untuk hadir seminar minggu ni… pukul 11 ke En Arif?

  • zamsh said:

    Sdr Hishamudin, Seminar tersebut akan diadakan pada hari Sabtu jam 9am.
    Jika Tuan Arif tak dpt dihubungi, boleh hubungi saya : zamsh08@gmail.com/0192192072

  • Hishamudin said:

    terimakasih semasa pendaftaran sgb UTC tadi. harap sabtu ini dapat lebih info dari saudara.

    zamsh, tq.

  • zamsh said:

    Dapat juga kita jumpa tadi Sdr Hishamudin. Selamat Datang Ke Group kami :-)
    Rajin-rajin datang class nanti ye :-)

  • Arif said:

    En Hishamudin, thanks keran action yg cepat sekali. Call terus datang dan sign. So boleh buat soalan2 contoh yg boleh didownload di Login page of this blog.

    Zam and all other unit trust consultants,
    I’ll be away on 20-Sep-8 Sat. So if any of you would like to conduct the unit trust BOP on that day, let me know. Presentation material dah ada. Sape2 prospek yang datang will be yours.

  • venny said:

    Zamsh, can u list down some important topics for the CUTE, i dah pening dah….there is a lot of note i need to read

  • zamsh said:

    Venny, U dah pergi Cute Tutorial tak? May be u can start with sample questions. Do you have sample questions? From there u can start to plan which topics that you need to focus on. Saya dulu baca je Unit Trust basic tu, and 2 hours tutorial with Arif on the calculation part at his home :-). BTW thank you arif :-). Sebabnya Cute tutorial tak sempat pergi. U can email me at zamsh08@gmail.com if you need help :-).

  • Arif said:

    Venny, If you don’t have time to study the unit trust exam, just practice the sample questions. 4 sets of them. After that you read the book. The questions will guide you on what the area of possible question they will ask in the exam. Then you will have a feeling on what’s important…

  • zamsh said:

    Venny, when is your exam?

  • venny said:

    zamsh, i m from Muar, then my AM say muar dun have tutorial

    so they jz give me a book that :dealing in UT by FMUTM

    but dalam tak ada calculation soalan, macam mana ni

    i tengah risau ni, sebab i punya exam 20.9.2008

  • venny said:

    rif, tq for ur info. but where can i get the sample question? m i need to get from the office. and what is the name of the book?

  • zamsh said:

    ooo Venny you are in Muar. You can ask your AM to help you then. The sample questions eh, Arif where eh?
    Venny, don’t worry lah. Just cool down, and focus on the dealing in UT. Calculation ada dlm tu. May be your AM can give you good tips on the calculation :-). Betul tak Arif? Difficult to discuss it here. You have ample time to prepare, 9 days. Get your AM to sit in front of you for 2 hours. he he..
    OK Venny, Try your best.

  • Arif said:

    Zamsh and Venny,
    Sample questions tu ada kat login page kita. Only group unit trust consultants boleh access. Privillege for our group la. Jgn marah.

  • venny said:

    tq for 2 of u, zamsh and arif. later i will meet my AM and sit in front of her, hahaha

  • saufi said:

    salam Ramadhan. Saya tak bankrupt lagi. Nak tanya, orang yang telah diistihar muflis, boleh tak jadi UT consultant? tkasih salam.

  • Arif said:

    Salam Ramadhan untuk Saufi juga. Bankrup dah tak boleh jadik unit trust consultant

  • zamsh said:

    Kalau Saufi tak bankrup lagi, mai la join kita :-)

  • zamsh said:

    Venny, Good Luck ya. Ask help from your AM. That what Arif normally does to his new consultants. No wonder he is the top recruiter :-) and his wife in the top 5.

  • Hishamudin said:

    Alhamdulillah Arif, saya dah selamat lulus CUTE on 18th tempoh hari…..Syukur dan terimakasih kepada Arif kerana tunjuk ajar dan steps yang seterusnya menjadikan saya sbg UTC.

  • venny said:

    arif and zamsh, i have pass d exam loh…thank you for ur advise,
    lepas tu i kena balik ofice attend training ke?

  • Arif said:

    TnHj Hisham and Venny, Tahniah dah lulus.

  • zamsh said:

    Congratulation Venny. Training?, You need to attend Success 101 and Quick Start eh.

  • Alice Chieng said:

    Hello fellow investors and UTCs,

    I am Alice Chieng from Sungai Dua, just outside USM, Penang. I have been investing with Public Mutual for many years. And because we made good returns from our investments, I decided to be a UTC, in order to advise and help others to invest their savings.

    It is sad, and yet so common that people work so hard to earn a living and save some… and yet they fail to make their savings work hard for them too. With the inflation rate higher then the FD rate or EPF dividend, their hard earned savings is SHRINKING!

    I was trained as an accountant.
    I would be able to give you professional advice on how best to invest your savings. Please contact me at 012-7271417 or alicepenang@gmail.com

  • zamsh said:

    Dear Alice,
    I don’t think this is the right place for you to advertise your service. Or else Arif will receive a love letter from SC. :-)

  • chocoholic said:

    dear sara.. (age 19) hei.. i’m glad to hve someone in the same age with me to be a ut consultant.. this’s my mail.. chocoholic_virtuoso521@yahoo.com
    hopefully we can have a deep discussion on this matter..

  • Asrul said:

    a’kum en arif,
    saya baru cuba nak berjinak2 dalam unit trust ni.. basic knowledge mmg xde sbb bidang saya mmg jauh berbeza (i’m from health site)..tapi saya amat berminat nak menceburinya.. so macam mana saya nak mula join? saya dari teluk intan perak tapi kadang2 selalu balik shah alam sek 18 my parent punyer rumah.. so ada sesiapa yang boleh bantu?
    thanks in advanced..

