What if the KLCI touch 1524.61 level…

It is interesting NOW that Malaysia insyaAllah will hit the all time high KLCI right.

Looking at my BB bloomberg mobile (my client is impress with this), now (at the time of writing) the KLCI is 1508.24.  tak sampai 20 point, KLCI will create history again. Do you want to be part of the history or you just look at what is happening.

Kalau KLCI touch 1524.61 again, a few things will happen (of course ONLY with the permission of Allah our Creator and Sustainer):

  1. This psychological level will break and it will move to 16XX. If you want to know details, click Shahril’s blog. Thanks Shahril. Post kau tu kira market outlook untuk minggu ni la for Caliph Advisor. You must declare your expertise to the whole Malaysia kalau tak the whole world pun. Remember what Dr XXX taught us. Takut DOSA tak?
  2. Existing client bertambah kaya. Then they will give you referral for more new client
  3. New agent akan dapat close their prospect dengan lebih mudah sebab KLCI dah recover ma… The public at large akan lebih confident
  4. Sesiapa yang join as a unit trust agent sekarang akan dapat membuktikan kepada pelanggan dia, insyaAllah untung at least 10% within a year. Then when their client happy, they will get more business and more referred leads
  5. End 2010 and 2011 akan merupakan ramainya bilangan agen baru akan join unit trust business ni macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan seperti yang berlaku pada 2007 dan 2008. So CaliphAdvisor.com tengah bersedia sekarang untuk menerima agen-agen baru. We have technical analyst like Shahril, King of Cold Calling and Face-t0-Face like Raimy, Driver F1 like Syed Ali, Certified Financial Planner like Nazri, Mazzura and Mali kat Ipoh, Kak Cha kat Putrajaya, Zam kat Bangi… eeh.. panjangnya nak tulis ni.. Yusof Proton, Intan, Zarina…

p.s. myunittrust.com blog is administered by CaliphAdvisor.com. It was a one man show unit trust agent. Today myunittrust.com has more than 133 active unit trust consultant. We are creating our new blog with the intention to reach unit trust clients and new prospect and thus lahirlah CaliphAdvisor.com. To know more about how you too can be a successful Perunding Unit Amanah click www.myunittrust.com/seminar

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