Summary of Monday Brainstorming – JUST Unit Trust Agency

Interim Notes:

  1. This weekend activities 12-Jul-08:
    1. 9-11am: Jump Start Now (for newly-passed agent)
    2. 11am-1230pm: Seminar Unit Trust (BOP) – to bring as many people as you wish that are interested to build their own business/consultant
    3. 2pm-5pm: Special Training for all our agents on How to Propose a Financial Plan to our prospects and clients
  2. JABS on 17 & 18 Jul 2008 (a 2-day seminar to help boost our sales and motivation) – confirm with Biela and Farehin by 9-Jul-08. RM50/pax.
  3. FREE Investment Seminar on Market Outlook at Hotel Sri Petaling, KL on 26-Jun-08
  4. To attend Short Seminar by Wong Kian Meng on 7 Steps of Building Successful Agency on 21-Jul-08 9:30am to 11:30 am. RM10/pax. Book dgn Biela 019-2260335
  5. New pamphlete Failaka Award, best fund in Asia is now available at the branch.
  6. Promote Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) Case. Target 1 DDI/day. In a month you will get 20 DDI cases. Assume per case is RM200.
  7. Market Analysis – Fundamental & Technical. PE ratio in 1997 was 44 X but now PE ratio is 11 X. So it is a discount for investor to buy. The KLCI was 268 in 1997 and 1134 now as of 4-Jul-08. This means that even though th KLCI is still high, the PE ration is far lower than that in 1997. So what? Don’t panic.
  8. Market Analysis – Down? Why – 3 factors: 1. politics 2. oil price 3.weaker external environment
  9. Market Analysis – USD weaken, inflation up. Thus Federal Reserves to stop reducing interest rate to improve USD
  10. Market Analysis – China. What’s happening? Affected by US economy. In mid-to-long term, China is OK. Why – Savings is high, domestic demand is huge, they buy house with cash etc..
  11. Market Analysis – Malaysia and Asia. Compare 97/98 and 2008. Read Starbiz Sat 5 Jul 2008. Situation now is different. Another Asia currency crisis is unlikely.
    1. 97/98 – property market buble, banks fragile,
    2. 2008 – ada large amount of Foreign Reserve

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