What is crowd sourcing – how unit trust consultants can leverage this

It is interesting to learn from FM89.9 radio about crowd sourcing. I’ve learned about out-sourcing when I was in corporate life way back in 2003.

Crowd-sourcing is even bigger thing. It is about collecting content or comment from the crowd. For an easy example is the Akademi Fantasia. People or the crowd vote for those they like most. The crowd brand your product or services or even your political party. Another example is how Obama won the US presidential and how PKR do the same here in our beloved land.

They made a study that discovers Obama has more exposure in YouTube and Facebook compared to his competitor. Similarly the PKR or PR has more audience on their related blogs and websites.

Can we learn something from here? Yes…. We must take steps how we can also benefits from the new media and new techniques for our unit trust public mutual agents.

The 10 steps we should take to leverage the crowd sourcing to brand our unit trust agency are:

  1. Create content from the crowd like Wikipedia and Linux
  2. Pick the right crowd (focus on them)
  3. Offer right incentive – not necessary money
  4. Be friendly to your crowd. Crowd sourcing is not like out sourcing
  5. point 5 to 10 are to be continued in our Saturday seminar

If you have an idea on how to do crowd-sourcing for my unit trust seminar page  www.myunittrust.com/seminar please write your your comment by clicking the comments button below. 

3 thoughts on “What is crowd sourcing – how unit trust consultants can leverage this

  • There seem no comment on your post.

    May be crowd-sourcing is new here in Malaysia. Especially for the unit trust agent.

    Unless u talk to Internet Marketer.

  • Azah, no new entry in this blog from you eh? I only know outsourcing, not crowd sourcing he he.. :-). You’ve proved that crowd sourcing is an effective method to achieve one of your goals. Boleh buat kenduri lepas nih he he :-). This year you have to give way to your consultants to be one of the top recuriters. he he.. 🙂

  • zam, every month I am giving one new agent for my unit trust consultants that have accumulated RM150k sales for the month.

    Hurry up. First come first serve basis. If 10 people close tha amount of sales and I only have 10 new agents. Then those who are early will get.

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