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How to achieve challenge trip in 7 months by AM Raimy

  • This is the only thing what I do for living, to support my family so I have to be serious
  • Faktor menyebabkan saya achieve challenge trip – bonus trip, buat semaksimum pada 4 bulan pertama Jan – April
  • My target for now is 1 million within 3-4 months
  • Sometime we target 1 million sales tapi kita usaha macam nak dapat sales 200k je
  • If you dapat close sales eve 1k in one place you kena fikir macamana nak kembangkan bisnes u kat tempat tu.
  • You kena minta referrals again and again
  • You kena istiqomah for years, back in 2008 when I want to start the business semua orang cakap dah ramai orang buat bisnes unit trust ni – but I terus juga buat.
  • After a few years one of my colleagues ask me what am I doing, so I told him that I’m still doing the same thing, he said that ‘you must be doing very well!’
  • You should love the rejections

Action Create results by AM Nazri

  • Challenge trip presentation
  • Positive affirmation – shall be in the business for long term
  • Main activities
    • Appointments
    • Calling/cold calls – close only for appointments
    • Updates clients via emails, calls
    • Other activities
      • Roadshow/booth
      • Training – company/group/others
      • Meetings – company, group
      • ‘stunts’ – redah je cari clients
      • See/call uplines/downlines/sidelines
      • Read books
      • Watch documentary
      • Browse internet –related info
      • 20 Points card

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