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What Have You Missed on Extremely Exciting Last Saturday Coaching

How to achieve challenge trip in 7 months by AM Raimy

  • This is the only thing what I do for living, to support my family so I have to be serious
  • Faktor menyebabkan saya achieve challenge trip bonus trip, buat semaksimum pada 4 bulan pertama Jan April
  • My target for now is 1 million within 3-4 months
  • Sometime we target 1 million sales tapi kita usaha macam nak dapat sales 200k je
  • If you dapat close sales eve 1k in one place you kena fikir macamana nak kembangkan bisnes u kat tempat tu.
  • You kena minta referrals again and again
  • You kena istiqomah for years, back in 2008 when I want to start the business semua orang cakap dah ramai orang buat bisnes unit trust ni but I terus juga buat.
  • After a few years one of my colleagues ask me what am I doing, so I told him that Im still doing the same thing, he said that you must be doing very well!
  • You should love the rejections

Action Create results by AM Nazri

  • Challenge trip presentation
  • Positive affirmation shall be in the business for long term
  • Main activities
    • Appointments
    • Calling/cold calls close only for appointments
    • Updates clients via emails, calls
    • Other activities
      • Roadshow/booth
      • Training company/group/others
      • Meetings company, group
      • stunts redah je cari clients
      • See/call uplines/downlines/sidelines
      • Read books
      • Watch documentary
      • Browse internet related info
      • 20 Points card

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conduct weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest ONLY inIslamic Unit Trust funds.Dont wait anymore. Time is running out. Join this sunrise industry. Call my PA 010-4203521 Zarif or register online throughhttp://seminar.myunittrust.com

Monday Brainstorming Session JCHI

Brainstorming by AM Nazri

Life Changing Oppurtunity event 10am 12pm Bangsar

  • By Mr Sugu
  • Sugu 10am 11.30am ,Structure 11.30 12pm

Training at Cheras cancel move to Bangsar

Kickoff Campaign qualification

  • Top 800 Personal Producer Jul Sep
  • Recruit 2 agents August September

Extra Bonus NSC Points 100 mill points

  • Second period now 21 Jul 10 August
  • Third period 11 August 30 August

SD Reminder and CPD mandatory

Sugu Training

  • Cause & Effect
  • Job Satisfaction
    • Happy when do your job
    • Your job is to give people better profits for other people
    • I want to be succesfull
    • Goal to get 1 million
  • Its your decision not your condition that decides your future
  • What I can do to get 1 million in next few days
  • If you do 100 presentation / month you can achieve 1 million sales
  • Work people always think/believe work is not an option
  • MUST think work as a pleasure
  • What is the meaning of LIFE for you
  • Success you cannot become rich until you take your personal responsibility

p.s. Arif and CaliphAdvisor.com conduct training and seminar on how to be a successful islamic unit trust consultant at Public Mutual, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Clickwww.myunittrust.com/seminarNOW for detail.

Top Producer Unit Trust Consultant Caliph Agency April 2012

Tahniah kepada Top Producer Unit Trust Consultant Caliph Agency. Man Jadda wa Jadda. Siapa usaha dia dapat. InsyaAllah. If there is a will there is a way. Ya Allah, help the Caliph Group achieve RM 10 million Group Sales per month.

AprilChallenge free gift – you close RM99k and above, you will get a branded/imported track bottom or 3/4 track bottom. Tahniah kepada layak.

p.s. Arif Ismail and Caliph unit trust consultants conduct a free weekly seminar on How to Become a Successful Unit Trust Consultant at Public Mutual Cheras and Public Mutual Shah Alam on Saturday 1145 am and Friday 9:15pm respectively. Clickherefor detail

Agency Meeting 26 March by J-CHI Unit Trust Consultants

Agency Brainstorming by Siti Salehatun JUST
  • 23rd nsc incentive to guangzhou – rooming list and flight details
  • new investor form (individual)
  • exemption from FIMM cute exam for candidates who have completed & passed module 4 CFP (investment planning) effective 1st april