  • Ajumain said:

    Salam Asrul,

    En.Arip ada wat BOP – Biz Pesentation for newbie dan ygn berminat pasal UT nie kat Public Mutual Cheras on Saturday. Tapi klu u nak tau basic knowledge u bole just call me and then saya bole terangkan pasal UT nie camane nak join dan sbg.nya.
    call saya :017-3853626.


  • Arif said:

    Asrul, yes u can contact Ajumain untuk tahu lebih lanjut.

  • Ahmad said:

    Salam En. Arif,

    my sister was an UT agent before, but never an active agent due to other commitments. Still, she advised me to become an UT agent myself. I’m interested but 50-50. I’m not sure because I am not a risk-taker type of person. But I’ve heard some positive things about this UT agent thingy, where they did some good investment and made lots of profits. But seeing the global economy a bit unstable, i want to ask some questions. Based on the current economic scenario, do you think it’s still worthwhile to pursue this profession? Second, what is the main requirements to be successful in this business, apart from being hard work, focus, etc. Do I have to be an expert in analyzing the market? Do i have to be very good in communication? I’m really bad in influencing people! It’s all about soft skills right?

  • Ahmad said:

    And 1 more thing, what is the difference between MLM and UT? Sounds different but the system is about the same (from what I’ve heard). Could you explain further? Thank you.

  • Arif said:

    Wslm En Ahmad,
    Your question answered:

    Q: Based on the current economic scenario, do you think it’s still worthwhile to pursue this profession?

    A: Of course it does. Warren Buffet says “Be greedy when others are fearful” and “be fearful when others are greedy”. Unit Trust main objective is to give good return for medium-to-long term i.e. more than 3 years. If you join UT during the crisis like now, you and your clients will be more than happy in the next 3 years. Your clients buy at mega discount. Imagine 3 years down the road when the KLCI return to say 1100 points. Wow..

    Q: Second, what is the main requirements to be successful in this business, apart from being hard work, focus, etc. Do I have to be an expert in analyzing the market? Do i have to be very good in communication? I’m really bad in influencing people! It’s all about soft skills right?

    A: Ability to analyze the market is an added advantage but it is not the main thing as we have professional fund managers that run the show. We do the application part i.e. on switching of the funds, buy/sell. Of course we got to know the market situation in general. You got it right, the communication skills are vital. May be you are from technical background. I have the same feeling when I first started this business. How to talk and see people ask them to buy. Actually there is a step-by-step process to approach people. Fortunately, all skills are learnable. And if you want to open any business, the no 1 skills is communication. Based on your writing, your comm skills are great.

    Q: what is the difference between MLM and UT?

    A: product vs financial services
    . no exam required
    . multi-level
    . difficult to do business during office hour
    . not quite long term as many people come and go as do their company
    . advertisement along the highway close to NIL
    . u need to pass the CUTE exam
    . limited level
    . business can be done during office hour at clients office
    . long term business beased on which company you join
    . advertisement along the highway plenty

    Ada banyak lagi. Come to our FREE seminar this Saturday 11am to 12:10pm by registering at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • zamsh said:

    Ahmad, are you in KL?

  • Ahmad said:

    Zamsh, i’m not from KL. I’m from Malacca. But i’m studying in Shah Alam, at least near to KL. :)

  • Ajumain said:

    Salam Ahmad,

    Actually bidang unit trust memang bole jadi karier yang bagus. Tapi semuanya atas usaha individu la…

    Cuba klik kat link nie …

    moga dapat sedikit inspirasi bagaimana karier dalam unit trust pun bole menjanji pendapatan yang baik … malah lebih bagus daripada makan gaji …

  • zamsh said:

    En Ahmad, Shah Alam is not that far from our office in Cheras :-), you can come to our weekly BOP on Saturday, 11 am. For further information, you can call En Arif, or me at 019-2192072 :-)

  • F said:

    Ok,im interested.currently working as system analyst in s.alam.i want to make this as my fulltime job.But im curious.if in one month u cant get any client.Just IF.then there’s not salary for that month?

  • zamsh said:

    Sdr F, boleh hubungi saya di 019-2192072 ataupun email terus pada saya zamsh08 at gmail.com.

  • iskandar said:

    hai…unit trust ni sebenarnye ape ye? mcm saving ke? kalau jadi agent kena amik exam kan? berapa commission kalau jadi unit trust consultant? saya ni running insurance sales…tp tak pernah tau pulak pasal unit trust ni..pernah dengar nama je..tp tak tau maksud dia apa… :P

  • Ajumain said:

    Salam Iskandar…
    UT ni adalah salah satu cabang pelaburan (macam ASB,ASN dll gak).
    Ada pelbagai cara dalam UT nie samada individu tu nak melabur thru regular saving @ lumpsum @pun thru EPF (acc 1).
    Jika berminat jd agent, kita nak kene g sit the exam – FMUTM (cam insurance gak ler).
    Comission utk agent biasa, basically kita dapat 2% from the amount invested (cth: invest RM10,000~as an agent u akan dapat RM200)…then the comission akan growth lagi bile u naik pangkat lagi la (supervisor, manager, group manager and so..)
    Tapi i rase klu u yang dah buat insurance maybe lagi senang u nak buat UT ni…(sbb u dah ada senarai contact :D).

    Iskandar… u duduk area maner?

