SMILE – you will get more clients as well as new unit trust agents

I can’t remember exactly a story of a man who ask for the advice from a pious man why is that his business not doing so well. The pious man then says SMILE. After that, he SMILEs, SMILEs and SMILEs. His business become better and better. Flourishing…

With SMILE also you will get pahala.  SMILE is also sedeqah. With sedeqah Allah gives you provision or sustenance or rezeki. You see, with one SMILE can attract many benefits to you and to those around you.

Try make your face SOUR. The prospect won’t come to you. Your wife also don’t like it. Your kid also cabut dari you. Your agents pun belah…

Another SMILE that I learned during breakfast with my lover this morning. Cannot tahan, mesti nak share with you all:

  • Sserve it forward. It means deliver XO service to your clients and unit trust agents
  • Mmaking a memorable difference. Make a difference in all you do.
  • Iinvolve your team. Exceed our unit trust agents expectation
  • L look for opportunities. take risk, be bold and creative at opportunities
  • Eencourage your team. Keep them motivated

You can read more in  smart Investor magazine. Now you have two SMILEs. Smile with SMILE. XO.


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2 thoughts on “SMILE – you will get more clients as well as new unit trust agents

  • Agreed with you Arif. TAHNIAH!!! TAHNIAH!!! dan TAHNIAH!!! kerana menulis topics yang menarik dan motivated setiap hari! One thing to share on SMILEs.. to keep you healthier and younger ( awet muda ).. SMILEs ALWAYs :-))

  • Betul la Kak Cha… you look 17 years younger than your age as a result of your SMILE.

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