Why You Should Become a Unit Trust Consultant in 2009

I’ve received from Kak Aishah a newspaper cutting on the likely things to happen in the unit trust industry. I read it and read it and read it again.

25% to 30% growth for the Net Asset Value ofΒ  unit trust this year alone is big. Imagine if you join the unit trust industry at the time when the stock market is about to recover – which is NOW. People confidence has becoming stronger when they see their previous investment giving a positive return. So people will keep investing their money in unit trust.

Among other things that I can summarise from the newspaper cutting here:

  1. Fixed Deposits and Savings as at April (by Bank Negara) is more than RM300billion – when this people see the return that Unit Trust can give them, they will put their money in unit trust. So who will they go to. The unit trust consultant right.
  2. Islamic Unit Trust Funds have shown a very good return and comparable to conventional unit trust funds. People has started to believe that the Islamic Unit Trust funds are also comparable with the conventional Unit Trust funds. Thus promote Islamic Unit Trust funds.
  3. The building of new system to expedite the CPF scheme to invest in unit trust will in turn make your commission process faster. Potentially the sales that you make within the month, you can get your commission in the next month. So senanglah sikit, the fresh graduates atau orang yang baru berhenti kerja dan baru jadi agent tak payah tunggu lama2 dah dapat duit.
  4. Not in the article, but I read somewhere, the CPF fund size is more than RM370billion. So if you combine it with the Fixed Deposits and Savings reported by Bank Negara, the total is more than RM670 billion. Is that big or huge? Now, who is going to take advantage of this.
  5. Not in the article, but from my observations, many unit trust consultants that are not serious about building their business, servicing their clients are now dormant or they find another business or continue their job or even looking for a 9-5 job again. What this mean to you and me – there are many clients that do not know even the name of their agents and their agents also do not contact them for many months. So apa lagi, go and find these type of clients. Serve them well and you will get more referral from them.

Why You Should Become a Unit Trust Consultant - Caliph Agency


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