Selling Made Easy – How I met 16 people while I am sad

I am also human like all of you. Sometimes you were down, sad and some other time you are happy. So am I.

When I am sad, I try to pretend that I am happy by making myself smile, smile again and smile again. When I smile, I attract other people to smile.

Today I met Kamarul, Bakhtiar, Jeenat, Azhari, Asma, Zaidah, Zaher, Baharul, Saidi, Sulaiman, Norlida, Nadia, Sabariah, Junaidah, Azizah and Samsol. Can you count it how many? 16 people up to 3 o’clock. 13 existing clients and 3 prospects (referral). What an amazing achievement for only a SMILE even though I am very sad early in the morning.

So let go out from your office and your house. See your clients and prospect with SMILE.

Another thing is that today I wear a white shirt, I feel comfortable with the shirt. I like white very much. My car is white, my sandals is white even my pen is also white. So it also boost my confident. May be every day I shall wear white shirt to increase my confidence.

What is selling made easy and how it can be done:

  1. I am at one place from morning to afternoon. Breakfast together, lunch together, solat together with my clients
  2. Whenever they say hello to their friends, you also say hello and exchange the card
  3. Referral is one of the best way to get new clients vs cold calling
  4. Share your values to your clients. They already sick with unit trust consultants that say “buy now, buy now, buy now”. Of course they know already this is the time to buy. I shared with them on how to tackle their bosses. Lesson learned from DISC seminar and Lawrence seminar. Their mouth wide open.

That’s it. Selling made easy.

Now, I noticed that I am in love with writing blogs, read other people blogs, books. I would try to finish seeing my clients by 3pm and start accessing the internet at the coffee house (not Starbucks). Apa lagi. Tulis blog.

What the experts like Irfan Khairi, Azizi Ali and Gobala Krishnan said – if you love the job, you could do it even people don’t pay you. You would do it for FREE.

I love to write the blog, I love helping my friends have additional RM1 million in their CPFand I love to recruit new unit trust agent. Combine those skills, create synergy and the WOW factor.

Can you do it, if you are still in corporate life, makan gaji, small business and yang sama waktu dengannya. Cannot. So why don’t you make a move. Do what you love. love what you do.


Arif talks about finding your real love at his office’s training room Public Mutual Cheras every Saturday 11:30am to 12:30pm. Click here for details

3 thoughts on “Selling Made Easy – How I met 16 people while I am sad

  • assalamualaikum tuan arif,
    i think better we go to medan ijtimak now lah…
    now market up and down so difficult to closed case…
    better we khidmat kat sepang laahhh…


  • asalamualaikum,

    boleh sy tau kenapa sesetengah UTC berfikiran negatif dlm situasi sekarang. bkn kah situasi skrg ini boleh dikatakan sebagai MEGA SALE!! 30% 50% diskaun. Yang paling sy marah bila sy bertemu dengan salah seorang dr UTC yg (-)ve mind beralih ke mlm dc%^ dan dengan angkuh dan menunjukkn kecetekan ilmu didada menyatakan “xde org nk beli unit trust time ni, maket jatuh sape nak?”.

    kasihan, jd sy raikan saje riaksi dia. tetapi bg mereka yg tahu dan pandai mengambil peluang, ini adalah masa atau keadaan paling sesuai untuk melabur. betul tak??

  • Salam,

    Sya rasa itu bergantung kepada apa objektif masing2.
    For me that why we need to attend weekend training utk terus membakar moral dan semangat kita.
    Sambil2 tu dapat teknik2, Investment update … dan makan hehehe 😛 …

    Berkenaan dengan “UT MEGA SALE” tuh…saya rasa terpulang bahgaimana kefahaman seseorang UTC tu dapat menerangkannya kepada klien masing2 akan kepentingannya…

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