Jas sharing

The 4 quadrant

Urgent+Important –

  • lot of us bz in this quadrant
  • results : crisis,disttrust

Not Urgent+Important –

  • efective person sits here, relationship building,
  • results : clear vision

Not Important+Urgent –

  • cth FB, result – irresponsible, short term focus,
  • results : weak relationship

Not Urgent+Not Important –

  • cth Gosip, lepak minum kopi
  • results : fooling urself :kalau kita tipu org lain kita dosa, kalau kita tipu diri sendiri kita? – rugi.

Market Update
Q1 : global equity market seems allright
Q2 : usd expect to be weak sbb oil price is rising

  • slower growth in China
  • debt issues in Europe
  • malaysia gdp 2012 forecast 4-5%. largest trading partner – China
  • Malaysia GE on may/june – free beez & reports. historically towards GE market will be up

Malaysia – new responsible lending guideline due to concern over rising household debt-to-GDP rsatio 77% in 2011. target malaysia 60%

  • calculate net income
  • 70% loan, 30% own money
  • higher income eligibility & criteria for credit cards application : below 3k per month
  • financial programs by AKPK saturday morning

Fundemental Analysis
Gold trend – downtrend since August
KLCI – market lagged

p.s. Arif and myunittrust.com pertama kali dalam Malaysia akan mengadakan seminar how you can do unit trust business within 45 minutes. datang segera SEBELUM seminar ini dikenakan bayaran. Clickwww.myunittrust.com/seminarfor details or call/smS Zarif at 010-4203521

Brainstorming the J-CHI Unit Trust Consultants

Brainstorming 19/03/12
by HC GAM Hasimah


  • CPD Pathway to Success RM 20 (5ACE & 8CPD & Financial Workshop RM 10 (2ACE & 4CPD)
  • 27th March Leaders meeting
  • 28th March BoP by GAM Hasimah 8pm-10pm Cheras
  • 25th March KDU invitation to Financial Planning Talk 930am to 1230pm by Ms. Linnet Lee

New SD form

  • must submit sebelum 30th September 2012
  • all except 2010 & 2012
  • must submit every 2 years

Group Activity
3,4,5 April
RM 30/pax per day


Financial Talk
Regionally M’sia punya market paling worse tapi market kita less volatile YTD performance kecik sgt others two figures.

Fund Rankings
Persepsi mengatakan bahawa DALI good fund tapi mengikut 3 years performance Morning Star Overall Ratings – DALI cuma 4 stars rather than dana-dana dalam Public Mutual Islamic Equity got 5 stars

A Company dari USA : Nicole bergabung dengan Hwang Investment Management amik 30% daripada aset Hwang

Ittikal dulu low sekarang high
PIDF dulu moderate sekarang low
Jas comment : as market goes higher the risk is lower, so PIDF is good for now. low risk high return : 3 years votality – 9.5 return – 20.21% as compare to agressive fund.

Jas sharing
140k client just sign dan a cup of coffee – Jas build relationship dgn client dalam selama buat sales
Jas : we are selling trust to the clients, sape2 pun boleh jual unit trust, they believe you and trust you then u can sell. build trust with your new clients. Sometimes relationship dgn customer lebih baik dpd relationship dgn spouse. Jas secret recipie ialah her customer trust her

download podcast 13th march BFM Raymond Phoon : EQ for great relationship.

download herehttp://t.co/mAnDqU7E

  • trust is like bank account is it positive or negative?trust also have different levels

Arif Sharing
Kita dah 7 tahun dalam bisnes, Read Robert Kiyosaki again, if u in makan gaji things we are individual. BESI Quadrant.we are still in Self Employed quadrant.

