Research on The Number of Group Agency Manager in One of the Top Company Reveals that …

This is not an official research but a personal research and cannot be used for anything except for an indication on some parameters in general on why you should become unit trust consultant.

Surprising to me , I did a short research on the total number of Group Agency Manager (month x) in one company and found out the following:

  1. Total number of Group Agency Manager is only 308 nationwide
  2. Total number of bumi Group Agency Manager is only 39

What can you deduce from this figure. It shows that 39 over 308 is 12.6%. Imagine there is only 12.6% bumi Group Agency Manager in the company. The bumi market is so huge, untap, imbalance and waiting for all bumi to come and help the potential investor double their money.

Imagine one of the biggest Islamic Funds Manager, have only 12.6% bumi Group Agency Manager. Where are the bumis. Only 39 Group Agency Manager. If you have the desire to build your own business, can you see this huge business opportunity…


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