You Want What You Cannot Have or Don’t Have

Yesterday morning we were in Public Mutual Johor Bahru for our Seminar Unit Trust. That was our first time there. The seminar room is at Level 30 Public Mutual Tower, JB.

The picture below taken using E71 that my consultant Raimy said the quality of Nokia phone camera cannot beat Sony Ericsson’s.  I may be agree at the moment sebab tak pandai guna camera lagi. Sesiapa yang pakai E71 tu boleh la bagi tips macamana kamera phone E71 ni dapat memberi hasil yang terbaik.

public-mutual-jb-how to become unit trust agent

Can you see the view. We were astonished with the panoromic view from the highest level of the tower. We can see Singapore from there.

I feel like I want to have an office there. It is just lovely to be there.  This reminds me on the Rule No 1 of Marketing that I told you “We Want What We Cannot Have or Don’t Have”. Now, I was hit by that symptom again. Realising that, my mind get back to reality.

The seminar is organised by our new unit trust consultant Aida and Kak Cha with the help of En Kahar and the Public Mutual staff in JB. Thank you very much Aida, Kak Cha and En Kahar.

We were also energized by chit-chatting with En Kahar on how to become successful unit trust agent. I can see the light from his eyes that he has a deep passion on this business.  Many tips given without kedekut. I like you En Kahar.

En Kahar is the man that I met during Public Mutual Convention in Sunway Resort and I wrote something about him here


Arif Ismail (hp: 013-3640043) and his team are conducting a FREE Saturday morning seminar on how you can be a successful unit trust agent. Register at Remember that, we limit to 10 participants only per session. First come first serve basis.

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