Training Summary on Handling Objection During Market Crisis

Jaslinah presented on Power Communication and Power Closing before she explain the skills on how to handle clients objection especially during market crisis.

I start thinking if we can have all this skills earlier on, we will be able to close more clients. And actually all these skills are learnable. It is like when we learn how to calculate 1+1 = 2. It is difficult at first. But now if someone don’t know that the answer is 2, you will think he is stupid. It is so easy. As my education and career background in engineering and IT, I feel like learning the human skills also have some science in it. There is a step-by-step to approach people.

If you didn’t come to the training for some reasons, you must copy the presentation materials with your colleague or Farehin. I told the class that this training is worth RM2,800 outside. Jas has summarised the RM2,800 course that I’ve attended last Saturday till Monday in a brief and easy-to-understand. Imagine you get this training for no cost with special tea break FREE lagi. Materials pun tak payah bayar. The more you give, the more you get. That’s one of the reason why the rich get richer. They give more and more and they will get back 10 times what they have given.

Aaha…Look for our next training this Saturday 29-Nov-09 2pm to 5 pm at Public Mutual Training Room Level 2 Cheras. The topic is Telephone Techniques which include a recommended scripts on how a unit trust consultant/agent or perunding unit amanah can start communicating to his/her prospects.

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