Unit Trust Consultants

From my observation (40 days assisting Arif's job), to be a Unit Trust Consultant is an easy job but sometimes it can be difficult, depending on individual’s perception. What is important is confidence level. Those who have high confidence level and can easily talk to people (and of course know what they are talking about) are suitable to do marketing job. Tak kisahla samada kerja sendiri atau makan gaji, lebih-lebih lagi  sebagai Unit Trust Consultant. Normally, these people are successful. Sebab itu ramai Unit Trust Consultant yang biasa-biasa ni, sekejap ada, sekejap tak ada mengikut pasaran ekonomi, because they are not confident to in what they are doing.  Itulah yang timbul masalah kepada pelabur-pelabur, bila economy down, ramai Unit Trust Consultants menghilangkan diri.

Below is a list of tips on how to be a successful Unit Trust Consultant, which I’m also in the process of learning them:

  1. Objective – you must know why you are entering this industry, as a part-time or full-time, how much you want to earn, or to have your own business and others. Define clearly, what you want to achieve.
  2. Choose the right agency or company which suites to you – do some research. If you are not confident enough and lack of knowledge, join an agency which can train and support you.
  3. Prepare yourself – think positive, improve yourself and you must be discipline in order to achieve your goals. Arif is good in how to improve ourselves, which I’ve learnt a lot from him.
  4. Knowledge – willing to learn, attend training programmes organized by your agency or your company.
  5. Be in your network – do brainstorming in your group, discussing the problems, learn others experience.
  6. Just do it and for Muslims: “Do What Allah

    Loves, and love what you do.” InsyaAllah, berjaya.

InsyaAllah Arif will be back by this week  and he will continue writing. Saya juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini, memohon maaf atas salah dan silap semasa saya menguruskan blog

ini. Sehingga berjumpa lagi…

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