  1. role play for jumpstart
  2. brainstorming onSaturday- sharing & sales tracking

Arif and J-CHI (JUST -Caliph-HC-IWGoC) are sharing expertise and knowledge regarding selling pelaburan unit trust, but these knowledge without action is like you buy an ice cream and leave it in the open air without having (makan la) it. So it will become cair and cair and cair. And finally obsolete. So take action now. Join our FREE seminar at Public Mutual Cheras in Level 2, Cheras Commercial Centre next to Hotel Caliber and Restoran Janbo. Call Zarif 019-3405447 or register HERE


Asal usul sama, tapi perhatian & penghargaan berbeza!

Dalam satu galeri seni, lantainya diperbuat daripada batu marmar, dan dalam gakeri itu juga ada sebuah patung yang cantik dperbuat daripada batu marmar juga. Lantai marmar merasa hairan mengapa orang datang dari jauh ke galeri itu dan memijak-mijak lantai marmar semata mata untuk melihat patung marmar padahal mereka berasal daripada bahan yang sama.

Lalu lantai tanya dengan patung ‘aku merasa hairan, kita datang dari gua yang sama, hidup bersama namun hari ini orang datang dari jauh memijak aku semata-mata nak melihat kau, mengapa ya?’

Patung tersenyum dan menjawab ‘ Betul, kita memang lahir dari gua yang sama, hidup bersama namun adakah kau ingat, sewaktu kita diambil oleh si pengukir? Beliau telah ambil dikau seterusnya mengetuk dan memahat dirimu namun kau berkeras menolak dan membantah perlakuannya’

‘Kemudian beliau putus asa denganmu lalu mengambil aku, beliau mengetuk dan memahat diriku, namun aku bertahan dengan semua kesakitan itu dan hasilnya aku menjadi perhiasan yang cantik seperti hari ini’

Samalah kita bro, nak sukses bukan mcm petik jari je. Kena taji sikit, kena pahat sikit, tukul sikit but worth the pain. We all born in the same soil, go through the same education channel dan makan belacan sama-sama lagi, but some of us sukses kerana berani buat keputusan dan sungguh-sungguh selepas buat keputusan tu. So take this challange hubungi Zarif 010-4203521 atau klik HERE untuk buat keputusan berani!

Brainstorming 5th March by our JUST GAM Jaslinah

Public Mutual Trainings Updates

  • 6 mac new fund briefing
  • 7 mac investment talk
  • 9 mac zakat menyucikan harta 2 CPD point

Upcoming group coaching

Upcoming jas activities
sales workshop @ Public Mutual Butterworth, Batu Pahat & Muar

Market Intellingence

  • gold bukan long term
  • trend seen as ‘ke bawah’ utk long term
  • gold analyst said : trend 2 peak up 2 peak down

9/1 market up gold down
11/2 market up gold down

  • KLCI market dah touch up than 1600
  • down jones dah touch 13k (almost all time high)
  • semua ekuiti market dah tinggitapigold is laggedlambat


KLCI 1583

DJIA 12966

GOLD 1712

trend market
oil preassure – renewed risk to global economy
greece issue less concern


  • indikator market asia pasifik
  • slow blum smpi all time high lagi
  • hubungan dgn ittikal (since byk invest market China)
  • harga tengah rendahtapi suggest amik sikit portfolio utk ittikal (for those who loves)

Market Forecast 2012 KLCI1620

Tyipical Cycle Public Islamic Dividen Fund

  • rebalancing at q4
  • q2 & q3 DCA
  • exception at q1 & q4
  • severe market jatuh paling lama 1 bulan

Situasi Greece

  • masuk duit tak cukup-cukupmcm poket bocor

BFM updates

  • one guy said’bankers are stupid parasites’ -bcoz killing the hosts
  • kenapa Greece jadi cam sekarang
  • Greece tak fit kriterianak join jugak Euro (negara kaya)
  • niat asal nak tolongbut benefits Germany actually
  • they help negara kaya dan pinjam dgn Germany but have to buy from Germany