    Klu u nak keterangan lanjut …
    Anda dijemput hadir ke B.O.P di Public Mutual New Training Room (CHERAS BRANCH)…
    Bertempat di Public Mutual New Training Room,Tingkat 4 (gunakan lif),Cheras Commercial Centre,Jalan 5/101C Off Jalan Kaskas,56100 Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

    atau bole jumpe saya kat area kajang-bangi-serdang-UPM…
    call/sms saya :017-3853626…AJUMAIN

    ok salam… :P

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Iskandar, yes you can contact Ajumain.

  • Cik Shari said:

    Hi En. Arif,

    First of all, I want to say that you have a very imformative website in which has helped me to understand a Iittle better about the unit trust industry. Yes, I am very interested to hope on the bandwagon and of course, if GOD permits, I will joined as a full timed unit trust consultant, if everything goes as planned in near future.

    However, I am a little wary about my list of future prospects. I am in my early 30s and the people whom I know is quite limited I would say. I was wondering what do I do next if I were to run out of propects to meet with. Any opinion?

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Cik Shari,
    Glad that you want it to do it full time. On running out of prospect. That is normal.

    One of the best and effective ways to get prospect is by getting referral either from your
    1. existing clients
    2. friends – school, university, neighborhood or from social networking like Facebook
    3. family

    But how to get referral. You got to prove to them that you are worth for them to give referral. What make them to give you referral? You must find the reason. Then you will no longer short of prospect.

  • norma zabidin said:

    En. Ariff, saya berminat utk jadi ajen separuh masa memandangkan masih bekerja. Tinggal di kwsn Cheras..dimana saya boleh menghadiri seminar…

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Cik Norma,

    You boleh datang seminar kita 18-Jul-09 di Public Mutual Cheras. Sila klik http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar untuk maklumat lanjut.

  • aslam said:

    saya berminat juga…tp katanya 18julai nie buat di jb…mcm mana tu

  • tini said:

    hi en, arif…i’m really inteested to be a consultant coz i gaduated in finance…but i prefer to give this chance to my husband coz i’m a government servant and he is in private sector…n i wish to have a husband that earn more income than me..th eproblem is i’ve invested with my friend …n my husband is excited to be an agent coz a guaraneed him to help him looking for investor…n i’ve promised to my friend that i willbe his downline…may i go to your seminar…he is from other group…

  • zamsh said:

    Salam Pn Tini, you can come to the seminar with your husband. Just call Arif or Hazah. You can come tommorrow (sat) to the address given by Arif. Selamat Datang ke Caliph Consultants :-)

  • tini said:

    is that okay if i go to ur seminar then i go to other group as an agent?

  • zamsh said:

    Salam Puan Tini, if your intention is to join another group, I would advise you to go to their seminar. This is just my advice, before your husband sign anything, please think carefully, whether the group is actively conducting any trainings or not. Trainings are essential for those who are “zero” in sales and unit trust like me. If you husband want to communicate with me, please email me at: zamsh08@gmail.com.

    This is my personal view, not Arif’s

  • fiza said:

    can blacklisted be and agent?

  • Arif Ismail said:

    can try one. Normally cannot.

  • zamsh said:

    blacklisted is ok, but not bankruptcy.

  • Zulkifli Ariffin said:

    I would like to know..is it different between conventional UTC and islamic one?
    Can one be only UTC for islamic funds?

    Thank you

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Zul, sorry for the late reply as there are many spam on my comments and I could not see your comment earlier on.

    All UTC (unit trust consultant) has got a licence to sell any kind of unit trust, be it conventional or islamic. It is up to the agent where he/she want to be.

    I stress that all the Muslim consultants shall promote only the islamic unit trust funds. Why? Barakah, avoid the uncertainty income.

  • Fakhrul said:

    Hi arif…

    I want to ask about this unit trust under islamic fund.. how many percent that i can earn to invest RM1K a month to this trust? Means, RM12K a year for 3 years.. are this unit trust may give me better percent rather than ASB?.. How about secure? Is this unit trust can give my saving secure as such as ASB??????

  • zamsh said:

    En Fakrul… can you email me your contact to:zamsh08@gmail.com

  • Rene said:

    Can blacklisted person buy unit trust through EPF or cash ? Tq

  • zamsh said:

    Rene, ya you can invest :-),

  • izatoo said:

    Salamz, en ariff, saya dah jadi ejen, tapi tiada guide oleh my upline, so, i terkontang konting seorang lah… lesen pun dah mati.. if i nak join under ur group… bole ker? my opinion support from group dan diri sendiri mmg penting, so i xnak la blame 100% on my upline sekarang nih……..

  • Arif Ismail said:

    izatoo, come to our seminar this Saturday 11am at Public Mutual Cheras. Or just give me a call 013-3640043

  • zamsh said:

    Izatoo kat mana?

  • shikin said:

    Salam En. Arif,

    Boleh tak UTC dari agency lain attend your seminar?

  • fitrah said:

    Salam Arif, i nk enroll for exam on this Feb…the first step before i ambil exam kne buat apa ye??

  • zamsh said:

    Fitrah, nak ambik ambik exam in Feb, can you contact me at 019-2192072. I will call you.


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  • noor said:

    assalamualaikum En. Arif..
    Saya berminat utk jd agen unit trust…
    ape perkara pertama yang perlu saya lakukan..

  • azah said:

    Assalamualaikum Noor,

    U blh cal saya pa Arif 013-3970588. Tq.

  • Lee HS said:

    Mr. Arif, i would like to know more about the public mutual unit trust. I’m just registered as a UTC. But why i paid for RM300, in fact you are saying RM250? Why my upline ask for RM300???

