You are what you think you are…

Every morning, you wake up. Of course you must recite a doa, take wudhu and pray two rakaat of solah. This is because syaitan ikat kita dengan tiga ikatan semasa kita tidur. So untuk lepaskan ikatan tu kita kena buat 3 perkara di atas. Else kita akan rasa malas.

You must start your day with positive mindset. Never say you can’t, never kutuk people, never blame someone, never talk about negative things.

If you say you can’t do it, you can’t. Allah adalah mengikut sangkaan kita. Our words are our pray. So be careful of what you say.

What I learned from many courses I attended, they said about affirmation or self-talk – where you talk to yourself like:

  • I am a successful unit trust consultant
  • I am a fantastic leader
  • My clients love me  because I gave them XO service
  • My unit trust agents love me because I care for them
  • I closed RM30,000 today

Start doing the self-talk every day before you start your work.


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