Trainings and Meetings Calendar

Group Activities in Larger View

Place: Public Mutual Cheras Branch, Level 2

Summary of Weekly and Monthly Group Activities

Group Meeting/Brainstorming – discuss the following:

  • Company and Industry Updates
  • Market Updates & Market Outlook
  •  Which Fund to Invest and Why?
  • Agency Activities: Booth Promotion, Training Schedule and Business
  • Sales Tracking

Every Sat 10:00 am to 11:30 am at Level 2, Public Mutual Cheras Commercial Centre (map shown below)

Opportunity Seminar- seminar that shows people on:

  • how to be a unit trust consultant
  • how to succeed in unit trust business
  • how to build empire
  • how to open up opportunity to family, friends and even stranger
  • a platform for our existing consultants to build their empire

    Every Saturday 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at Level 2, Public Mutual Cheras Commercial Centre

Products and Skills Training – intensive training to develop consultants to become competent. Among the topics are:

  • Jump Start Now (every Sat)
  • The 7-Steps of Selling Skills
  • Handling Objections
  • Basic Financial Planning
  • How to Close Corporate Clients
  • A-Star Project (Tracking & Mentoring Program) 
Sat 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Public Mutual Cheras Level 2

JUST Accelerated Business Seminar (JABS) 2 times a year (please call us to confirm)
Goal Setting Seminar Jan 2009

Monthly Company Training Schedule can be obtained from PM’s branch office or from Agent Login of this blog. Please register as soon as possible to confirm your seat.

Computerised Unit Trust Exam (CUTE) Schedule and Map to Exam Location

For Klang Valley Consultants

For other states Consultants


Our Seminar with title The Secret of Unit Trust Business Seminar is open to public. You can register for FREE at


Map for Training & Business Opportunity Seminar

Islamic Unit Trust



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24 Comments to "Training"

  • rozan bin haji abdul rajak said:

    ..Searching for info on unit trust when i come across your website.After going throught it..its a thumbs up website for providing such easy to understand and useful information for public view.

  • Arif said:

    En. Rozan, Thanks for your encouraging comments. To know more detail about unit trust, click

  • ELAN said:

    any on-line sample questions?

  • Arif said:

    Come and join our seminar, we will show you Elan.

  • mohd azren bin haron said:

    hi ariff,

    i already be a consultant for 1 month+, so can i join your seminar ?

  • joseph said:

    kalau ikut seminar tersebut ada bayaran yang dikenakan ke? kalau ada berapa? apa kelayakan untuk menjadi agen Unit Trust?

  • Arif said:

    Joseph, seminar tu FREE je. Before you just give us a call/sms 013-3640043 to confirm your seat and the available date.

  • lia said:

    i masih student di IPTA.boleh ke i join seminar and jd agen unit trust?tahun depan i dah degree graduate

  • Arif said:

    Yes Lia. If u are already 21 years old you can register even now without waiting for your degree.

  • marlina said:

    saya berminat jadi consultant. bagaimana harus saya hubungi tuan. tk

  • Arif said:

    Marlina, you can call/sms me 013-3640043 or my business partner 013-3970588

  • mazzura said:

    assalamualaikum, en.arif..saya berminat to become one the unit trust consultant and looking forward to attend the seminar organised by your goodself, but the problem is i stay in ipoh and it is quite difficult for me to attend those seminar in KL. Any plan to conduct similar seminar in Ipoh?

  • Arif said:

    Memang kita tengah mencari agen outside KL to become our main rep kat sana. I know you have sms Azah. If you are FREE on Saturday, any Saturday you can meet us at Public Mutual Cheras 11am to 1230pm. See you this Saturday insyaAllah. Map is available at

  • yong said:

    Adakah malaysia unit trust consultant ini berdaftar? Cara untuk menyemak pendaftaran?

  • Arif said:

    Yong, malaysia unit trust consultant ini adalah blog yang diuruskan oleh BLUECHIP Consultants (001745024-H) syarikat yang telah didaftarkan dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia pada 21 Februari 2008.

  • Ming Loh said:

    Where do I go to download the free sample exam questions.
    Thanks .

  • Arif said:

    Ming Loh,
    The free sample question is for internal use only and you must be a registered agent with to be able to download it. It is in the Login page.

  • arif said:

    assalamualaikum, saya baru nk blaja tentang unitrust ni n bminat nk jd agent….jd sy nk tanye ada x encik buat training untuk jd agent from the basic sbb sy nk betol2 faham ttg unitrust ni…terima kaseh..assalamualaikum

  • Arif said:

    sila datang ke seminar kita esok 22-Nov-08 11 pagi di Public Mutual Cheras. Kita akan bagitau apa itu unit trust. Call saya Arif 013-3640043. Click untuk maklumat lanjut seperti peta ke lokasi dsb.

  • arif said:

    assalamualaikum encik arif, selain hari sabtu ni ada lg tak seminar lepas ni sbb saya ada urusan di shah alam pada pukul 2 pada hari berkenaan…tp kalau dianggarkan seminar tamat sebelum pkul 2 dapatlah saya hadir…adakah ianya percuma?terima kaseh

  • shah said:

    hi..baru tahu pasal unit trust..mcm dah terlambat..mcm mana saya nak join???

  • admin said:

    Shah, nothing is too late. Remember Kolonel Saunders of KFC. Dia mulakannya pada umur 65 tahun. So datang hari Sabtu ni as discussed over the phone..

  • sehredzgut said:

    salam..saya berminat untuk menjadi agent..saya berada di shah alam..jika diberi peluang saya sanggup datang ke seminar dan training yang akan diberikan..

  • Ranitidine Hcl Adalah – Berita Terkini said:

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