1st Brainstorming After Raya 13 Oct 08

1. Company Updates
ø Investment Talks: 21 Oct 08 at Tropicana Golf Club Session1:10am or Session 2: 8pm
ø Radio Commercial that highlights PM is no 1 unit trust company from 13 Oct 08 to 12 Nov 08 on Lite FM and Era radios
ø Many small unit trust companies will facing problems during this tough time so as to uncommitted unit trust consultants.
ø Leaders meeting on 16 Oct 08 3pm at Public Mutual Cheras
ø Next commisions date is 20 Oct 08. Earlier date for Deepavali
ø Incentive & Challenge Trip: New locations: Jakarta & Bandung, Mekah & Madinah
ø Unit Trust License Expiry date: every December. The company will automatically deduct it from your commisions if there is money in it.
ø CAMS & FP Advisor Expiry Date: every December. You need to pay it manually at the branch

2. Global Market Outlook
Part 1
US companies facing problems

Part Two
USD 700b bail-out
Interest rate cut
Oil price down

From Personal Money this month: Some analysts say economy and stock market  relationship (the impact in term of time) is between 3 to 6 months. It is predicted that the economy will be OK on 2Q 2009. Thus it is foresee that the stock market will improve on 3Q 2009.

Falling oil price: OPEX to have a meeting

3. What to say when we meet client during market crisis

Do you remember that we recommend -20% return of investement to cut loss. But when things happen, do we contact our investors. We need to meet our clients and educate them that the market has experienced more than 80% down in 1998 and yet rebound.

What do you do when your investor marah? Verbal tai-chi method: align, acknowledge and then respond. So come to our Saturday training for Verbal Tai-chi method

What to respond? Show them the KLCI chart history, testimonial from clients that has invested more than 5 years, Personal Money article that predicts when the market will recover etc. Ask them to stay. Tapi kalau client insist to redeem their portfolio even with many attempt to convince them, then we help them to redeem.

Tell them whenever is crisis, who is buying: Warren Buffet etc. Grab the opportunity. How many time you will see crisis like this during your working lifetime. It may be maximum of 3 times. So these are the times we can buy at a discount. Tapi people kena tahan la. Go to the basic of unit trust investment: medium to long term.

4. Our GAM, Jas open house on Friday 17 Oct 08 – 3pm to 7pm at Bkt Antarabangsa.

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  • Saya amat tertarik dengan kerjaya sebagai perunding unit trust yang tuan telah menikmanti kejayaannya….Bolehkah tuan memberikan saya tip2 yang dapat membantu saya untuk membuat jualan dengan lebih aktif lagi……..tq jazakaullah……….

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