Why McD failed but A Hassan succeed. Can we learn some lessons from here…

ahassanrestoranLunch with Azah at Awan Besar after our Seminar Unit Trust 2009 at Publilc Mutual Cheras. If you been there during lunch hour you will see apa yang saya maksudkan.

Few years ago, Mc Donald outlet occupied the place where A Hassan is now. But McD pull out. Not many customers. A Hassan came in, and the restaurant attracts many people to take lunch there. Orang beratur nak makan and willingly pay for the food even the food price is considered above average.

Why is that the global brand failed but the no brand succeed? If you were like many people, you will say the location of McD was no good. May be it is not good for Mc D but not for other business.

A Hassan don’t think like that. They come with not so creative idea that we cannot think of. Very simple but difference from restaurants within that are. I believe their success factors are:

  1. Restoran nasi ayam kampung. They are different from exisiting restaurants yang ada kat situ. Therefore, we got to be different from other unit trust consultants.
  2. Their magnet is ayam kampung. Ayam kampung is always becoming a magnet for KL dwellers. People come for ayam kampung, end-up eat more than ayam kampung. So they have the magnet – unit trust consultants must also create your magnet. Especially for man. You know woman people naturally attracted to them.
  3. The place is comfortable, style. People now look for a good place to eat. So do people look for a good unit trust consultant do invest their money.

Then why is McD fails? I think you can find the answers.

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