Just Sharing

Asian Top Billionaire rise up 43%

  • Mukesh Ambani > Li Ka-shing > Lakshmi Mittal

Hand phone chargers whilst travelling
roaming chargers masa travel avoid outstanding chargers

  1. .off data roaming
  2. need internet – check price, avoid heavy download
  3. turn phone off when not using
  4. consider getting local simcard
  5. turn voice mail off
  6. use skype

Jeremy Lim Havard graduate turn basketballer overseas

  • underdog at first
  • but practise very hard
  • bila ada peluang show very best
  • compare to us
  • we want 10mill customer but dont practise
  • when that moment come i should be ready

Mistake we made

  1. cakap only
  2. no practise
  3. takde cukup affirmation

be like harimau, cari then terus ngap. dont kalau lapar baru cari.

Nelson Mandel 27 tahun duduk penjara now jadi celebrities
coklat Hersheys 3 kali setup coklat company then failed baru jumpa Hersheys

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conduct weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest ONLY inIslamic Unit Trust funds.Dont wait anymore. Time is running out. Join this sunrise industry. Call me 010-4203521 Zarif or register online throughhttp://seminar.myunittrust.com


Many people wish to start their own business but…

Many have a plan that someday they want to get out and do their own business. Some has tried, ada yang buat part time dan ada yang terus jump. Bakar jambatan.

They saw in front of their eyes how businessman flourish. Berjaya, pakai kereta besar. Boleh melancong luar negara. So they are very excited. Then they venture into business.

After a few months, when they are already a businessman, they encountered many obstacles. Ada yang tak tahan. Terus cabut, pastu blame others or blame the business. Ada yang mula-mula dapat bertahan, lama-lama 2 atau 3 tahun tak tahan jugak. Cabut jugak.

That’s the reality. Sama jugak orang yang nak kahwin. Dalam percintaan, semua wangi. Kentut pun wangi. Bila dah kahwin dah lama sikit baru nampak keburukan pasangan. Statistics show that most of the divorces berlaku dalam 2 tahun perkahwinan.

So ada solution tak untuk masalah ni. Ada… Dah ada orang buat research dah benda ni. Kalau nak tahu klik sini

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conduct weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest ONLY inIslamic Unit Trust funds. Clickherefor details or call Zarif 010-4203521

Top Producer Caliph Consultants Aug 2009

Tahniah kepada semua…rezeki

bulan Ramadhan.

<img class="alignleft size-full The Albuquerque Public school game District provides the Political online slots Solicitations in school game Policy, along with the frequently asked questions and answers below. wp-image-628″ src=”http://myunittrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/top-producer-aug09.jpg” alt=”top-producer-aug09″ width=”500″ height=”1405″ />


Revealed… Unit Trust Consultant Letter to His Clients

I believe I would rather tell you all, what I wrote this morning to my clients to take advantage on the current KLCI level. So that you may get the idea on how to use it to your clients as well.

Even for the people who have shown their interest to become a unit trust consultant should read this letter. So that they can see the bright future of becoming unit trust agent. For the new existing unit trust consultant, you can modify this email and send it to your prospect to invite them to join unit trust business.

The KLCI chart adalah ihsan dari a friend in Public Mutual Melaka. Here is the letter:


How Your Understanding on KLCI Chart Will Make You Millionaires… while working

Assalamualaikum & Salam Ceria,

Do you think the worst is over? So far it shows that Oct-08 is the worst for KLCI since Jan-08. See KLCI historical chart as attached for your copy. Forward it to your friend as you like.

What can we do for this huge opportunity or danger you may say it. Many people still skeptical. But some people who does take action between January till June this year by investing in stock market and unit trust has accumulated at least 10% profit.

Imagine in the next 3 years. Do you think KLCI will remain 1100 or at least go back to it 1500 level. What is the possibility that it goes down to 800 points as in Oct-08.

Do you believe AXIATA value is RM2.50 in the next 3 years. Sama value dengan company second board yang unknown.

