Top Producer January on new year 2012 – Unit Trust Agents

Tahniah kepada yang bersemangat, full momentum at the beginning, on this 4 months la kita nak pulun habishabisandapatkan extra NSC points semaksimum mungkin bro! No time to loose – kita nak pegi New York and Washington DC ni! plus dengan ini jugak mengumumkan inisiatif dari Caliph Group. Kempen Personal Sales Feb 2012: AM yg produce RM600k PS sebulan dpt dinar Muharram RM300. Direct AS yg produce RM350k dpt duit Muharram RM300. Direct UTC produce RM250k dapat duit Muharram RM300. Utk indirect AS n UTC dapat duit Muharram RM200 utk  sales RM350k n RM250k respectively.  Hari2 visualise u mesti boleh dapat punya!

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conducts weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest in ONLY Islamic Unit Trust funds. Click here for details or call Zarif 010-4203521

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