Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) Business Opportunity Seminar Last Night

In Cheras Office last night 22-Aug-07, about 20 people came to look for the opportunity to build a successful business in unit trust industry with the leading Unit Trust company in Malaysia and with the no 1 bumiputra agency in our company. The energetic Lizaimi as the presenter and I gave the testimony why we should involve in business ourself especially in unit trust business.

I bring 4 people and after the seminar 3 persons enthusiastically signed the application form to become Unit Trust (Mutual Fund) consultant. If you also interested to know about the business click http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar

Among points mentioned during the seminar and worth recorded here are:

  • In unit trust industry, we the consultant are like the passenger of a vessel travelling in the ocean. The bigger the vessel, the lesser we will be affected by the turbulence. What this mean to you is that if you join the biggest unit trust company, InsyaAllah any turbulence to the industry you will not be affected very much. For example when the government encourage banks to merge. Many of the small banks dissapeared.
  • If you found out that there is one popular and successfull burger stall in your area and you would like to copy their business and open the new burger stall next to them. Do you think the stall owner would like to teach and guide you to become successful burger stall owner. If he don’t ‘santau’ you pun.. that considered OK. Now think, if you join this unit trust business, we will encourage you and guide you from A to Z. We already established a matured and proven system to run our agency. Apart from training by the company, we conduct our agency meeting and training on every Monday 9am to 10 am, every Wednesday 5pm to 7pm for training and Business Opportunity Seminar on 8pm to 930pm and every Saturday 9am to 12:30am.
  • Your investment is only RM247.50 and will be refunded once you achieved RM30,000 sales. Do you know how much you need to open a petro-pump station. Depending on what brand, you need at least RM250k. And do you know when is the RoI. I heard it takes them 3 years to get back the money. Even to open a burger stall you will need at least RM500 to buy all the necesary equipment and tools. And when is the RoI. You ask the burger owner when you buy from them and say to them that you want to open a new stall next to them. Look their face change!!

So now go nowhere else except register yourself at http://www.myunittrust.com/seminar This may be the best move you have made to change your life, your family future and your new business venture.

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