We are now in 2009. Rewind the time to 1998 when the KLCI was at 262 level. If you were given the chance to buy any stocks or unit trust fund at that time, will you buy? Any month in 1998, if you invest – you will make profit minimum 30% after 3 years.

Similarly, if you were in 2012 (that’s 3 years from now) when the market is 1500 again, will you buy unit trust in 2009 which the KLCI was only at 1100. Try divide 400 (that is 1500-1100) with 1500 to see the potential profit. It is a whopping 27%. What if, we play an active strategy. Whenever we reach our target profit, we lock it and re-enter the market again. How much profit you can get…

Arif Ismail

How to repair your CAMS databases when you have download errors

I downloaded my CAMS databases (for those yang bukan agen Public Mutual, CAMS is Clients and Agents Management System where all data about our clients and agents is accessible with a click of a button) last night but after a few downloading, it returns ERROR.

Asking help from IT Helpdesk this morning and I like to post it in the blog so that:

  1. If this things happen to you during non office hour, you just search CAMS in myunittrust.com blog and you will get the answer immediately as IT HelpDesk people only work during office hour
  2. Probability that it may happen to me again is high and I may forget the answer that has been given by Public Mutual IT HelpDesk.  So, me too can find the answer easily in myunittrust.com blog without waiting for tomorrow morning as it has happen to me last night.

The question from me and the answer from Public Mutual IT HelpDesk:

Arif: Why during CAMS downloading, it returns database conflict?

Public Mutual IT HelpDesk: May be because you have two accounts in your PC and because your incomplete download in the first account then you download the second account. So CAMS get confused. It returns the ERROR.

Arif: What should I do?

Public Mutual IT HelpDesk:

  • Close all applications
  • Delete all files in C:\temp and C:temp1 folders.
  • Then delete files that have your agent code and second agent code in C:\Program Files\CAMS
  • Re register your CAMS by clicking CAMS download icon and then click Register

Brainstorming 22 June 2009 – JUST Unit Trust Agency

Brainstorming starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 12:30pm Monday.

Venue: Public Mutual New Training Room, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur


1. Public China Ittikal Fund (PCIF) promotion. Investor will get discount till 31 Jul 09. Please refer email from Public Mutual. (We cannot discuss detail here)

2. Article from Sunday Star: Saving Early for Retirement. Refer to hand-out given during the meeting

3.  7 Business Pillars for Success

  • Think BOLD
  • Learning – access to training, brainstorming, GBOS and reading plus with teachable attitude
  • Opportunity discovery and development
  • Strong support system – agency system
  • Network Contact – sparing partner and mentor
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Can do attitude

4. Mutual Fund High Growth in South East Asia

  • 56% growth in the next 4 years
  • in South East Asia, 2013 – the mutual fund size will be USD129.2b where currently it is USD 82.5b in 2008
  • Msia they forecast the market size will be USD 36b in 2013
  • before the crisis mutual fund grows at 21% p.a. (SEA region)
  • So what the heck about these statistics. What’s in it for me you ask.

Those yang baca ni, must know that the industry is growing at double digit every year. Who is in the boat, InsyaAllah will not miss it. I’ve missed the 1998 boat and will not repeat the same mistake now.

I hope all unit trust consultants will see this and take action on it. Those yang nak join this unit industry, don’t look back. Come to our FREE seminar. Register at www.myunittrust.com/seminar

5. Grand Business Opportunity Seminar – a seminar on why and how you want to become a unit trust consultant.
Date: 24-Jul-09 Rabu, 8pm -10pm

Venue:  Tropicana Golf Resort

i. Annie Tan (Company Profile),
ii. Nazril Idrus (Testimony)
iii. Allan See (Why and How to Quit Your Makan Gaji Job)

– those who give RM50 as deposit on that night will get FREE training:
i. Human Psychology and How to Leverage It by Allan See
ii. Kick Start (How to get your first RM50k sales)
iii. Career Program.

