Yahoo ranks site no 2

This is quite a success story one week after URL being submitted to Yahoo. 

Date submitted: 30-Apr-07 

Today’s result if you search for the following keyword: 7-May-07

Keyword Search                           Ranking No

public mutual unit trust                              2

public mutual consultant                             7

public mutual                                               nil

public mutual agent                                     nil

public mutual agent malaysia                    25

unit trust agent                                             3

unit trust consultant                                     2

malaysia unit trust                                        31

I am at the moment running a project on how to include the following keywords so that google and yahoo could also capture my site if prospect search for it: 

unit amanah

dana amanah

unit amanah malaysia



penasihat kewangan

unit trust advisor/adviser

public mutual fund

public mutual malaysia

public mutual investor

public mutual bhd

public mutual berhad

My next mission is to improve my ranking so that Google and Yahoo will display my UnitTRUST consultants in the Top 3 for all the above keywords.

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