Who is Top Recruiter as at end July 2008

I just came back from the path of Allah for 3 days. We went to Surau Kg Lembah Kinrara where the village is located along river of Sg Klang. First time I went there. It surprise me as it is actually very near to Sunway LDP toll plaza.

When I came back someone tells me that my name is in the list of Top Recruiter. Alhamdulillah. Furthermore, when I checked the list, I see my wife’s name is also in the list. Double Alhamdulillah. The Unit trust Consultant Top Recruiter List is appended below with some deletion of other people names as I am afraid that probably some of them don’t want their name to be published in my blog. I try to avoid controversy.

Now that, the question is HOW to maintain that until at least to the end of Dec 2008. First, I would like to thanks to all our consultants that has brought me to this level. Second is that how are we going to attract more potential unit trust consultants to join us.

We are promoting a campaign for those who join the group to get the following:

  1. For each RM100k sales in a month, you will get 1 FREE new unit trust consultant. You know that it is more difficult to find new consutants than to find new clients. And if you are from MLM background, I think you will understand more.
  2. There will be 4 Saturdays in a month and thats mean 4 Unit Trust Seminars (BOP) for new agents. Those who are willing to take the challenge to become a speaker for the BOP will grab all prospect that come to our seminar. Last Saturday when I was away, CFP Nazri replace me and he grabs all 4 prospects to become his unit trust consultants. Congrat and thanks Nazri.
  3. Besides the 2 offers above, our generous GAM Jaslinah is also willing to give away a HP Pavilion notebook (tablet-notebook yg boleh pusing2 the monitor and touch screen some more) for those who can produce a sales of RM200k a month until Dec 2008.
  4. Would like to have your own website but you don’t know how to do it. Then when you join you can have your own website with yourname.myunittrust.com. Very nice right.
  5. Some of our agents raise the idea of having their email to myunittrust.com. So I think it is OK to give away some of the storage to those who would like their email address be yourname@myunittrust.com. Thanks Rozita and Mai that asked for the service. But I think I will limit this to first come first serve basis
  6. A newsletter to all your clients. I’ve discussed with the group to have monthly newsletter to our client
  7. A special website for client. I’ve bought a new domain name www.AkademiUnitTrust.com specially develop for our clients

So wait no more click www.myunittrust.com/seminar to register


8 thoughts on “Who is Top Recruiter as at end July 2008

  • Zam & Rozita, thanks for the comments. Next target, we want all our unit trust consultants to achieve at least a trip to Guangzhou and Guillin. Lagi bagus kita dapat pergi Rome.

  • Kalau dpt jejak kaki kat Rome sekali lagi ok gak 🙂 . Kalau aku tak cukup, kau tolong top up sales aku ye he he 🙂 . Apa new incentive for EPF tu arif. RM1 = 1 point utk ke Rome ke he he?

  • Zam, based on discussion dgn Jas masa Monday tu, memang lah RM1= 1 point even for Rome trip. So kena pulun lah lagi 3-4 bulan ni. Kita race sapa sampai Rome dulu. RM2.85 million je! Kalau dulu RM5.7million. Kalau 1 month boleh close RM500k. Then times 4. Aku ingat dah cukup dah.

    Zam, tadi lepas terawih neighbour aku, Kapt(B) Mior baru submit borang & duit nak jadi unit trust agent. You don’t worry Zam, if we continue doing this business istiqmah-ly, people will come to you. It is like compounding effect or snow ball effect. Impact dia exponential. Unlike makan gaji – lagi lama lagi prone to downsizing.

  • Arif, he he sebulan RM500K insyaAllah, Peluang Arif lagi cerah, sbb Arif seminggu RM250K, x 4, dah RM1m/mth 🙂 .

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