Limited to 60 seats only. Call Kak Azah 013-3970588. We offer FREE ticket to enter the seminar that worth RM100*

6. Sales Statistics of Public Mutual Fund. Please refer to email by Jas

7. Public Mutual New Fund
– PNREF (non-syariah): Public Natural Resources Equity Fund – capital growth fund.

  • aggressive
  • domestic & overseas fund
  • energy, metal, mining, forestry, paper
  • Discount during promotion: refer to email by company and Jas

8. Sports Activities – Badminton session is cancelled this week as every unit trust agent is encouraged to attend the GBOS at Tropicana

9. JUST Family Day – confirmed 27-Jul and 28-Jul-09. Details will be emailed by Jas.

  • meet point at Sg Besi Tol or Seremban R&R


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at www.myUnitTrust.com/seminar or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

Confuse with Stock Market Analysis and Unit Trust Fund Ups and Downs?

Some of your clients ask you about what is the market outlook for 2009. Last week it goes up but today and yesterday it goes down two digits.

How to answer your client if you don’t have the basic about stock market analysis as well as it relationship to unit trust.

What about the relationship between bond and money market to unit trust funds?

When the USD goes down, what does this mean to Malaysia economy as a whole?

Even if you already know the answer, you still need to come to this Saturday 20-June-09 because we have two Chartered Financial Planners (CFP) and two Associate Financial Planners (AFP) to help you answer those questions professionally even you are not the CFP.

You can leverage their expertise to become yours without spending RM8000 for the training and certification.

Date: 20-Jun-09 Saturday
Time: 9am to 1pm
Training Topic: Stock Market Indicators (Basic) – Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis
Venue: Public Mutual New Training Room Cheras (34-2)
Speaker: Jas the CFP
Fees: FREE for JUST Unit Trust Consultants. Others, please call Farehin 017-3104171 for reservation.


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at www.myUnitTrust.com/seminar or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

Jom PD Family Day – Kenal Mengenal Family Kita (JUST Unit Trust Agency)

This will gonna be the first time we will have a Family Day for JUST Consultants. The place is so nice, tranquility and so on…I also cannot say the English words how to describe the place… May be Coach Sha yang di interview kat IKIM hari tu boleh describe dengan lebih baik.

Some photos just to make you arouse.

pd-golf-resort-pool-JUST Unit Trust Agents Family Day

pd-golf-resort-pool-close-up-JUST Unit Trust Agency Family Day

The place will be at PD Golf & Country Resort.

Date: 27 & 28 Jun 2009 (check in 27 Jun and check out 28 Jun 09)

Special Room rate for our group: (after negotiation by AM Farah) – RM120 for aptmt (2 rooms) and RM95 for 1 room (studio).

  • costing for makan – RM55/adult (BBQ + bfast) and RM40/child (ages 4 – 12)

How to go there, just use google map.

Thanks Jas our Group Agency Manager, Farah and the gang for organising the Family Day.

The itinerary

DAY 1 (saturday)
1000 hrs    – depart from Cheras PMB/house
1200 hrs    – lunch @ resort
1400 hrs    – check-in
1600 hrs    – tea-time @ Resort
1630 hrs    – telematch & games (adult & children)
1930 hrs    – Free & easy
2030 hrs    – BBQ Dinner @ Resort
0730 hrs    – senam-pagi
0830 hrs    – breakfast @ Resort
0930 hrs    – Free & easy (volleybal, beach football, etc)
1200 hrs    – Check out & depart for KL
Call Jas 012-2037003 or Farehin 017-3104171 latest by Monday 22 June 2009 2pm to confirm your attendance. So far 14 families had confirmed booking. The more the merrier….


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at www.myUnitTrust.com/seminar or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

A very interesting view on learning English: IKIM interview

While waiting for my wife and kids at pasar ikan. I tuned to IKIM radio.

