Unit Trust Monitoring & CAMS Training on this Saturday

Beside promoting unit trust, we need to service our clients on regular basis. This Saturday 13 Sep 08, Jas will share on how she monitors clients portfolio and provide regular report to her clients.

So do come to our training on 13 Sep 08 10am to 1pm at Public Mutual Cheras training room level 2.

2 thoughts on “Unit Trust Monitoring & CAMS Training on this Saturday

  • Saya terlepas untuk hadir di dalam seminar ini…. Pada masa yang akan datang adakah lagi seminar “CAMS Training” ini dimasa akan datang…

  • InsyaAllah, training tersebut akan diadakan di masa akan datang. Saya sempat juga masuk kelas tersebut walaupun terlambat 1/2jam ke 1 jam. he he :-). Amat berguna esp part macam mana cara2 nak update clients. Bulan puasa pun ramai jugak yang hadir.

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