What do you think of the new look for myunittrust.com blog?

I have asked my brother Aideel to change the look for myunittrust blog as it is already there for a long time. Have a look at the blog layout, the colour, the logo, the tag line and the whole theme as shown in the picture below. Give me your comment. I appreciate it.


I asked Aideel to change the following:

  1. The header so that it will look clean and simple. Try to look at cordobo example. The logo will be myunittrust.com. The logo shalll be green with white border.
  2. The tagline is Tips for Unit Trust Consultants instead of Create, Train & Develop New Unit Trust Consultants. the tagline color shall be in grey.
  3. Replace “by Arif Ismail” with “date the blog is posted”
  4. Insert bullet or spacing for sidebar to improve the visibility

So, give me your comment so that we can improve this blog in term of readibility dan kecantikannya.


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5 thoughts on “What do you think of the new look for myunittrust.com blog?

  • Salam abang Arif!
    apasal tak insert nama “Caliph consultant”? at least people know myunittrust .com belong to Caliph Consultant .(ini cadangan saja..)
    By the way warna yang appear pada headline to baru nampak ceria dan menarik.
    p/s : Caliph Consultant punya logo ada tak?

  • Shah, thanks. I will insert caliph logo. Logo dah ada. Raimy dah buat.

    class blog untuk caliph.my akan dibuat bila I dah upload and launch caliph.my

  • Salam En Arif, cuma nak cadangkan 1) letak shoutme atau any plugin yg sewaktu dgnnya. boleh menggalakkan komunikasi dua hala berbanding ruangan komen 2) widget lari bila bukak page, maybe leh check balik. 3) so far artikel2, mmg best isinya tapi kalau ada gambar2 ke baru ada umphh. Apapun, saya adalah pengunjung setia laman ni. Siap subscribe lagi, any update akan dihantar ke email saya.

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