Pemenang Public Mutual National Sales Convention yang ke-20

Out of so many thousands of Public Mutual consultants around Malaysia, only about 1000 selected unit trust agents gathered at Sunway Hotel & Resort this morning as part of recognition as they have achieved the Incentive and Challenge trips for 2008. The trips are to Jakarta & Bandung, Hangzhou, China & Rome, Italy.

2008 was the challenging year as the stock market around the world tumble to at least -40% from their peak. It is also a year for filtering many consultants whether they are in the business for the quick money or really into the business for helping people.

Those who were selected to come for the event is really a true unit trust consultant. If they can survive in that challenging times, they will fly in the good time. And those yang sikit je lagi nak qualify, I rasa you all memang boleh buat. Try harder this year as the market has no other way to go except going up in the medium term. It will be easier to close more sales now compared to last year.

toprecruiter-award-unit trust agencyAmong the award winners are me and my wife for Top Recruiter Award 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up.

A snapshot of the award is shown left. What we get are trophies and cheques . Ni nak kena  belanja downline ni.

We owe a lot to our downlines as well as our uplines (Jas and Azizah) and the sidelines (Farah, Shima and Baila).

5 thoughts on “Pemenang Public Mutual National Sales Convention yang ke-20

  • tahniah kpd en.arif dan kak hazah… semoga mencapai kejayaan di dunia dan di akhirat.. Insyaallah.,

  • congratulation to both en arif and mrs hazah..
    may they will always be successful..
    ingt “mata”(logo public mutual) sentiase memerhati..

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