The experience that you won’t get while working for the boss

If you are one of the many people that wish to have your own business one day, you must know this before you embark on the journey.

Setting a small business is tough in the beginning. You are alone. Your wife or your husband don’t understand you. Your neighbour, your friends, you parents and parents in-law are all wonder why you already have a stable income and yet you want to resign and do on your own.

When you fail, you will see their faces and they will say something like this “I’ve told you”, “You know already”, “you would better find a stable income”. If you meet with any of them like this, and I am sure you will – what to do? Run away?

Don’t get angry with them because they have been living in the environment that love security and don’t take risk one. These are the people that thinking makan gaji is the only and the best way to make a living. Yet when they see all the goods from the insignificant one to big things are a product/service of non-Muslim, then they say why is the Muslim don’t create, manufacture, provide service bla..bla..bla to them and to the world.

Many of us haven’t heard of  Saidina Umar r.a. said when he visited a market place one thousand four hundred years ago. He noticed that those traders were foreigners and people from the ordinary ranks. This made him sad and said:

“I advice you to participate in trade so that these red ones (non-Arab slaves) do not become an obstacle for you in your worldly affairs”

And then some people said

“Allah had through conquests of lands and the arrival of conquered treasures made us independent of trade for our needs”

Saidina Umar r.a. replied

“If you are going to do that and discard trade as a profession, you will find that your men will be in need of their men and your women will be in need of their women.”

Now we can see see that when the Muslims left the ranks of traders and gave up trade and commerce as a profession, others took hold of it and controlled the business world to such an extent that the entire ummat came to be in need of others.

Thus, strive hard and follow the advice of Amirul Mukminin Saidina Umar r.a. and ignore your friend negative thoughts, negative ideas. They haven’t heard this story.

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