Similar website to be a unit trust agent

This morning I found a page on the net similar to my page for inviting people to come to our unit trust seminar. You may visit this page at . He may be accidentally has the same thinking to use the same word and the same format like But I don’t mind. This is business. Business is very competitive. 

You have an idea in the morning and implement it or produce it in the evening. The next day, you will see someone else also comes out with the similar idea or product. This is business. When there is competition, it shows that the business is good. When there is no competition, it means that either you are the only monopoly player (because of licensing issue) or the industry or the business is no good or other people do not aware about it yet. 

There is a secret on how to get your website or blog to the top of Google and Yahoo search engines. You may be aware that whenever you search “unit trust consultant”, you will get on top. How do I do that… Do you want to know?

I only give the answer to those who come to our weekly seminar on Saturday 11am at Public Mutual Cheras.

Arif… tell me the secret pleasee… OK.. then click here

See you there…

6 thoughts on “Similar website to be a unit trust agent

  • Hmm…mmg samala…tapi rasanye web myunittrust lebih kemas dan teratur. Xpe yg penting biar jadi leader…salam 😀

  • Ajumain,
    Kalau dia consultant kita, memang I bagi je la. Nak copy 100% pun takpe. In fact, I dah offer to you all to get FREE subdomain. What you all need to do is tell your own stories and invite the prospect to the seminar. Thanks for the support.

  • Yuppp…plan is there but … (oh…s**t always like that …keep delay…delay…delay…think need to throw away this habit (same as smoking la…) this year…MUST!!!)

    Anyway…just wanna share with u all…on 7th march TRUEWEALTH (AZIZI ALI: Millionaire Coach) ada wat open day…actually this good time to search (or BUY) cause they offer the discount up to 70%…walawehhh…big discount gak tu!!! PLUS FREE book if puchase more than RM150.

    So mana-mana yang berminat (klu nak cari buku UZAR : Money, You and Islam) just gi terus je kat opis dia kat kelana jaya…

    The address is A-2-11, Jalan SS 6/5A, Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya. Tel: 7880 1051.

    Just share only..bole kan En.Arip. (bukan promote xdpt komisen pun…:D)

    Salammm 😛

  • Salam,
    Abang Arif, I think I know this guy. Same batch with me @ UNITEN dulu.
    His testi tidak begitu memberangsangkan (yet) I guess…. he he he

    Your seminar setiap hari Sabtu tu boleh kita join ke?
    Kak Jas kata aritu the more the merrier! 🙂

    All the best to you…

  • Ida,
    I think again this morning. Copy is actually a good thing. We always copied other people. May be he is in the beginning of his business in this industry and looking for something to start off.

    And I remember that I wrote something about it. You can read it at

    Seminar tu, memang kita open to those yang Jas dah inform. So you are welcome. It will start at 11:30am just after our meeting at 2nd Floor Cheras office.

    Thanks for your doa. All the best to you too. Market is abundance.

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