Why you can still get your commission even you submit it on 27 May 2010

Many months went by. We wonder why we submit CPF case for unit trust investment in one of our mutual funds. Even though it is over 20th of each month, we can still get the commision for the month. Unlike last year, we must submit it before 14 of each month.

I gather the answers from some of our unit trust consultants. They say:

  1. because we have started using the scanner machine for  CPF appliication form in Klang Valey and thus the CPF case is faster in processing now
  2. because the cut-off date for sales for the month of May is 31 May 2010

Thanks Nazri for giving me the entire cut-off date for sales in 2010. See the list below. So if you want your commsion to be fat, plan your submission 5 days earlier than the cut-off date.

unit trust agency

unit trust agency

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