Summary of Brainstorming 13 Feb 2012 –

  • 9957 recruited in 2011 all Malaysia for Public Mutual
  • New UTC to register must come themselves
    • Register UTC Connect – minta balik the acknowledgement from PM branch. They must come only for UTC Connect registration
  • Booth Scheme – KLIA 13-14-15-17 Feb 2012 – Check with Raimy to participate
  • Wasiat Talk – 14 or 15 Feb @ Shah Alam
  • Sales Workshop – Sweet Spot on CPF Sale 29 Feb by Jas
  • Branch Dinner 19 Mar register by 14 Feb
  • New QFR Q4 2012
  • Articles: How to motivate staff and boost sales the star 2012 feb 11
    • To improve on accountability of each unit trust consultant
    • We must revive the daily tracking using BB group chat
    • No tolerance for underachieving
    • 5 to 10 mins for each team member – use all channels to communicate
    • Coaching
    • Motivation – highlight their promotions – incentives
    • Development
  • Sales Tracking
    • Top Sales of the week – JU RM200k
    • 1st Runner up – Arif
    • 2nd Runner up – Farah
  • Sharing by Top Producer
    • Ju said she focus and said that “I must to see you to discuss on your investment” Client: Why? Ju: “for 10 mins only. To tell you about the market direction.”
    • For some client you can be a little bit pushy
    • New client close 7 orang helping her prospect downlines
  • Training
    • 17 Feb 2012 @ Shah Alam 8pm to 10pm – How to Manage Unit Trust Portfolio
    • 25 Feb 2012 @ Shah Alam 8pm to 10pm – How to Manage Unit Trust Portfolio
    • 29 Feb @ Cheras 10am -12 pm
    • 9 Apr @ Penang
    • 7 Apr Butterworth
    • Early May Muar and Batu Pahat

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conducts weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest in ONLY Islamic Unit Trust funds. Click here for details or call Zarif 010-4203521

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