10 Most Important Principles of Personal PR

A summary of book I’ve read over the weekend on personal public relations that is good for unit trust consultants whether they are public mutual agent, cimb wealth advisor, ammutual agent or ASM perunding unit amanah or coming from insurance and takaful industries. In fact these traits are good also for those who are still employed and would like to climb the corporate ladder faster.

The 10 principles of Personal Public Relations are:

  1. Take Risks
  2. Looking Good on Paper
  3. Target Practice
  4. Hustle
  5. Network Anywhere & Everywhere
  6. You’re the Expert – Let Everyone Know It
  7. Be Well Read
  8. Be Well Spoken
  9. Look the Part
  10. Knowing You Company Cultures Can take You Places

I recommend you read the book: Personal PR by Colleen Inches. I rate the book as 5-star. Simple, practical and it doesn’t take too long to finish it.


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