Brainstorm 28 Feb – Just Unit Trust Consultants

Meeting led by Jas. Start 10:10am Be careful on pukau. One of our friends consultant kena pukau during their booth promotion somewhere at USJ hypermart. Company warns all unit trust consultants not to involve in head hunting scheme that masking their business with a lousy expensive products. Some other use forex, kambing and even exploit koperasi Read more about Brainstorm 28 Feb – Just Unit Trust Consultants[…]

Similar website to be a unit trust agent

This morning I found a page on the net similar to my page for inviting people to come to our unit trust seminar. You may visit this page at . He may be accidentally has the same thinking to use the same word and the same format like But I don’t mind. This is Read more about Similar website to be a unit trust agent[…]

Brainstorm 21 Feb – JUST Consultants

Meeting led by Mai Farah 1. Financial Talk Feb-Feb y-o-y all market down except Malaysia and Thailand foreign fund has long time gone from Malaysia our market is now supported by domestic demand similar like China inflation has gone down to exercise asset alocation based on you/your clients appetite as follows:   LOW MODERATE HIGH Domestic Read more about Brainstorm 21 Feb – JUST Consultants[…]

Brainstorming 14 Feb 09 – JUST Consultants

1. Group Sales Target RM6 mill/month – Sales Tracking for Feb 09 Week 1 and Week 2. Actual for Jan 09 – ~ RM2mill, Ranking no 14 nationwide ASP monthly min target = RM 100k Top 3 ASP – Ajumain, Raimy and Anugerah. Congratulations!!! They get Personal Money magazine subscription for 1 year (FREE). AM Read more about Brainstorming 14 Feb 09 – JUST Consultants[…]

Top Producer myUnitTrust Consultants Jan 2009

Congratulations!!! Well done to all agents that has achieved the Top 10 ranking for Perunding Unit Amanah For the rest, strive hard and tawakkal to Allah The Sustainer. Dont forget to come for meeting(10am-11am), BOP(11am-1230pm) and training (2pm-5pm: Trust Nomination and Street-Smart Sales Presentation) on this Saturday @ Level 2, Public Mutual Cheras.

Just Unit Trust Consultants Updates

Updates in our brainstorming 31January, 09:  Effective 6 July, 09 our Benchmark Index will change from KLCI to FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (FBM KLCI) Article in “… become millionaires” GBOS 17Feb, 09. Jm730pm @ Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, pls call Hazah  013-3970588 for your reservation. Metaphysic Classes on 10 Feb, 09 – RM240, siapa Read more about Just Unit Trust Consultants Updates[…]