    I will be attend the training class on 3-Mar-2010 at Bangsar. Can i have a meet with you?

    Lee HS

  • azah said:

    I believe your upline ask an additional RM50 may be due to special training or handbook that he will provide you. The fastest way is to ask him directly.

  • Lee HS said:

    Azah, Thanks for your explanation…


    salam tuan,saya merupakan seorg unit manager d sebuah syarikat insurans dan juga ketua unit OSK UNIT TRUST.terus terang untuk saya katakan utk market melayu untuk OSK UNIT TRUST di kawasan saya amat kurang,memandangkan ianya tidak dikenali dikalangan org kita.Saya amat berminat utk menertai dgn CIMB UNIT TRUST ini kerana telah dikenali di kalangan org kita.utk pengetahuan tuan,saya berada di satu daerah baru,iaitu DAERAH BERA di triang pahang.soalan saya,boleh kah saya mendaftar sebagai consultnt yang berhampiran di kawasan saya…sekian

  • Chong said:

    Is it open for part time? May i know how to get the income from this job in details? Can you email to me? Thanks

  • wan said:

    salam en arif.saya wan dari mlaka.pada siapa saya nk jumpa utk jadi ajen dimlaka.komisyen utk ajen kite dapat brape tahun biasanya kalau insuran komisyen kite akan dapat dalam 6 tahun je

  • Henley Liew said:

    Chong..u could msg me at lego_yih@hotmail.com or direct msg me at phone 012-9152883 thx :)..i m a qualified Unit trust agent..feel free to ask anything! :)

  • Henley Liew said:

    btw, Chong..it is open for part time as well as full time too..is a very very good business opportunity here in Unit trust industry.

  • kimi said:

    mr arif i’m interested to be an agent. But the seminar is quite far from my home town at sungai petani kedah. can you help me? emai me the details at my email kimihafidz@hotmail.com

  • jowe said:

    Hi i from Tawau, Sabah. i’m interesting to be an agent…for sitting exam…how many question and how many we must correct to pass the exam…tq

  • zamsh said:

    hi kimi & jowe, if you still need the information, please call me at 019-2192072 or email me at zamsh08@gmail.com. – jawab bagi pihak En Arif :-)

  • radin mohd aliff shah bin radin musa said:

    salam en arif, saya di batu pahat johor, boleh ke untuk menjadi agent unit amanah di kawasan batu pahat ini dan di mana saya patut pergi menghadiri seminar serta pendaftaran untuk menjadi agen. jika di cheras tiada masalah, sila bagi details di email jika berkesempatan. terima kasih.

  • zamsh said:

    salam En Radin, bila turun kl?

  • md isa jamaluddin bin jamaluddin said:

    Am stay in keramat. Am interested in becoming an Unit Trust Consultant. Can i have a meet with you?

  • Cik Nadia said:

    i am from puchong and interested to be a unit trust consultant. I was wondering whether is there an age limit to be an agent as I am 52 this year.

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Come and joint Caliph Advisors. We are working together in a realistic group in order to support each other. We show & guide the reals in dealing unit trust.

  • admin said:

    Cik Nadia,
    The good news for you. No age limit. Min age ada la 21 y.o. So call Adam 017-6996073 to book your seat for Seminar on How to be a Successful Unit Trust Agent.

    Else, call me and we meet somewhere in Puchong. I live there as well.

  • En Salam Yalam said:

    Mr. Admin,

    I would like to join as a unit trust consultant but I have very little contacts. I have joined mlm before and found out that a large network is the winning formula. Hence, I am wondering whether does a long established company like Public Mutual possesses a program to expand my network in near future? Kindly elaborate a little before we proceed to meeting each other as i do not wish to waste your time.

    thank you.

  • admin said:

    En Salam,
    Public Mutual provides the training and the knowledge. It is up to you whether you take action or you just keep the info within yourself. Only knowledge in action is Power… Take action now to attend our seminar on How to be a successful unit trust consultant at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • zamsh said:

    En Salam,
    Not sure how little is your contacts, but we started with few contacts too. InsyaAllah eventually, you can expand your network. If En Arif is too bz, please do not hesitate to contact me ..just email me your contact no :-) email me at zamsh08@gmail.com

  • en salam yalam said:

    Mr. Admin,

    Thank you for your reply. Correct me if I am wrong as I believe most of the mlm are having the same motto as you do. FYI, taking action was never the problem, having limited people to visit is my main concern. If you are able to address my concern, I will be more than happier to join your group.

    FYI, I am 42 this year and currently working as a Senior Production Manager in a MNC. Frankly speaking, I have joined more than 6 different mlm companies in the past 5 years, and believe me, I have tried alternate ways that a person can imagine and aggressiveness is never a problem for me. I foresee it should not be too diffiicult in learning and understanding your products as I am a fast learner and I have an engineering background. I just need someone that is able to point me to the right direction by telling me what is the most effective method to further expand my client base.

    In MLM, the top agents succeeded because they have a large volume of downlines instead of clients and i personally believe it should be the other way around. If you have the solution, do enlighten me. I am ready to join you at any point of time.

  • zamsh said:

    En Salam..it depends on your objectives. You can have both broad-based downlines and clients. However, volume is not the determining factor here. What is important is the quality of both of your downlines and clients.

    There is no short cut like in most MLM that I heard. InsyaAllah with the network that you have, insyaAllah you can be one of the top UTCs.

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Zam. Sepanjang Disember ni buat BOP ok ?

