Simple Analogy for Investment in Current Market

I spoke to Adzha, one of our agents.

He can explain the complicated things in a laymen term. For example, he explains to his clients the comparison when they enter the market now during crisis or when the market is OK.

It is like when you go to pasar malam during rainy season. You can see many things are still available. The seller will offer you special discount or FREE items.

But if you go to pasar malam when there is no rain. Many of the items are sold out. The seller don’t give you any discount.

In the same manner, when you enter the market during tough time, many stocks sell at discount. So hurry up, while it is still raining.


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2 thoughts on “Simple Analogy for Investment in Current Market

  • Wow! I like the “pasar malam” analogy and it prompted me to immediately open this mail.

    thank you.

  • Yoong, I also like the analogy. That’s why I wrote it in the blog here. I love those who can explain complicated things to a very simple manner.

    You know who they are? One of them is Warren Buffet. Another is Jaslinah. Another is Tun Mahathir.

    Unfortunately, there are many who always try to complicate things even though it is simple. I was like that before because of my engineering and IT background. But now I am changing it.

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