Two Important Things for You to Fly in Unit Trust Business

Unit Trust Consultant career can be in small business or big business. It depends on how you like it to happen.

Small business is about doing the business until you die. You must be there to earn an income. Whereas big business is about creating a system until you don’t have to be there but the business still run.

Many people stuck in the small business mindset and they said they are the businessman. Only a few yang ada BIG business mindset.

So in unit trust business, the small business is about focusing only on your personal sales. And the BIG business is balancing between the personal sales and the group (team) sales.

How to balance between these???

p.s. Arif Ismail and his team provide a weekly training on how you too can become a BIG business mindset at his office in Public Mutual Cheras Training Centre. Click here for detail.

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