  • hambaAllah said:

    Salam semua,
    en arif, sy skarang berada di kuantan..sy berminat utk menghadiri seminar UT sprti yg
    en bwat di cheras…ade x seminar mcm tu kat kuantan dan siapa yg bleh sy contact?

  • sehredzgut said:

    salam…saya berminat menjadi agent unit trust..any suggestion siapa yg boleh saya contact? saya berada di area lembah klang..

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Tuan Sehredzgut. saya boleh di hubungi at 012-3662990 (Shahril). Saya di Bangi

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Tuan Hamba Allah. anda turut boleh hubungi saya. saya already have team in KUantan.

  • zamsh said:

    Saya pun boleh dihubungi melalui email zamsh08@gmail.com or call je 019-2192072 :-)

  • Qall said:

    En. Arif,

    sesuatu yang luarbiasa boleh dicapai oleh orang yang bertindak luarbiasa…. Bagi orang yang masih biasa-biasa, bagaimana boleh dilatih tubi supaya boleh jadi “garang dan ganas” di medan ini…?

    Golongan biasa-biasa ini ramai ahlinya, dan sebenarnya sentiasa bergelut untuk mencapai kejayaan….

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Qall. Tiada rahsia untuk menjagi “garang dan ganas” di medan ini….
    ianya hanyalah BER-MULA !

  • Qall said:

    Shahril, kalau “bermula” itu bakal mengubah masa depan… bersabarkah pemimpin2, mengajar dan melakukan proses2 bagi mendidik golongan itu kearah kejayaan dgn pelbagai minda kegagalan sebelumnya dlm diri?

    Tanpa perlu mencubit mereka dgn impian dan cita yang mereka tetapkan.?

    Saya hargai dan amalkan setiap nasihat semata2 kerana untuk meningkat ekonomi agar dapat membantu saudara2 saya…
    Terima kasih.

  • Ida Ismail said:

    Salam en arif…..i dh jadi agent for 1 year++ but never attend any training except for CUTE. Sadly no guides frm my upline.i’ve been doing on my own.i know i can do more with proper guide n training.can i just join any of ur training?

  • Arif Ismail said:

    As the new rules by Public Mutual, you must resign for 1 year then you can join another agency. My training is special for our agency ONLY. May be sekali dua can la.

  • Elize said:

    Cik Ida ismail I hv my own agency in wangsamaju for new comers..we conduct training n guide them till 3 month..call me if u want me to help u.

  • Mei said:

    Hi, SPM below grade 3 can apply onot???

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Hai Elize, its much better for you to have your own rumah. Please be reminded that this rumah is belong to someone who have a right attitude. Hope you understand it.

  • admin said:

    Thanks Shahril for reminding Elize.

    Mei, you must at least have 4 subject lulus if I am not mistaken.

  • qin said:

    anyone suggest me if there are any agents of utc in miri.i’m interested.

  • zamsh said:

    qin, could you please email your contact no at zamsh08@gmail.com

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Zam. I believe your group in Sarawak akan gegar Public Mutual. “Orang Minyak” ramai sana bro. JUst duplicate what we discuss this morning breakfast

  • uda said:

    salam tuan..
    I am a UTC from other bank and plan to migrate to PM. Is it posible? if yes, may I know the procedures? Thanks.

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    I’m x-consultant from CWA. Wanna to share more the process how to do that. I can show you.

  • Azah said:

    Join to our biz preview, Sabtu ni @ Public Mutual Cheras,
    Tkt 2, training room, Jm12 tghri.

  • arif said:

    Uda, yes you can change from one company to another.

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Tn Arif. I’m ready to coach Uda if u allow him to be my anak didik. (February incentive ya)

  • winda said:

    Salam Arif,

    I nk cari consultant area shah alam, senang nk join the discussion or meeting. U ada contact?thanks

  • arif said:

    Winda, yes we have. You can call Kak Zah 013-3970588 for appointment.

  • investor said:

    unit trust agents should also have a great understanding of stocks. there is this seminar called “value investing malaysia” conducted by this ex-fund manager where teaches how to buy stocks the warren buffett way.. http://www.valueinvestingmalaysia.com you guys should check it out cuz it sounds interesting

  • Roraicori said:

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  • wan ahmad said:

    Tawaran untuk mana2 egency untuk buat roadshow, di Central Square, Sg. petani.

    18hb to 27 March 2011. Berminat? Hanya 1 egency sahaja di perlukan. sila hubungi saya di

    0194930509. Booth Terhad. tq

  • shuana said:

    Hi, i’m really interested to be a UTC. need a guidance on how to start.

  • zamsh said:

    shuana, if you are interested, please email me your contact no at zamsh08@gmail.com :-)

  • Stanley said:

    Hi there,
    i am interested to be UTC…im in Seberang jaya, Penang??? is there any agent here to meet and guide me….plz reply

  • arif said:

    Stanley, you can call Nazri 019-2121210.

  • Saru said:

    Hi, I am intrested to join the Public Mutual Fund Agent. Could you please let me known how to be an agent of PM. I am now 34 year old and staying in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

  • Fauziah said:

    Slm En. Arif.

    Saya ingin bertanya kalau umur dah hampir 50 boleh ke berjaya sebagai agen UT dan menduduki exam CUTE?? Saya mempunyai degree pendidikan dan masih lagi mengajar..

  • admin said:

    wkslm Cik Fauziah, umur 50 pun boleh berjaya kalau ada keinginan

  • fina said:

    salam, saya ingin menjadi agent public mutual.. bagaimanakah caranya ?

