5 Important Factors to Consider Before you Join any MLM, Unit Trust or Takaful Companies

I just read an ebook by one of the MLM gurus, Bo and Ty. I can summarise here 5 important points for you to consider before you join any MLM, Unit Trust or Takaful companies:

The Product – must be unique, effective and has a strong brand
The Company Leadership – must have success track record of developing agents’ business
Your Upline Leadership – How they will teach you. Do they combined the offline and online techniques. How they leverage the power of the internet?
Compensation – is the compensation plan fair for new agents as well as seasoned professionals
Timing – is it the best time, good time or bad time to get started with the company
p.s. I am looking for books or ebooks that will help us, the unit trust consultants on how to build our business but unfortunately none in the market (Malaysia as well as globally) that has direct book title such as “How To Build A Multi-Million RM Unit Trust Agency in 3 Years”. Thus, the best thing to do is to search for MLM books and insurance books. Please let me know if you come across any books out there that has direct title on building unit trust business from scratch.

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p/s this article was written on 5 Oct 2008

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