Why You Need To Keep Your Certificate of Achievement…

When I was working with a GLC, I keep all training certificates, academic qualifications in one file. So whenever there is a promotion in the company, the HR department will ask you on your resume. So I am ever ready.

In business life it is more important for us for example a unit trust consultant to keep all their certificates, achievements in one file.

With the advent of technology and mass usage of printers, everybody can have printer that comes together with scanner at only RM100 plus. Thus, build a habit to scan your certificates and put it in softcopy.

What is the benefit of putting it in a soft copy:

  1. Easily retrievable
  2. Back-up for your original hard copy
  3. As a testimony of your achievement because people want to see the evidence for example if you have a website or blog. If you just say that you have achieved this and that without showing the evidence, people would not easily trust you. They want to see the evidence.
  4. If you put the softcopy in your webserver, you can retrieve the cert from anywhere that have interent access. Which Malaysia has becoming one of the fastest in the region in rolling out the broadband services.

This evening, I scanned all my certificate of achievements just to get the above benefits. A few of the certs gone missing. At least in the future, InsyaAllah semua akan di scan kan ke dalam notebook saya and terus upload to my blog.

The Certificate of Achievements:

Caliph Unit Trust Agency- champion-consultant-recruiter-cheras

Caliph Unit Trust Agency-top-recruiter-award-arif

Caliph unit trust Agency-top-recruiter-award-azah

Caliph Unit Trust Agency-millionringgit-producer-07 Caliph Unit Trust Agency-millionringgit-producer-08-azahCaliph Unit Trust Agency-nsc-19-azahCaliph Unit Trust Agency-nsc-20-arifCaliph Unit Trust Agency-millionringgit-producer-08-arif


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