Summary of Brainstorming 4-Aug-08 JUST Consultants

  1. Bowling get together 9-Aug-08. So far 15 members confirmed to attend. More unit trust consultants are encouraged to join us. It is FREE
  2. Training schedule has been updated. See detail training schedule as on the sidebar of this blog
  3. New training for tracking and mentoring the new unit trust consultants. Every Monday 12-1pm. Only 20 consultants for first batch. Jom, cepat confirm dengan Hazah 013-3970588
  4. JUST Sales Challenge
    1. Sales of RM100k per week will get RM51
    2. Sales of 200k points every month from Aug to Dec will get 1 FREE notebook equivalent to HP Pavillion Entertainment (yang boleh lipat dan touch screen)
  5. Market Analysis: one year trend – worst KLCI intraday 1089. Resistance line 1170. Support level 1140. Volume is very high i.e. RM785m on Monday compared to normal volume +-RM400m
  6. Market Analysis: 5-year trend – worst KLCI ~750. Resistance line 1170. Support level 1100 then 980 (which is very unlikely). Trend of KLCI approaching airpex. Major factors to influence the market: politics
  7. Market Analysis – Hang Seng & Dow Jones: trending up.
  8. Market Updates – as in official brainstorming notes by Jas at our Login page
  9. PM updates
    1. Ringgit Cost Averaging by the company: put client money into PIMMF (service charge is zero) then the company will spread it out in 10 months into equity fund (discounted service charge i.e. 5.25%). So it is good news. Find new clients and tell your existing clients
  10. Other UTMC products
    1. OSK Capital Protected
    2. CIMB Global Emerging Markets
    3. Syariah Property Trust by Axis REITs
  11. Order Raya Cards: RM1.30 to RM2.40 per card. Discounts 25% and you can put your own brand
  12. Sales Tips: Use the questionaire method and the short term, medium term and long term methodology from JABS seminar. Ask for both CPF and CASH.

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