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I saw a wall paper in The Manhattan Fish Market. It displays the history of the restaurant. Thus it urges me to write a history on blog.

It actually started when I took a VSS from Telekom Malaysia in 2005 in May. After 4 months travelled the world I go back to Malaysia in Sep 2005. When I came back my VSS money nearly finish. Raya Posa dah dekat. Kerja tak de.

I ask around not to find another job. But to look into business opportunity. One of my close friends have proposed that I try takaful and unit trust. So I did took takaful licence during my career in TM. And try to promote it to TM staff at that time. The response is weak.

Then I took a unit trust exam and passed. Alhamdulillah. I still remember because of desperate, I only take a 2-hour training with my upline and dash to sell. I manage to close about RM200k on the first month of my venture into unit trust business. Not bad right.

When I do a post-mortem, why is that you can close without much knowledge on unit trust. It is the WANTS.

After 2 years i.e. 2007, blog born and still becoming no 1 blog for unit trust consultant. You can google it now, if you don’t believe it.  I have a secret on how to be a No 1 blog. I have told it to many people. Click here for details

p.s. Arif and pertama kali dalam Malaysia akan mengadakan seminar how you can do unit trust business within 45 minutes. datang segera sebelum seminar ini dikenakan bayaran. Click for details

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