  • admin said:

    Fina, take the exam and then you got the licence. Datang esop 1130am di Public Mutual Training Room Cheras. Call Syafiq 014-2635083 to book the seat

  • haziQ said:


    first of all thanks to admin lot of info i get here…
    my problem is i do have a license but expired..
    my upline seems doest help me and ignore me..maybe she-s busy..
    can i change my upline and it would be great if i can join ur group..
    advise me..


  • Azah said:

    Haziq, pls email ur hp no awk to norhazah@gmail.com atau myunittrust@gmail.com..
    Nanti kZah call awk. TQ.

  • siti said:

    How can i join this UTC? i’m now living in manjung, perak. where the nearest seminar that i can join?
    thnks for help

  • tan said:

    if my spouse is public bank employee, can i apply for the UTC?

  • hani said:

    hi, ada UTC di Putrajaya..if ada macam mana nak hubungi dia

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    Siti Khalijah…

    Adalah lebih sopan dan beretika
    kita mempunyai tanah dan laman sendiri
    Harap anda memahaminya.

    Saya percaya ini bukan budaya Champion…

  • siti khalijah jamaluddin said:

    ok.saya minta maaf.saya ingat website umum untuk unit trust.minta maaf pada admin website.kesilapan datang dr diri sy sendiri…boleh padam sy punya komen.but can i m sorry so much n thanks you to shahril n arif.

  • Azah said:

    Sesiapa yang jadi agen PM boleh cal saya Azah 013-3970588.

  • Azi said:

    Saya telah tersilap langkah dan telah berjaya menjadi UTC yg gagal bersama syarikat lain..macam mana cara saya untuk menukar haluan dan menjadi sebahagian dari anda.

  • Shahril Hisham said:


    Tiada istilah “tersilap langkah”, malah apatah lagi
    GAGAL di syarikat lain.

    Saya punyai pengalaman tersendiri di company “biru”
    Manfaatkan pengalaman di sana, dan
    mari mula melangkah dengan yakin dan bersistem di sini
    carpet “merah’ terbentang luas buat anda.

  • Eric said:

    please email me unit trust past year question cause im going to take the exam this coming saturday

  • agnes said:

    hi, I want to know if i already past the exam for some years ago and suppose to be a consultant. But, i am not manage to do so. Can I continue to be a agent or consultant now? how?

  • tan said:

    very disappointed I sent my question dated 24/6/2011, almost 3 weeks nobody come back to me …..

  • lim said:

    very disappointed my fren (tan) sent her question dated 24/6/2011, almost 3 weeks nobody come back to her……

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Sory Agnes for delay..

    Yes you blh join semula, but first thing first, you kna check your FIMM license. If dah terminate, you can join to any agency. Pls sms me 013-3970588 Azah, i’ll give you contact person from other agency.

  • scha said:

    salam, en.arif saya berminat utk mjadi UTC. just wondering after dah ambil exam semua n dpt licence no. haruskah saya selalu dtg utk training??? lagi 1 dimana ya training centre en.Arif di Cheras??? thanks

  • Arif Ismail said:


    Pls cal kak Azah 013-3970588, she will assist you. Thank you.

  • Mary said:

    Hi Arif,
    1) Is there a quota to maintain to remain as an agent?
    2) If I want to buy myself, can I buy from my own agent code?


  • rezqy said:

    nak cuba calculator pengiraan simpanan bulanan cuba disini

  • efinefin said:

    Assalamualaikum en Arif….
    boleh tak kongsi resepi kejayaan di UTC,Saya baru je join ni….belum exam pun …

  • mida said:

    I am a student and I’m interested to be an agent. Is it possible if I want to join you? How is the best way to divide the time for my study and be an agent? Can you guide me.. tQ

  • Mat said:

    Saya mencari agent UT MAAKL di Butterworth or Seberang Jaya. TQ

  • Public Mutual Fund Price said:

    Hi Arif,
    1) Is there a quota to maintain to remain as an agent?
    2) If I want to buy myself, can I buy from my own agent code?


  • jasz said:

    Slm En Arif,

    How to joint you in Pulau Pinang, any agent under yr agency here (around Bkt Mertajam area)? Sound interesting to be part with you.


  • Arif Ismail said:

    Jasz, u can call Nazri 019-2121210 for Northern region unit trust consultant with Public Mutual

  • Arif Ismail said:


    1) Is there a quota to maintain to remain as an agent? it is RM30k per year
    2) If I want to buy myself, can I buy from my own agent code? yes you can

  • Arif Ismail said:


    agent MAA KL kita tak de. Kita ada agen Public Mutual yg responsible for Northern region. Call Nazri 019-2121210

  • Arif Ismail said:


    How to divide your time betwenn study and busines unit trust? Senang je. You just give 1 hour for unit trust business daily. The rest you study. Mau detail call me 013-3640043.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Rahsia Kejayaan:

    Ada 3 D.

    Come to our free seminar http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar every Saturday from 12pm to 1pm

  • Sham said:

    Salam En Arif,
    Ada beberapa soalan
    1. en Arif pernah jadi UT for Ambank ke?
    2. Saya berumur 52 tahun, adalah saya kayak Mencuba menjadi UT agen? Saya bercadang menjadi agen sebagai career masa pencen nanti. Ada halangan ke?
    3. Saya dapati blog En Arif sangat menarik, cukup teratur Dan berstrategi. Bagaimana saya boleh berbuat demikian, jika saya dah jadi agen?

    Tkasih kerna menjawab

  • rahmanshariff said:

    tertarik nk jadi ajen..
    mcm mana nk join?? area seberang perai n kulim..

  • arif said:

    wkslm Sham.

