Wednesday 12th June Caliph Advisor Event

Wednesday 12th June Caliph akan organise a  special sharing by AS Tahir Hasmuni “from zero to 300k and fast forwards to 500k sales a month. Real experience and dreams.

So listen directly from the expert…


Jika anda mengimpikan kebebasan kewangan dan sebuah kerjaya yang penuh dengan senyuman – klik untuk hadir seminar 1 jam PERCUMA di Public Mutual Cheras Commercial Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

p.s. Arif and Caliph Group conduct weekly training, meeting and seminar for his unit trust agency at Public Mutual Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He invites all graduates young and old to join his team for helping Malaysian to invest ONLY in Islamic Unit Trust funds. Call my PA 019-3405447 Zarif or register online through p.s.2 You can download free ebooks on “why you should start a business especially unit trust” and “how to double your money” by scrolling this page to the top right. Fill in your email so that we can send you the ebook copy

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