Interview with EPL Coaching Team. I love the style and the accent of Coach Sha when she answered questions from IKIM. I believed she will be very popular for teaching English the new way. She can talk many languages.
Among notable talk that I jotted down on my O2 PDA are:

  • You are not going to learn English here, but to use it.
  • Practice makes perfect in other subject but Practice makes Fluent for English
  • For better pronunciation –  the input is to listen
  • Use English:English dictionary – this was my teacher advise as well

Coach Ridz (I think her husband) said why people don’t want to talk:
1. Pronounce English susah
2. Vocab banyak yang tak tahu

He advise to use the words 10 times then it become yours.

Students always use YES when answering question. She suggested to change YES with Absolutely, Certainly. For example, when being asked “You look handsome today?” Say certainly instead of “yes”

Problem when we write & speak:
1. Vocab – we stuck e.g. Sumbangan – we forget theEnglish equivalent word. So use BM, simplify it. U can use ”give good things”

Use thesaurus. Read more. Leaders are readers.
Listen more. Get input. More input.

Listen to dialogs. Learn phrases not only words.

Accent. Don’t put much worry on it. It could be Pyongyang or Pyongyeng. Doesn’t matters.

Read Quran more – we the Muslim are very fortunate because our tongue is already get used with many phonetics – read more quran with tajwid – slang improves.

To be good at English – use it.

Not to hearing but listening.

We create the environment so that our students can practice English without going to UK – the English speaking country

We don’t say Hello to our seminar participants and then when finish we say Bye-bye. We continue networking.

I browse their blog. They have an excellence blog as well. May be I can copy their idea and use it in our unit trust agency.

Their blog address is www.mycoachingzone.net

Their final words: Make us happy, we make u happy.


Arif Ismail, Kak Azah and Caliph Agency are conducting a FREE Saturday 11:30am one-hour seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at www.myUnitTrust.com/seminar or call us at 013-3640043. First come first serve basis. We can accommodate only 10 participants per session.

Dinner at Intai-Intai Restaurant Malam ini…

All qualified Caliphianz unit trust consultants are invited to attend a special dinner at Restoran Intai-Intai at MRR2. Gambar dari blog Soul Mates telah dicopy kat bawah ni.

intai-restoran So kalau nak datang sini kena tanya Raimy macam mana. Dia kata address RESTORAN INTAI-INTAI,
Backyard lot 378, Jln Ampang Ulu Kelang,
(Highway MRR2), 68000, Selangor. Atau call restaurant owner 017-2102343 atau 012-2882424

Jumpa kat sana malam ni jam 8:00 malam

Lagi gambar-gambar kat Restoran tu.

intai-restoran2 intai-restoran3

New Tools on the no 1 Unit Trust Consultant Blog in Malaysia

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We have added new tools on unit trust blog to help our members and consultants receive notification everytime there is a new post submitted to the blog. Thanks Najib for suggesting the tool called Feedburner.

In addition to that we also have created a FREE e-book on “Why We Want You to Be a Unit Trust Consultant” and a YouTube video on “Why You Need to Move from Empoyee Quadrant to Business Quadrant”. All the items are available on the right sidebar of this page.

10 Most Important Principles of Personal PR

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A summary of book I’ve read over the weekend on personal public relations that is good for unit trust consultants whether they are public mutual agent, cimb wealth advisor, ammutual agent or ASM perunding unit amanah or coming from insurance and takaful industries. In fact these traits are good also for those who are still employed and would like to climb the corporate ladder faster.

The 10 principles of Personal Public Relations are:

  1. Take Risks
  2. Looking Good on Paper
  3. Target Practice
  4. Hustle
  5. Network Anywhere & Everywhere
  6. You’re the Expert – Let Everyone Know It
  7. Be Well Read
  8. Be Well Spoken
  9. Look the Part
  10. Knowing You Company Cultures Can take You Places

I recommend you read the book: Personal PR by Colleen Inches. I rate the book as 5-star. Simple, practical and it doesn’t take too long to finish it.


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