    1. Saya tak pernah jadi UT agent for Ambank
    2. Tiada halangan nak jadi agen walaupun umur 52 tahun. Dah pencen pun boleh jadi agen
    3. nak buat blog kena selalu tulis

  • cell said:

    yes btw arif we are the best company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cell said:

    cimb is more best brooo

  • cell said:

    berapa sekali nak request epf/kwsp for customer???

  • Shahril Hisham said:

    En. Cell,

    Saya percaya ini bukan budaya cimb untuk membicarakan siapa yang lebih best atau tidak.
    Adalah lebih baik kita focus pada strategi memaksimumkan pulangan pelaburan pelabur unit trust daripada terus membicarakan siapa yang lebih bagus.

    Harap En Cell rujuk kembali pada upline En Cell tentang perkara perlu yang perlu diutamakan.

  • eid said:

    unit trust is a good thing to do and maybe later on i will join this business but seems that I am lack of communication skills that is what sopping me and also, it is possible for this UT business become saturated?

  • Mohd Nazri said:

    Hello eid. Comparing the industry between developed countries and Malaysia, we are still halfway behind. Meaning the industry still have big growing capabilities. More than 85% of EPF contributors yet to withdraw their EPF and join the scheme.

    Skills can be learned. Call me (019-2121210) and I’ll show you the potential of the industry.

  • ihsan said:


    En.Arif & Team,

    I’m interested to become part time UTC..live at Tmn Melati,KL. Can i register under you?

  • arif said:

    Ihsan, yes you can. Call me at 013-3640043. I just came back from a long leave.

  • azman said:

    nk cari agent area sri iskandar atau sitiawan perak..ada x?

  • nadim said:

    hi there..can i know why do we need to submit our certificates and why do we need only public bank statements,why can’t u accept other banks statements.Please explain.TQ

  • Hjsyahrul said:

    Salam EN Arif,
    sy adalah existing UTC Public Mutual. so far as part timer aje. sy sgt brcita2 utk jadi full timer mcm Tuan. walau bagaimanapun sy ada bbrapa halangan spt upliner duk jauh & pompuan plak tu. so trbatas skit utk sy dpt direct guidance drpd dia. prsoalan: bolehkh sy dpt bimbingan dr En Arif pula? ini kerana supaya sy dpt jd lbh efisyen sbb sy sgt prcaya bahawa ada peluang yg sangat cerah dgn PM ni! tqvm

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Taman Melati and Cheras tu tak jauh. Call me if you are interested 013-3640043

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Agen unit trust di Perak adalah Mazzura. Call dia 012-2088078

  • Arif Ismail said:


    why do we need to submit our certificates?

    prove that we are educated

    why do we need only public bank statements,why can’t u accept other banks statements?

    Public Mutual is a wholly-owned by Public Bank. One bank, easy management, faster to get commission.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Hj Shahrul,
    Soalan anda:
    sy adalah existing UTC Public Mutual. so far as part timer aje. sy sgt brcita2 utk jadi full timer mcm Tuan. walau bagaimanapun sy ada bbrapa halangan spt upliner duk jauh & pompuan plak tu. so trbatas skit utk sy dpt direct guidance drpd dia. prsoalan: bolehkh sy dpt bimbingan dr En Arif pula? ini kerana supaya sy dpt jd lbh efisyen sbb sy sgt prcaya bahawa ada peluang yg sangat cerah dgn Public Mutual ni! tqvm

    Ofis saya di Cheras dan Shah Alam. Jauh tiada halangan jika kita pandai leverage the internet. Call Arif 013-3640043 untuk perbincangan lebih lanjut atau daftar di http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

  • huda said:

    en arif… saya baru join tp bgaimana ye strategi marketing yg mudah??

  • Stanley said:

    Hello En Arif,
    Interestd nak jadi UTC under u. But i dok kat Penang ( Bworth ). How i cn be then ??plz reply me .TQ

  • diana jb said:

    En Arif, saya memang dah melabur dlm utpb ni.. alhamdulillah ianya berbaloi.. cuma saya labur sikit jer.. saya nk tanya bebeza ke jika saya wat pelaburan saja jika dibandingkan saya jd agen dan labur… pendapatan nyer samer ke atau jauh beza..

  • Krishna said:

    Hi Mr. Arif
    I”m really interesting to do PM but I am staying at Ipoh Perak and also I want to know info about PM. So need your advise.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Hi Krishna – you can come to our seminar every Saturday at Public Mutual Cheras here’s the map HERE, we are looking forward to see you!

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Salam Diana, buat pelaburan dan menjadi agen adalah dua perkara yang berbeza, seorang pelabur tidak semestinya seorang agen tapi seorang agen yang baik biasanya juga adalah seorang pelabur. Diana berminat mahu menjadi agen untuk mendapatkan side income atau menjadi fulltimer? kerana setiap sales yang Diana buat akan mendapat komisyen. Ramai yang telah join sebagai agen Public Mutual dan buat full time kerana ini adalah bisnes yang paling mudah dalam dunia! Jika Diana mahu menjadi agen boleh berhubung dengan saya melalui email saya myunittrust@gmail.com atau melalui FB saya Arif Ismail.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Hi Stanley, yes u can become an agent with our Agency. Please contact me by my email myunittrust@gmail.com atau melalui FB saya Arif Ismail.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Huda, marketing paling mudah adalah melalui internet – sebab dijangkakan bahawa pengiklanan melalui internet akan meningkat sehingga 12% setiap tahun. Huda boleh dapatkan pelajaran Internet Marketing daripada Irfan Khairy contohnya.

