Your service and relationship with your client will eliminate the need of 7 Steps of Selling Skills

Don’t get me wrong, please read until the end…

Have you heard a businessman that can secure a big contract and yet they don’t even know the 7 Steps of Selling Skills. How do they do it.

No 1 , I guess, the selling skills is already built-in inside their body. They either born with it, or through experience they build it. And they don’t even know they have the skills.

No. 2 if they don’t have the selling skills, they have built a strong relationship with the prospect. And they build the relationship with the prospect until the prospect have trust with them. And when people trust you, whatever you propose or recommend to them they will give attention and subsequently agreed with what you propose.

So in doing unit trust business, for a person who did not have the selling skills like me in the beginning, what you need to do is build relationship with as many people as you can. Not necessary everyone that you meet, you ask them to invest there and then. You just exchange your name card. Build the relationship. Pre-sell them. Learn and practice the 7 Steps of Selling Skills. When they become your client, give extra-ordinary service (easier said than done) so that you can expand your business through his referral and at the same time you can get a repeat business or cross-sell business from him as well.

When you service them well and have strong relationship with your clients, then you don’t need the 7 Steps anymore. It is only “borak-borak, makan-makan and sign-sign”. Good isn’t it. Only 3 steps. Sedap-sedap pulak tu.

Imagine if you don’t service your client well. Then your relationship is what we called janggal. Tak match. Thus it will be difficult for your client to continue business with you. So the key to success in business are XO service and building strong relationship.

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