Too many things to do. Sampai tak tau nak buat apa…

Friday is always a good day. FREE.. In my mind I have many things to do on my blogs, my clients report, unit trust agents training. But I don’t know which one to start first. Have you experience that.

I baca blog Irfan, Gobala, baca news tapi tak buat kerja I. Finally tulis blog la..

What are my plan:

  1. Launch, a blog for my clients and for our agents to write their own blog under the same
  2. Prepare training material for “How to write blog”
  3. Organise clients and agents database
  4. Check client yang dah untung – boleh jual dulu.

So kalau kita tak tahu nak buat apa. Start write it down. Then baru la boleh start kat mana.

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