  • kamal said:

    Assalamulaikum En Arif,

    Saya baru je buat investment melalui Kwsp, dan agent saya tu kena jumpa setiap tiga bulan
    untuk tambah pelaburan atau apa dia tak bagitau la..,
    Saya nak tanya dividen unit trust boleh kita keluarkan ke walaupun buat melalui kwsp?

  • Syed Hasan said:

    Encik Arif,saya nk mnx kebenaran nk share same2 kt ruangan ni yee..sy unit trust consultant for cwa..basically sy setuju ngan beberapa pndapat tg mengatakn tidak pntg untk membezakan mane baek mane buruk antara pm n cwa..yg pntg bag ejen adalah jage client mereka n beri servis yg terbaek..i believe this is a positive competition rite..sy percaye, ejen akn berjaye kalo upline kt seseorg yg didik n bag training yg baek..alhamdullillah nsb sy baek sbb upline sy seorang yg berjaya di cwa n beri tunjuk ajar n bag pluang untk dptkn high income earner client..sy pn rase encik arif da setaraf tu huhu..jom kt same2 menjayakn industri unit trust ni..thanx encik arif

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Wsalam Kamal, yang terbaik Kamal berterusan buat savings dgn unit trust setiap 3 bulan – objektif kita ialah untuk bantu rakan pelabur agar mencapai kebebasan kewangan pada zaman persaraan. Keuntungan daripada pelaburan unit amanah boleh dikeluarkan tapi kalau masuk dari EPF keluar pun masuk balik dalam EPF juga. rugi lah kalau masuk EPF balik 5% je setiap tahun.

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Terima Kasih Syed Hasan. Semoga anda juga terus sukses. Amin.

  • doris said:

    Hi En Arif, seminar every Saturday kat Public Mutual Cheras je ke? Any seminar di Klang?

  • Arif Ismail said:

    Hi Doris, kita ada coaching dan business opportunity preview setiap hari jumaat di Public Mutual Shah Alam pada jam 8pm hingga 10pm, do join us! email me for details myunittrust@gmail.com

  • doris said:

    thanks En Arif

  • naza said:

    Public Mutual.. Indah khabar dari Rupa,..

    member aku simpan dah 3 tahun.. masuk tahun ke empat buat keluar .. rugi 1 ribu.. modal 3 ribu.. dapat rm2001 jer.. dulu kemain kata lebih dari 3 tahun sekurnagnya dapat 10% keuntungan.. tapi yg dapat rugi ada lah..

    baik simpan dalam ASB duit tak hilang.. setahun sekurang kurangnya dapat gak dalam 7 atau 8 persen ..

  • Arif Ismail said:

    In response to naza,

    please find the following fund performance http://myunittrust.com/2012/05/16/pulangan-unit-trust/

    Naza, can you give me the specific fund name so that all of us can analyse. And prove what you have said. You are in danger bro… talk without evidence.

  • In response to comment that invest in UT dah 3 tahun rugi 1 ribu… | Malaysian Unit TRUST Consultants said:

    [...] blog Cikgu's blog Training & Meeting Recent CommentsArif Ismail on Be An Agentnaza on Be An AgentContact Center Software on Testimonialdoris on Be An AgentArif Ismail on Be An Agent Recent [...]

  • ghafar said:

    Naza…please response to arif request…

  • kamal said:

    Salam En Arif,

    I would like to meet u personally so I need to more confident to be Ut agent is it possible,
    when can I meet you…

  • arif said:

    I will be free on Monday 11 June, morning 9am-12tgh. Can we meet in PM Cheras office.

    hp: 013-3640043

  • Evan said:

    Quick question, why should we choose Public Mutual and not CWA? I just registered with CWA and yet to take my exam. Contemplating to go for Public Mutual. Going on full time. Please advise.

  • arif said:

    We are not no 2 company. We are not 2nd best islamic fund in Asia. Who we are – we are the no 1. That’s it.

    We refund your registration fee*
    Faster and easier for promotion to higher rank
    Lower sales volume for overseas trip
    EPF sales and cash sales point is 1:1. Other company 0.5:1
    Ada banyak lagi….

  • ricky said:

    mana naza ni ?

  • anita said:

    Saya already take an exam around 2009 and tak ambil kad pun sebab different state :)) …is it still valid or i have to continue with other exam or what..please advise…tQ

  • Farah said:

    Salam en. Arif,
    I am interested to become an UTC/agent. I am based in kuching, perhaps you could advise me the agency that could train me here.


  • ROZMAN said:

    Asalamualikum tuan ariff,saya nak menyertai kumpulan encik arif,tapi saya berada di temerloh..ada tak group tuan di temerloh,pahang?no.FMUTM saya 023-0-20359,tapi dah expired pada 01/2010..boleh renew ke?….akhir sekali saya nak join group tuan di temerloh..

  • shahril hisham said:

    En Razman. Kampung saya di Maran, Pahang. Tuan boleh hubungi saya di 012-3662990. Hj Arif, ni rodhong kawan ni Hj.

  • Azri said:

    Salam En. Arif,

    Bolehkah orang yg sudah diisytihar muflis melabur dalam unit trust? Jika boleh, boleh saya tau sekiranya terdapat pro dan kontra bagi mereka yang muflis.

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    Salam En Arif,

    Saya berminat nak jadi UT consultant ni. Lagi pun sy mmg sgt sgt berminat bidang kewangan dan investment based pd background education sy. sy masih bekerja tapi minat dan motivasi dah semakin rendah. apatah lagi bekerja dlm bidang yang kurang diminati. Tapi ingin bermula secara part time dulu kot…


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