3 Things That You Must Do To Succeed in Unit Trust Business

No 1 is that you must move your leg.

No 2 open your mouth.

and No 3 is not compulsory but it will be good for long term if you have it. You must have blog that can sedut the client as well as potential unit trust agent.

If you have all the knowledge in the world on unit trust, sales, marketing etc… If you don’t move your leg to see your client. You are gone man.

If you have move your leg to see your prospect but you do not open your mouth to tell them the benefit of investing in unit trust. You are gone too man.

If you have close sales year after year, you don’t share with people, write it in your blog. Then your knowledge is gone.

By sharing and writing not only your knowledge is disseminated but you actually building a pipeline or a machine can attract clients and potential unit trust consultants to you.

I am terrific on how many people get to know unit trust and the business through the blog that I have wrote. And many of them have join our unit trust team.

So there are only 3 things you must do to succeed in unit trust business. if you forgot, here it is: the leg, the mouth & the blog.

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