Powerful Motivation Blast in the air with Super Sugu

Im sharing a little bit of Super Sugu’s motivational class…how much have you missed as this two weeks passed by

Week 1

Emotionally skills
1. Security
2. Comfort
3. Rich

Why people cannot bcoz mind has been set
In order for u to get sales, u want sales everyday, u can, u feeling must be very good.
If your feeling not very good
Top sales people, emotion are healthy, positive and very happy.
When u dont have that kind of feeling,
U must feel good about yourself,
Mcm mana nak feel good kalau tak ada money…putting condition, if i have money i will feel good.
Two way of looking at it, when u dont feel good coz u dont have money, like chinese  they work coz they dont like feeling dont have money, if u dont have money and later u condemned yourself, a lot of people goes into that category………..

Week 2

90 billion
Belong to bill gates.  He never work for money, he worked doing what he like and the money automatically comes
20-30s no holidays. He enjoys what he is doing.
He is working for interest.

If u want to become rich u cant work , only become average, u have to enjoy what you are doing, you become rich.
Earned by one man who never worked he enjoy doing what he love to do …computer software.

We can learn..people work whole their life but nver reach, coz they just follow the system, ending up u become average. They dont have excitement of what their doing, if they can escape….


Arif Ismail and Caliph Advisors are now having powerful motivational blast from Super Sugu every Monday  at  10:00am  how you can be and must be a successful person, changing you now for a better future.  If you are interested to join us in this extra ordinary motivation blast – contact my Assistant  Mohd  010-4203521 for the details.

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