When You Believe, Your Mind Find Ways To Do

To do anything, first you must believe it can be done InsyaAllah. To quit your job and become a business owner, become a unit trust consultant you must believe it can be done. Then your mind will find the ways how you are going to accomplish your dream.

Bila kita percaya dan yakin sesuatu itu boleh dibuat, akal kita, fikiran kita akan bergerak mencari jalan bagaimana untuk melakukannya.

Bila kita was-was, tak percaya sesuatu itu boleh dibuat, maka akal kita akan mencari sebab. mencari rasional kenapa sesuatu itu tidak boleh dibuat.

It is all start with the believe. People do what they believe that can give them benefit. Why people go to work even though they will have to be trapped in early morning traffic jam, even though they will have to wake up early, even though they will come back late in the evening.  Because they believe by going to work, they will earn some money at the end of the month.

People can make all the sacrifices when they believe by doing something, they will get some benefits. They can sacrifice their wife, their parents and their children time at home while they go to work.

This believe alone will drive people on their doing. But why people when their Creator, their Sustainer, their King of all King call them for solah (prayer) 5 times a day, they just ignore it, they just delay it. They say, let me finish my work first, then I will go.

They say today is Saturday or Sunday, let me have my complete sleep. They wake up late, don’t go to masjid for Subuh prayer. Why… Because their believe on this dunia (the temporary world) and the creations of Allah more than their believe in their Creator, more than their believe on the good deeds, more than their believe on the promises of Allah, their Sustainer, more than their believe in Akhirat.

People believe by doing more work, they will got more money and they will get happier and they think it is success.  And yes they see it infront of their eyes. They see their friend, their neighbours etc. They define success as what they think it is, as what other people think.

We have forgotten that SUCCESS is only in obeying the commandment of Allah and following the sunnah of Rasulullah s.a.w.  Don’t get me wrong to leave your dunia and only think about akhirat.

Whatever you do for your work, for your business, for your necessity we must remember these two things. Is what my doings in line with what Allah wants from me and following our beloved Prophet s.a.w.

You can do sales of RM250k a week or RM100k a week. It doesn’t matter. You cannot tell those who have lesser sales is closer to Allah or those who make RM250k sales is forgetting Allah.

Whether you do more sales or less sales of your unit trust business, the questions we should ask is how we conduct our sales. Waktu solah kita langgar atau tidak. Do we explain to our clients so that they understand or do we manipulate data so that our clients sign with us. Who is giving us the sustenance, Allah or our businesses.

We must believe that Allah is giving our sustenance, our rejeki. Our business, our office, our work are only a test from Allah. Whether we believe in makhluk (the creations of Allah) or we believe in Allah. When we believe that Allah is giving us rejeki, then when we do sales of unit trust, we will perform our solah at the ealiest time, we will not manipulate people etc.

Wa.. terpanjang la pulak tulis blog kali ni. Nak tulis pasal believe in whatever you do, tapi baru balik dari masjid, Ustaz kata kita kena believe in Allah.

3 thoughts on “When You Believe, Your Mind Find Ways To Do

  • Salam .I’m new here 🙂 Salam ukhuwah.. Ya,tepat skali.. minda kita ibarat magnet yg menarik semua bisikan2 hati dan segala percakapan kita samada +ve or -ve..when we confident@believe with our work,automatically our mind will process the same thing according 2 our thinking and i/Allh our mind will find the ways how we are going to accomplish our dream..
    ~sometimes kita sdikit lalai dgn tgjwb@peranan kita sbg hamba Allah di muka bumi ini yg sibuk mngejar pelaburan di dunia tapi terlupa apa pelaburannya utk Akhirat sana????

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