Unit Trust Agency Brainstorming on Monday 16th April

Brainstorming 16 April 2012
by the most senior GAM of j-chi agency

Public Mutual Berhad updates
23rd nsc challenge to LA, Tokyo & Guangzhou

New utc campaign – training voucher and cash voucher – E-wallet system

-20 april shah alam – coaching – Shima
-27 april shah alam – coaching – Jas
-28 april Bersih 3.0
-4 may shah alam coaching – Raimy
-5 may coaching/js – Shima/Zaidah
-11 may – Shahril
-12 may – coaching/js – Jas/Shima
-19 may coaching/js – cancel
-26 may coaching/js – Shima/Jas
-2 june coaching+js – Helmi
-21 may bs – Shima
-28 may bs – Helmi
-aan 20 may The Mnes
-nsc 19 may PICC

16 April
– New investor ic kena stamp
-occupation fill up

Gam Jaslinah sales workshop
-8may – muar
-9may – batu pahat
gold downtrend sampai oktober

-market tak tau nak pegi mana
-lama2 dah makin kecil
-approaching the apex
-market going gittery
-more sideways
-china market fundamental are good

-foreigner invest both ringgit and stocks both untung
-KLCI growing but smaller and smaller figure

-agreement to raise euro zone firewall
-tak nak euro spread
-recession now
-Spain borrowing cost risen and mixed deficit
-more fears and lost confidence as more debt figures

-8.2% unemployment
-aggressive expansion of production
-slowly coming back through recovery

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