Many people wish to start their own business but…

Many have a plan that someday they want to get out and do their own business. Some has tried, ada yang buat part time dan ada yang terus jump. Bakar jambatan. They saw in front of their eyes how businessman flourish. Berjaya, pakai kereta besar. Boleh melancong luar negara. So they are very excited. Then Read more about Many people wish to start their own business but…[…]

Summary of Brainstorming 13 Feb 2012 –

9957 recruited in 2011 all Malaysia for Public Mutual New UTC to register must come themselves Register UTC Connect – minta balik the acknowledgement from PM branch. They must come only for UTC Connect registration Booth Scheme – KLIA 13-14-15-17 Feb 2012 – Check with Raimy to participate Wasiat Talk – 14 or 15 Feb Read more about Summary of Brainstorming 13 Feb 2012 –[…]

Top Producer January on new year 2012 – Unit Trust Agents

Tahniah kepada yang bersemangat, full momentum at the beginning, on this 4 months la kita nak pulun habis–habisan – dapatkan extra NSC points semaksimum mungkin bro! No time to loose – kita nak pegi New York and Washington DC ni! plus dengan ini jugak mengumumkan inisiatif dari Caliph Group. Kempen Personal Sales Feb 2012: AM yg produce Read more about […]